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How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Amazon parrot on branch

Your first experience with a pet bird is an unforgettable one. If you went over to a friend’s house or pet store and became mesmerized by their bright colors and impressive vocals, then it’s no wonder you’ve decided to buy a parrot. Amazon parrots create strong bonds with their owners, but you need to make sure that you can actually afford one before you jump into buying one.

Affording a bird isn’t a one-time cost. There is a lot of minor details that you might not have considered before making this decision. You should expect to pay between $630–$700 initially and $55–$130 per month. We are here to assist in guiding you through the buying process and give you a realistic break down of what it actually costs to own an Amazon Parrot every year.


Bringing Home a New Amazon Parrot: One-Time Costs

The only one-time costs that you’ll have when owning a pet bird is the price you pay to bring them home. Amazon parrots are beautiful species, with a few subspecies available as well. Once you decide on the kind you want, you need to do some research to find a reputable pet store or breeder that sells them.


You’re only likely to find a free Amazon parrot if the owner has passed or given up custody. Because parrots become so attached to one person, this could be a traumatizing time for them. You’ll have to get them checked out by a vet and make sure everything is okay before bringing them home.


  • $100–$300

Amazon parrots are rarer compared to other pet bird species. Because of their demand, you can expect to pay higher adoption fees as well. If you happen to find one, make sure they have documentation of their medical history and arrange for a meeting with the bird to make sure they are the right fit.


  • $1,000–$3,000

Like we mentioned before, Amazon parrots are fairly rare, and their pricing is going to be fairly high. If you buy one from a quality breeder, the Amazon Parrot price will be at least $1,000. If you want a subspecies with different colors, the prices could go much higher than that.

Amazon Parrot
Image Credit: Katrina_S, Pixabay

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $630–$700

You can’t bring a bird home without being prepared to have them there. You’ll have to buy a multitude of different items like a carrier to transport them in, a permanent cage, initial vet check-up, microchip, toys, grooming supplies, and food and water holders. This is often forgotten when thinking about the Amazon Parrots price.


List of Amazon Parrot Care Supplies and Costs

Initial Check-up $100
Microchip $50–$60
Cage $250
Nail Clipper (optional) $10
Toys and Accessories $100
Carrier $100
Food and Water Bowls $20

How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost Per Month?

  • $55–$130 per month

You’ve likely already realized that owning an Amazon parrot is a much more expensive task than you originally thought. With vet bills, food, toys, insurance, grooming tools, and other monthly costs, these pets are ones that likely aren’t for you if you’re on a low budget.

Health Care

  • $40–$105 per month

Health care includes a multitude of factors. Amazon parrots must have the proper nutrition, water, vet visits, insurance, and grooming practicing. Without these basic needs, your bird won’t live a very healthy life, and you’ll be robbing them from years of their lifespan.

Amazon Parrot on tree branch
Image Credit: alvaroas8a0, Pixabay


  • $15–$25 per month

Amazon parrots aren’t particularly large, but they do have hefty appetites. These birds rely on a variety of seeds to fuel them. Aside from seed mixes, there are also avian pellets that further nourish their bodies. You can also give these birds fresh fruits and veggies as the occasional treat. In general, this could cost you up to $25 every month.


  • $5–$10 per month

You wouldn’t think that birds need a whole lot of grooming, but that isn’t true. Amazon parrots benefit from weekly baths with a gentle shampoo that is safe for birds. Their claws need to be trimmed every couple of weeks and you have to clip their wings free from the old feathers to allow new ones to come in.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $10-$40 per month

Most Amazon parrots don’t require a lot of trips to the vet or medications. However, there are instances where birds get sick and you might have a pricey bill on your hands. When you break it down into individual monthly payments, it isn’t too expensive, but it also isn’t something you want to disregard.

avian vet. examining lovebird
Image Credit: New Africa, shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $10–$30 per month

Pet insurance is highly recommended when you have an avian pet. Medical insurance covers injuries, accidents, and illnesses that occur during your bird’s lifetime. However, most pet insurance companies do not help cover annual visits and this cost will have to come out of your own pocket.

Environment Maintenance

  • $15–$25 per month

If you’ve never owned an Amazon parrot or bird of any other kind before, then you probably don’t know what goes into taking care of them. Birds like clean cages, meaning you’ll have to change their bedding frequently and remove feces from their cage accessories. On top of that, birds have powerful beaks, and they love nothing more than to chew on all their toys. These toys take a beating and will have to be replaced frequently.

Bedding $5–$10/month
Toys $10–$15/month


Total Monthly Cost of Owning an Amazon Parrot

  • $55–$130 per month

After you’ve factored in the costs of everything involved with owning an Amazon parrot, you come to the conclusion that having a pet bird is going to take at least $55 out of your pocket every month. This is affordable for some people, but not for all. If you aren’t able to afford the monthly costs of an Amazon parrot, you might look for birds that cost a little less or look for a cheaper pet altogether. Although beautiful, birds have needs that must be met or they could get severely ill.

amazon parrot playing with brush
Image Credit: Katrina_S, Pixabay

Additional Costs to Factor In

One of the biggest issues that arise when owning a pet bird is finding someone to care for them while you’re away. These animals have to be cared for every day, and they are even known to get depressed and rip their feathers out if they are alone for long periods of time. You can expect to pay a bird sitter about $20 for every day that you’re gone. You’ll also want to use someone you trust and that isn’t afraid to be around them.



Amazon parrots are majestic-looking creatures and the first time you are around one is a thrilling experience. It is enticing to want to go out and buy one as soon as you can, but there needs to be a good amount of thought that goes into the process before you make any concrete plants. Birds are loving animals that deserve lots of time and attention from their owners. They also have a lot of needs that you might not be aware of. Between vet visits, food, cleaning cages, and other monthly expenses, it is easy to get in over your head only a few weeks after you bring your bird home.

If you are able to afford an Amazon parrot comfortably, there is no reason you should avoid buying one. These are lively, funny, and affectionate animals with a lot of love to give.

Featured Image Credit: fiz_zero, Shutterstock

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