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Are There Scorpions in Hawaii?

Nicole Cosgrove

Hawaii is known as a tropical paradise. When you picture yourself in Hawaii, you likely see you, a beach chair, an umbrella, and clear blue ocean waters. What you don’t picture, though, are pests bothering you while you relax. The last thing that you want interrupting your Hawaiian fantasy is a sting from a scorpion.

Unfortunately, you might need to allow a little space in your dreams for these creatures to creep in, because there are scorpions in Hawaii. Keep reading if you want to know how worried you should be about having your vacation interrupted by one of these arachnids.

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What Is a Scorpion?

Scorpions are arachnids that live all over the world. They have been around for over 400 million years and have evolved to be able to live just about anywhere. There are over 2,000 species of scorpions, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

The good news is that only about 25 species of scorpions have venom that can kill a human. Only one of these lives in the United States: the Arizona black scorpion. However, their stings can still be painful. Scorpions can also harm your pets with their sting and venom.

What Kinds of Scorpions Are in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the scorpions that you’ll see are lesser brown scorpions. This scorpion isn’t venomous, although it can have a nasty sting, somewhat like that of a yellow jacket or wasp. If you are stung by one of these scorpions, you can expect to feel a sharp pain and lingering discomfort. Some people also report nausea and swelling around the site of the sting that can last for about a day.

Are There Scorpions on all of the Hawaiian Islands?

Yes, the lesser brown scorpion can be found throughout the islands. They are nocturnal creatures that usually stay out of sight during the day unless they’re disturbed. Typically, you’ll find them hiding under rocks, loose wood, trash, leaves, and near puddles of water.

They have also been known to enter people’s homes to escape the heat. They don’t need much of a gap to get inside and can usually slip in through cracks in the foundation, open doors, and open windows.

In your home, you might find them in quiet areas, like a crawl space, basement, or attic. The lesser brown scorpion is also drawn to water, so your kitchen and bathroom are other possible hiding spots.

What Do Scorpions in Hawaii Eat?

The lesser brown scorpion is a carnivore. They eat insects, spiders, millipedes, and occasionally, small rodents. Along with trying to escape the heat, they may also be drawn into your home if you have many insects inside. This provides scorpions with the dual benefit of shelter and scorpion divider

Final Thoughts

Yes, there are scorpions in Hawaii. The lesser brown scorpion is found throughout the islands, Luckily, they aren’t venomous to humans, although their sting can be painful. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for scorpions lurking around any dark, quiet, or wet areas in your home or vacation house, in case a scorpion has decided to take shelter there.

Featured Image Credit: Willem Van Zyl, Shutterstock

Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts' knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.