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Are Nail Caps Safe for Cats? Pros & Cons

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As pet owners, we like to have all of the best accessories for our cats, especially if it helps make them safer or makes our life easier. One of the accessories becoming more popular is nail caps, and cat owners are continuously asking if they are safe to use. The good news is that these caps will not harm your cat, but there is a lot to consider before applying them to your cat. If you are thinking about getting nail caps for your cat but would like to know about the first, keep reading while we discuss the pros and cons we experienced while using them and tell you how well they worked for our cats to help you make an informed decision.divider-cat

What Are Nail Caps?

Nail caps are small plastic covers that you can glue to your cat’s nails. It temporarily prevents them from scratching you, each other, and the furniture until they learn to behave or you find a better solution. It’s more humane than declawing your pet, and you will glue them caps yourself without requiring professional assistance. They fall off again in about six weeks as the cat’s nails grow naturally.

Nail Cap Pros

  • Nail caps are not permanent.
  • Nail caps do not harm your cat as declawing does.
  • Nail caps can prevent your cat from doing damage to your furniture, drapes, rugs, and other parts of your home.
  • Nail caps can help prevent cats from hurting themselves during a dispute that often occurs in multi-cat homes.
  • Nail caps do not prevent the growth of your catch nails.
  • Your cat can extend and retract its claws while the nail caps are in place.
  • You determine when to apply the caps and how long they stay on.
  • Nail caps do not interfere with walking or other cat activities.
  • You can begin using nail caps when your cat is still a kitten.
  • Nail caps will not cause your cat any pain.

Nail Cap Cons

  • Some owners may struggle to put nail caps on their pet if it is extremely restless.
  • Some owners can struggle to put nail caps on their pets if they have poor eyesight.
  • Some cats don’t like when you play with their paws.
  • Nail caps require continuous monitoring to make sure they don’t get infected.
  • Nail caps are plastic and not biodegradable.
  • Some cats will chew off the nail caps if it doesn’t like them.
  • Cats that chew off their caps are likely to swallow them, which might require a trip to the vet.
  • Cats may lose the ability to climb and get around the way they normally do.
  • Nail cats can leave your cat defenseless against a cat without them, so we don’t recommend using them on outdoor pets.
  • Some cats take a while to adjust to the nail caps and can get quite dramatic.
  • Some nail caps don’t stick at first, so there is the potential for wasted caps.
  • Some nail caps will fail to come off after six weeks, and you will need to trim them manually.

What is a Good Brand of Nail Caps

There are several brands of nail caps that you can choose from, and they all work about the same. However, here are a couple of our favorites.

1. Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps Starter Kit

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps Starter Kit

The Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps Starter Kit is a large kit that provides you with 320 nail caps and plenty of adhesives. The caps are clear, and your cat will hardly notice them after a few days.\

2. Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps

Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps

Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps is another great choice that uses soft vinyl caps for additional comfort. There aren’t as many caps as in the last brand, but you could get them in a wide range of colors, including clear, rainbow, black, and even glow in the dark.





Nail caps can be a fantastic way to protect your furniture and carpet from an aggressively scratching cat. A class so help reduce tensions between two house cats by taking away their weapons. They usually fall off after about six weeks without any further work, and you can reapply them as needed and tell your cat loses the urge to scratch. Some cats won’t like you playing with their feet, though, so using them when the cat is still a kitten will help get them used to the process of applying them, making it a little easier.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this short guide and found the answers you need. If we have convinced you to give them a try, please share our look into if nail caps are safe for cats on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: artsandra, Shutterstock

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