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How Much Does ASPCA Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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ASPCA is most widely known as a not-for-profit that works to protect animals. However, they also provide other services, such as pet insurance. While not all pet insurance works for everyone, ASPCA pet insurance is a good option for many pet owners. This plan has received great reviews and covers most major illnesses and accidents.

Of course, when choosing a pet insurance plan, price is a huge determining factor. If you can’t afford the monthly premium, it won’t matter how good the coverage is. ASPCA does offer a few different plan options, which will adjust the price. For instance, you can get a reimbursement rate as high as 100%, though this will drive premiums up substantially.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance isn’t considered a required cost when owning an animal. However, it is highly recommended today. In the case of an accident or illness, pet insurance will cover a portion of the vet bills after your deductible has been reached. Therefore, that $1,000 surgery your pet needs is suddenly within reach, thanks to insurance.

No matter your budget or needs, pet insurance can potentially help you afford emergency vet bills. Many people select high deductibles, which results in a lower premium. Therefore, they may have to pay for cheaper surgeries themselves. But, if their dog is severely injured and needs to be hospitalized, their pet insurance will kick in to help cover it.

In this way, pet insurance works in emergencies where you may not have enough money saved up to help pay for your pet’s medical bills.

On the other hand, you can also set very low deductibles and high reimbursement rates. In this way, you won’t have to pay very much in the case of an accident or illness, as insurance will cover almost all of it. However, your premiums will be much higher.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

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How Much Does ASPCA Pet Insurance Cost?

There are lots of factors involved when it comes to ASPCA pet insurance. These plans vary a lot depending on your pet and location. The company does take local vet costs into account when calculating the premium. Therefore, if you live in a city, your price will be much higher.

We ran a few different situations to help you understand what to expect regarding cost. However, the only way to get an accurate estimate is to head to the company’s website and enter your information.

Breed Age City Cost
Chihuahua 6 mo Birmingham $41
Chihuahua 6 mo New York $69
Chihuahua 6 mo Los Angeles $46
Chihuahua 5 yr Birmingham $50
Chihuahua 5 yr Los Angeles $56
Chihuahua 5 yr New York City $83
Domestic Shorthair 6 mo Birmingham $25
Domestic Shorthair 6 mo Los Angeles $31
Domestic Shorthair 6 mo New York City $40
Domestic Shorthair 5 yr Birmingham $30
Domestic Shorthair 5 yr Los Angeles $37
Domestic Shorthair 5 yr New York City $47
Golden Retriever 6 mo Birmingham $66
Golden Retriever 6 mo Los Angeles $75
Golden Retriever 6 mo New York City $111
Golden Retriever 5 yr Birmingham $81
Golden Retriever 5 yr Los Angeles $91
Golden Retriever 5 yr New York City $135

As you can see, the type of pet, location, and age all have a direct impact on the price. Areas with higher vet costs will cost more, older pets will cost more, and larger dogs tend to cost more. The larger the animal, the more expensive the price usually is. However, dogs tend to always be more expensive than cats—even in the case of larger cats.

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Potential Discounts

There are several ways to get discounts when signing up for ASPCA pet insurance. Discounts always vary and can change at any time. However, this company does seem to offer multi-pet discounts all the time. If you have more than one pet, you can save on the second one (and the third one, etc.).

Furthermore, the company also offers an employee benefit program for those who work at veterinary practices. You don’t have to be a vet; you can simply work at the office. Your place of work must be in the state you’re getting the insurance plan, though. If you fall into this category, you get a 10% discount on the base plan.

All discounts stack. Therefore, you can use the multi-pet discount and the veterinary discount at once.

What’s Covered?

Of course, what is covered is another important consideration. If your plan is cheap but doesn’t cover much, it probably isn’t extremely useful. Luckily, ASPCA insurance covers everything you’d expect, including accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, behavioral issues, prescriptions, and alternative therapies.

We found their coverage to be a bit better than most pet insurance companies out there. For instance, behavioral therapy is covered, which is usually not covered by pet insurance. You can also get some alternative therapies covered—another unusual inclusion.

Some things aren’t covered, though. These include regular obedience training. Only therapy for severe behavioral problems is covered. Prescription food is covered, but only for certain conditions. For instance, if your dog is diabetic, diabetic dog food is covered. However, if your dog doesn’t have an underlying illness, special dog food isn’t covered.

Luckily, vet exams are covered. Surprisingly, this is a common exception on many plans (or requires an extra add-on). With this insurance plan, all exams for accidents or illnesses are covered. Vet labor is also covered when a separate veterinarian needs to consult. Cremation and burial are even included, which can get quite expensive (though only if the pet dies from an accident or illness).

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ASPCA pet insurance varies greatly in cost, depending on where you live. Those in rural areas will spend much less on their premiums, as vet costs tend to be cheaper. However, in cities like New York, things can get much more expensive.

However, there are some other considerations, as well. For instance, you’ll need to consider the age and type of pet you have. Cats are cheaper than dogs, while larger dogs are the most expensive. This difference is due to the difference in vet costs. Larger dogs tend to cost more, as they need more anesthesia and medication due to their larger size. Sometimes, an extra pair of hands is needed to lift and move larger dogs.

Older pets tend to have more illnesses than younger ones. Therefore, you can expect your premium to increase as your pet ages.

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