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Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer Review 2024

Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer - Featured Image

Our Final Verdict
We give Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.
Editor Rating: 4.8/5
Build Quality: 4.8/5
Power: 4.8/5
Features: 4.8/5
Price: 4.5/5

UV sterilizers are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their benefits for algae and parasite control. The Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer is a fantastic option, especially if you are looking to add a UV sterilizer to an already existing filtration system you have. Some filters have UV sterilizers built in, but using an in-line UV sterilizer can save you money by keeping you from having to purchase a whole new filtration system.

This UV sterilizer is built to last and is extremely easy to install. It can be used on a water pump, powerhead, or the return line of a canister filter. It can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks, making this suitable for a ton of home aquariums. It is limited to processing 211 gallons per hour at the most.

It includes three sizes of barbed fittings to allow you to fit this UV sterilizer onto your current system. It uses a 10-watt UV-C light for maximum cleaning power within your tank water. It has a 70-inch power cord, allowing you to plug it in further away from your tank if you’re limited on outlet space near your tank.


Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer – A Quick Look

Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer Review Featured Image

  • Can be added to an existing filtration system
  • Beneficial for water quality and fish health
  • Easy to install
  • Freshwater and saltwater use
  • Includes three sizes of fittings and a 70-inch power cord
  • Limited to 211 gallons per hour


Brand name Aquatop
Model IL10-UV 10 Watt In-Line UV Sterilizer
Weight 2.65 pounds
Voltage 110–120V
Frequency 60Hz
Power 10W
Power cord length 70 inches
Max flow 211 gallons per hour
Fitting sizes 5/8th inch, 3/4th inch, 1 inch

Ability to Attach

Thanks to the three included barbed fittings, you can connect this UV sterilizer to essentially any filtration line. The fitting sizes account for the three most common line sizes in aquarium products, virtually guaranteeing you’ll be able to make this sterilizer work with your existing setup.

Installation and Cleaning

This UV sterilizer is made to be extremely easy to install, even if you’re a novice aquarium keeper. The instructions are thorough and clear to ensure you get the maximum functionality out of this product.

It’s easy to keep clean as well. The quartz sleeve should be cleaned with vinegar and water every time you change the UV bulb. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have to make special cleaning efforts.

woman cleaning her aquarium tank using a fishing net scoop
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Aquatop does offer a 1-year warranty on all their products, and many products have an optional extended warranty. Make sure to check for warranty information in the package when you receive your UV sterilizer so you can register the product. Without registration, you may not be able to get warranty benefits. This warranty covers manufacturer defects and malfunctions. It is only applicable if you purchase the UV sterilizer from an authorized seller, and purchases made through Amazon or eBay are not covered.


There are a few limitations to using this in-line UV sterilizer. It can’t be used on a hang on back or internal filter unless there is some kind of line present to attach the UV sterilizer to. If you aren’t sure if this UV sterilizer can be used with your current setup, it’s best to reach out to the manufacturer of your current filtration system to verify that an in-line sterilizer can be applied.

divider-fish FAQ

Will this clear up algae from the walls of my tank?

Unfortunately, no. UV sterilizers are only capable of killing algae that is free-floating in the water. Any algae that is present on the walls, bottom, or décor in your tank will not be impacted by the addition of an in-line or filter UV sterilizer.

Can I use this in my reef tank?

Yes, you can use this UV sterilizer for freshwater, saltwater, or reef tank setup.

Can I use this UV sterilizer in my tank instead?

No, this UV sterilizer is not made to be submerged and will not function properly attached in any way other than as an in-line addition.

aquarium with cichlids fish
Image by: Frantisek Czanner, Shutterstock

divider-fish What the Users Say

To help you decide on choosing this UV sterilizer, we’ve checked to see what others have been saying. Most users report this UV sterilizer noticeably increasing water clarity in as little as two days. Some people even report not knowing how clear their tank water could be until they began using it.

If you’ve been struggling with green-tinted water, free algae particles, or even parasites like ich, then this UV sterilizer might be just what you need to clear up your water. Not only does it help clear the water, but it improves the overall water quality. In some cases, all of your parameters may be perfect, though, and you can still struggle with algae, as some users have noted. Regardless, this UV sterilizer will have your tank water clear of algae within days once installed.



The Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer is a top-notch product for clearing algae and parasites from your tank water. It is a slightly expensive product, but it does lean toward the lower end of UV sterilizer prices. It saves you even more money by attaching to most existing filtration systems, allowing you to improve what you already have.

It’s easy to install, use, and clean, making this a user-friendly product. Most users can’t get enough of how clear this UV sterilizer leaves their tank water. Your fish will definitely thank you for a healthier and cleaner home!

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