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Are Rottweilers Good with Kids? Everything You Need to Know!

kid playing with rottweiler

Rottweilers are generally good with kids. They are friendly, protective, great playmates, and large enough not to be hurt by kids. However, parent supervision is still necessary since these dogs can accidentally knock a child over because of their size and energy. In addition, they might try to herd children or stop rough play.

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Why Rottweilers Are Good with Kids

When choosing a dog breed for a family with kids, there are numerous excellent options out there. Being one of them, Rottweiler has several acquired qualities and characteristics that make them more suitable for children.

Here are four key reasons why Rottweilers are a perfect breed to have around children.

Rottweiler dog in park
Image Credit: BidaOleksandr, Shutterstock

1. Rottweilers are Loyal and Naturally Protective

Rottweilers are typically loyal. They are a few of the dog breeds that will stick by your side no matter what.

Although all dogs are family pets to a certain extent, a Rottweiler takes this to another level. They love their owners so much that they are easily prone to separation anxiety when left by themselves for an extended time.

Their loyalty lies in loving their owners. If kids are taken as part of a family, they will extend their loyalty to the children. In essence, any aggression towards kids is rare with proper training.

However, to enhance this steadfast loyalty and trust, they require human interaction. A Rottweiler is a social and extrovert dog that needs to be included in all family activities. Don’t keep them in your backyard and expect them to thrive.

2. Built to Withstand Rough Kid’s Play

Rottweilers are strong and tough dogs. These dogs were bred with sturdiness and endurance in mind. And unlike other breeds, Rottweilers can handle the rough play of children.

A male Rottweiler is about 27 inches tall at the shoulder, while a female ranges between 22 to 25 inches. In addition, these massive dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds, with some males being 135 pounds or more.

If you have young kids, you probably know how handful your rowdy children can be. They will circulate your dog, hug them, play with their ears, or pull their tails.

Small pups are not ideal for young children because the kids might hurt your dog. However, these will probably not happen with an adult Rottweiler.

rottweiler running pose
Image Credit: 825545, Pixabay

3. Intelligent and Obedient Learners

Rottweilers are some of the most intelligent dogs out there. They respond well to obedience training and will cheerfully learn commands and tricks to show off.

Being eager learners with great intelligence can be an added advantage for a home with children. Excellent obedience training helps Rottweiler’s mental stimulation and can be an enjoyable experience for your kids as well. You will be able to keep both your children and dog entertained.

Furthermore, having your kids participate in the training may go a long way in creating a solid and enduring bond between the two.

4. The Guard Dog Instincts

A loyal dog often means they will do whatever it takes to protect a home. That is if they are large enough. Rottweilers meet both of those requirements.

Like Australian Shepherds, Rottweilers are always loving guards that are continuously watching over family, including children. Due to their alertness and conservative nature, they usually enjoy keeping watch. This means that Rottweilers can act as a second eye for your kids.

However, it is not advisable to leave your children with a family dog. It is just that if a stranger approaches the children, your Rottweiler will probably go to investigate.

Rottweiler standing in the ground covered with snow
Image Credit: K L, Pixabay


Raising a Rottweiler with Newborns

Rottweilers will typically approach new things with caution, including kids. An ideal way to adapt a Rottweiler to the existence of a newborn is to bring them in before the baby is born. You can introduce your dog to the smells and sounds that are associated with babies.

Proper socialization is an essential part of Rottweiler’s training. This means that Rottweilers need to be appropriately socialized with other creatures, adults, and children, at an early age.

Learning to be around children at a young age will remain with your dog throughout their life. Thus, if a newborn comes into your family, a Rottweiler will know that they are friendly.

Before you take your newborn home, bring a blanket, hat, or something that has a baby’s smell all over and allow your pup to smell it. In addition, make sure to involve your puppy as much as possible.

Another quite essential thing to do is always to supervise every interaction between your Rottweiler and your baby. Rottweiler often doesn’t understand their strength and size. So, it is crucial to inspect any interaction to ensure your puppy doesn’t accidentally hurt your kid.

Here are a few guidelines you should use to ensure your Rottweiler knows what to do when it is around kids:
  • Ensure your puppy understands that there are areas in your house that they are not allowed in. These include the newborn’s rooms or bedroom, where the kid lays on the floor.
  • Train your pup not to jump or play with your baby.
  • Train your Rottweiler to understand that there will be times they will have to be alone for short periods.

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Raising a Rottweiler with Toddlers

The best way to bond your kids with a Rottweiler is to involve your child in taking care of them. This is crucial if you have a pup since puppies have a habit of viewing children as their fellow pups.

Involving your kid in raising a Rottweiler will help your dog recognize your child as a leader, and they should not try and push them around.

young boy with his pet rottweiler outdoors
Image Credit: Serova_Ekaterina, Shutterstock

Teaching Your Children

When your kid is still young, they will view everything as food or toys. Ideally, your kid probably will not view your dog as a nibble and bite them. However, if they are not taught how to properly take care of a pup, your dog might hurt them.

Here are a few essential things to teach your kids:
  • Teach your kids not to pull on your dog’s tail, fur, or ears.
  • Show them the proper way of cuddling cats and dogs.
  • Teach them not to grab or hit your dog.
  • Teach your kids to use their inner voice and not scream or yell, particularly if you have a puppy. This will prevent your dog from thinking your kid is something they can knock down or chase.
  • Teach them to respect the dog’s boundaries. Your kids should not get too near when your dog is eating their food.


The Bottom Line

Rottweilers can be perfect companions to kids, mainly when they are raised with them. They are friendly and warm-hearted, delighted to receive love in return.

A rottweiler is a relatively energetic dog and makes an excellent playmate for older kids. However, smaller kids can sometimes be engulfed by their energy and accidentally knocked down.

Rottweilers are naturally loyal and caring, so their instinct is often to keep your kids safe. However, how well a Rottweiler gets along with kids is not just influenced by breed characteristics. The Rottweiler’s age, socialization, personality, and training may have a massive impact.

Furthermore, your kid’s age and the presence of boundaries can make a huge difference. But with proper training of both your kids and Rottweiler, they may find best friends in each other.

Featured Image Credit: Serova_Ekaterina, Shutterstock

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