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Dr. Joanna Woodnutt

Veterinarian, BVM BVS MRCVS

Graduated from the University of Nottingham, England

Over 6 years of veterinary experience


Joanna is an experienced vet working in the UK. She has always had a love for both writing and science, so after graduating as a veterinarian, she was able to join her two passions together. She has written about pets and pet health for many websites, blogs, and pet magazines and loves to help owners understand their pets through her writing. She has started her own freelance company so she can help more clients than just the one standing in front of her in a consultation room. She enjoys teaching and educating clients, so a career in writing, public education and pet health is the perfect combination for her.


Joanna practiced as a clinical vet from 2016 - 2019. Joanna left full-time practice and now works as a locum/relief vet in the Channel Islands, alongside her freelance writing work.


Joanna graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016. She holds a degree in Veterinary Science (BVMedSci) and a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM BVS).

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