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Isabel Ludick

Brand Coordinator, Marketing Director, and Avid Animal Advocate

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Isabel coordinates marketing, PR, and brand awareness for PetKeen. She grew up surrounded by cats of all kinds, backgrounds, and personalities. She had 9 rescue cats at one point, an unofficial cat sanctuary if you will.  She has a degree in psychology and loves helping people discover themselves and live their best lives. Her love for animals overshadows anything else. Big, small, scaly, furry, feathery, and everything in between. If there is a spider that requires relocating or a baby bird in need of nurturing, Isabel is the person to call. She is also very passionate about being a voice for the voiceless animals in the seafood, factory farm, and exotic animal trade industries and hopes for a better future where animal rights are taken seriously and more humans are open to the idea of a plant-based lifestyle.

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