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Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs? Temperament, Facts & FAQs

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Rottweilers are bold and brave dogs that will not back down from any kind of confrontation and, while gentle and loving with their family, they can be distrustful of strangers and will be protective of their human family members.

This protectiveness can be avoided with early socialization and ongoing training, however, and guarding does not mean aggressive behavior and can be viewed as a positive trait by owners. While Rotties do make good guard dogs, many other breeds can display similar levels of protectiveness over their family. Read on to find out more about the guarding properties of the breed and to see whether a Rottie is right for you.

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Rottweiler Temperament

The Rottweiler is a confident and brave breed. It will investigate anything that it believes could pose a threat to itself and its family, and if there is any trouble and the dog needs to react, it will do so quickly and fearlessly.

With family, the dog is loyal and loving, and it is these traits that help make it a good guard dog. The fact that it is intelligent and quick to pick up and follow commands only serves to make it an even more appealing guarder.

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What Makes a Good Guard Dog?

The term guard dog leads many people to think of growling, barking, and snarling dogs that will attack anybody that goes near. In reality, a guard dog will reliably determine when there is a threat and then protect its family. This does not mean aggression but could mean barking a warning to trespassers or standing between a child and anything it deems a genuine threat.

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

A somewhat intimidating look and bark is also beneficial to a guard dog. The Rottie’s heavy, skeletal frame, and stout nose do give it an intimidating look, which is further supported by its sleek coloring.

Rottweiler Training and Socialization

Because the Rottie is easy to train, this means that you can train him to recognize what is a threat and what isn’t. You can train your Rottie to leave or stand down, and through good training, you can also teach appropriate responses to situations.

The Rottweiler does need a lot of socialization. This does mean introducing him to other dogs, but also to new people and new situations. Ensure that your puppy has met men and women, adults and children. Introduce him to people in uniforms, workmen, and ensure that he is comfortable around people on bikes and in cars. The more situations your puppy deals with when he is younger, the better equipped he will be to cope with these and new situations when he matures.

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The 5 Other Good Guard Dog Breeds

The Rottweiler makes an excellent guard dog that will protect property and people. Below are five more breeds that make good guard dogs.

1. German Shepherd

german shepherd dog_Hans Kemperman, Pixabay
Image Credit: Hans Kemperman, Pixabay

Like the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd makes a good family dog, is considered very intelligent, and has been used in public service roles for generations. It is also one of the most commonly seen guard dog breeds.

The German Shepherd is easy to train and willingly follows commands. He can be quite vocal, and this energetic breed needs a lot of daily exercise. As well as being a good guard dog, the German Shepherd excels in agility and canine sports.

2. Doberman

Doberman shepherd_Anna Mogilevtseva_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Anna Mogilevtseva, Shutterstock

Yet another German guard dog breed: the Doberman has the same brown and black colors as the Rottweiler. It is about the same height, as well, but has a more muscular and athletic physique.

The Doberman is a good family dog, potentially even more cuddly than the sometimes-aloof Rottweiler, and it will take to training even more easily. Provide the Doberman with plenty of exercise to get the most out of him and to ensure that he does not get bored and become destructive.

3. Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd_JitkaP_ Shutterstock
Image Credit: JitkaP, Shutterstock

At first glance, the Australian Shepherd is different from the previous entries on the list. It is a working dog but does not look as intimidating as the German Shepherd or the Rottweiler. However, it was bred as a herding dog and one of the responsibilities of the herding dog was to protect livestock from wild animals and even from thieves.

The Australian Shepherd has vast levels of energy, is highly intelligent, and while it might not look as intimidating as a Rottie, it has the same temerity and tenacity that mean it will relentlessly guard property and people.

4. Schnauzer

Image Credit: Eliska Zeiskova, Shutterstock

The Giant Schnauzer is a large variant of the Standard Schnauzer and is best known for its impressive facial hair.

When poorly trained, the Schnauzer can be quite aggressive, so ongoing training and early socialization are important, once again. This loyal breed will fearlessly protect its livestock or, in this case, its human family, from what it perceives to be a threat, and socialization helps the Schnauzer more accurately determine what is and what is not a threat.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier standing in the river
Image Credit: Lindasay, Pixabay

When it comes to fearless guard dog breeds, you need look no further than the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The smallest on the list, especially in terms of height, this petite dog has one of the most powerful jaws in the canine world.

It is a playful animal that enjoys time with humans and can be very gentle around young children, although you should never leave babies and dogs unattended. Like the Rottweiler, the Staffie has endured a history of being used for fighting and as an attack dog and has gained a negative reputation as a result. However, when properly trained and socialized, it is a friendly and loving dog that will protect its owners.


Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

The Rottweiler is the quintessential guard dog. It is strong, fearless, and has an intimidating physical appearance. It is intelligent enough to be able to determine what is and what is not a threat and then react accordingly. With socialization and training, you can enjoy a great family pet that is loving with you and your children, but that will fearlessly protect you when the need arises.

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