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Simon Treulle

CEO at Pangolia

Singapore, and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Over 7 years in business

Simon Treulle is the CEO of Pangolia, the digital media company that owns Pet Keen. His mission revolves around elevating the lives of pets and their families by creating the most helpful and accurate pet content available. Drawing from seven years of digital nomad experience, Simon is now enjoying the expat life in the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Yet, he maintains an unwavering passion for exploring new landscapes and immersing himself in diverse cultures. Beyond his globetrotting endeavors, Simon's leadership in the realms of content marketing and resource creation has led to being an incredibly helpful site for readers, pet parents, and pet family members of all ages and backgrounds. With a fully remote international team of more than 105, Simon is passionate about global collaboration and innovation. His journey from nomad to trailblazing CEO embodies a commitment to redefining pet family experiences for generations to come.