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6 Arabian Horse Breeds (With Pictures)

egyptian arabian horse

The Arabian horse has been around for thousands of years and is thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds on the planet. These gorgeous horses are often seen in movies, but their lives were not always so glamorous. These horses were once used by the Arabians for work and war. Eventually, the horses were traded and relocated to different countries around the world.

They were bred to adapt to their new environments and over time, they developed unique traits from one another, even though they were all the same Arabian breed. This has led to the development of a few different types of Arabian horses, which we will explore here.


The 6 Arabian Horse Breeds

1. The Polish Arabian Horse

polish arabian horse rearing in the forest
Image Credit: SunnyMoon, Shutterstock

Writings from the 16th century depict how Arabian horses were brought to Poland by the Turkish as spoils of war. From there, Arabian studs were used to breed purebred Arabian horses (now referred to as Polish Arabian horses) and to improve the lineage of other horse breeds that were already being bred in Poland. The Polish Arabian horse enjoyed global dominance during World War I, but most of their stock was lost in World War II.

2. The Egyptian Arabian Horse

Egyptian Arabian Horse
Egyptian Arabian Horse (Image Credit: Heather Moreton, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)

The Egyptians searched for and collected these majestic horses from Arabia in the 19th century. Those are the horses that were bred through time to create what is today referred to as the Egyptian Arabian horse. These horses are known for their strength, fortitude, and majestic looks. The United States started importing Egyptian Arabian horses beginning in the late 1800s, where they have been mated with other breeds to create unique Arabian crossbreeds.

3. The Crabbet Arabian Horse

These horses come from a breeding farm in Germany called Crabbet Park Stud. The farm was founded in the late 1800s and has a rich history. Court cases and tons of drama were experienced during the days of this breeding farm. But the Crabbet Arabian horses were the best of the best and are still renowned as some of the most gorgeous and majestic animals in the world.

4. The Russian Arabian Horse

It is not known exactly when the Arabian horse was introduced to Russia. However, we do know that these beautiful horses are still being bred in the country today. The Russian Arabian horse is bred to be luxurious, elegant, and fancy when it comes to their temperament. Many Russian Arabian horses are white, but these horses can be born with any color of hair, including brown, black, and grey.

5. The Spanish Arabian Horse

The Spanish Arabian horse is rare and endangered. They make up less than 1% of Arabian horses that are in existence today. These horses are known for their athleticism and their large, alert eyes. They are bred to be calm and gentle by nature yet to also work hard and be reliable. Many Spanish Arabian horses have been Sports Champions over the past decades, which is one reason that some organizations are currently working to preserve the breed.

6. The Shagya Arabian Horse

shagya arabian horse running in the meadow
Image Credit: horsemen, Shutterstock

Developed in the Austro-Hungarian empire, the Shagya Arabian horse is still commonly seen in places such as Austria, Romania, and Germany. The bloodlines of today’s Shagya Arabian horses can all be traced back to the original three studs that were used to create this breed. They have long tails high on their rears and exhibit impressive endurance that makes them excellent workhorses.

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Final Thoughts

Arabian horses are arguably the most beautiful horses on the planet. They are large, strong, majestic, and a joy to spend time with. The different types of Arabian horses all bring something unique to the table, which makes them worth studying, especially if you are a horse enthusiast. Which type of Arabian horse interests you most? Let us know in the comments section!

Featured Image Credit: Trevor G Johnson, Shutterstock

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