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Gabrielle McGhee



A Florida native for over 40 years, Gabrielle resides with her husband and their rescued pets: three dogs, three tortoises, and a cat. She is a freelance writer with a special interest in both wildlife conservation and pet care.


As a teenager, Gabrielle began working in a local animal clinic’s kennel, and later became a veterinary technician specializing in avian surgical monitoring. After a few years, she assisted with the opening of a brand-new animal hospital, and as head technician, switched gears to pursue animal dentistry. Gabrielle always felt a strong calling to rescue and rehabilitate – she started her own guinea pig rescue, has volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator, and has fostered multiple hospice-case dogs and cats.


Gabrielle attended St Johns River State College and the University of North Florida. She completed numerous courses in veterinary dentistry, received rehabilitation training from licensed wildlife rescuers, and is a certified volunteer with the Florida Wildlife Commission’s Gopher Tortoise Program.

Fun Facts

Gabrielle is an avid hiker and loves photographing nature. Her favorite animal to see is a rattlesnake. She has been vegan since 2017, not only for her health, but also her love of animals.

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