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BarkBox Dog Subscription Box Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give BarkBox a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 4.5/5
Ingredients: 4.5/5
Value: 4.5/5

If you use social media and shop pet food online, you’ve probably the BarkBox ads pop up in your newsfeed or search results. If you’re like us, you’re probably really curious about this specially packaged box of goodies for your pooch. After all, your canine buddy should have something to look forward to, just like us, waiting for our latest Amazon Prime packages!

We took the liberty of reviewing products from this fantastic company, but only you can decide if it’s worth your monthly subscription. Let’s dig into all the details to unravel the final verdict: Is the BarkBox right for your dog?

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What Is BarkBox? How Does It Work?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription-based pet service that sends specialty-themed boxes right to your door. These boxes combine a variety of toys and edibles that match your dog breed’s size to supply the perfect number of treats and toys to keep them busy the whole month through.

There are so many cute themes to choose from. You can go through each one to get a closer look, checking on some of the awesome products you might receive. You select that one that looks like a prize-winning pick and set up your subscription.

You’ll answer a few questions, choosing your dog’s name, gender, size, breed, and adoption date or birthday. Then, you get to choose your primary proteins and create an account to wrap things up.

You choose the subscription plan that works best for you—one-month, six-month, or 12-month. Each option costs slightly different dollar amounts.

When you select your BarkBox, you can choose the theme you want or opt to receive a surprise mashup.

BarkBox – A Quick Look

  • Fun series of toys
  • Yummy snacks with different textures and flavors
  • Timed surprise
  • Perfect amount
  • Terrific quality
  • Might not match all budgets
  • Not for all diet restrictions

BarkBox Pricing

We think that BarkBox has middle-of-the-road pricing, fitting many different budgets. For value’s sake, the longer the subscription, the lower the price per box, which makes sense.

If we consider the pricing compared to the quality of the products received, we think BarkBox delivers a nice return on your pet supply investment.

barkbox review packaging

Shipping and Presentation

The Barkbox website offers a straightforward ordering process on a clean, well-manicured, and easy-to-navigate series of pages. It was very easy to browse options. Everything was well-explained, catering to nearly any age group or audience.

Our subscription arrived in a small, neat box covered in BarkBox logos. Once open, there’s a front cover explaining wha’s in the box. Our particular theme was The Sweetie Treats Bakery.

To add a charming Valentine’s Day aesthetic, everything was colored in pink and red. That was a really nice touch!

Contents of the Box

We think all the contents of the box were of top quality. It came with three separate bags of delicious treats to and play-provoking toys. Variety was nice and perfectly suited for a months’ worth of fun.

The Sweetie Pie Treats box presents everything as if it were a real-life bakery. We received three separate types of treats and two toys. The toys consisted of a cupcake squeaker toy and crinkly bag of squeaky cookies.

Our dog really enjoyed all three types of treats, as they were very different from one another, providing texture and taste varieties.

One was very chewy and high in protein, while another was tender and easy to eat. The chews that came in our package were long-lasting for a lounging snack. We were very pleased with the products.

BarkBox Contents

  • BarkEats Wakey Wakey Soft Bakes
  • BarkEats Gobble Jerky Bars
  • The Pet Gourmet Chew Sticks
  • Bark Batch Made in Heaven
  • Bark Puppy Luv Cupcake


An In-Depth Look at Each BarkBox Snack

1. Wakey Wakey Soft Bakes — Bacon & Oatmeal Recipe

Wakey Wakey Soft Bakes

Calories: 11
Protein: 9%
Fat: 7%
Fiber: 3%
Moisture: 30%

BarkEats Wakey Wakey Soft Bakes flavored with bacon and oatmeal. These tiny soft chews are in the adorable shape of hearts, so your dog gets a sweet baked goodie and every bite. These pup treats are the perfect reward for a job well done.

Whether you are telling your dog they did a good job or trying to coax them in the kennel for the night—these treats are handy to keep your dog motivated.

These snacks are full of easy-to-digest grains like barley and oats with no added fillers like wheat, soy, or corn. In a singular snack, there are 11 calories. The guaranteed analysis reads 9% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and 30% moisture.

We loved the short and sweet list of healthy ingredients. Also, they get a big thumbs up from our pooch in terms of yummy taste.

  • Perfect texture
  • Excellent size for small rewards
  • Easy to digest ingredients
  • Not for dogs on a grain-free diet

2. Gobble Jerky Bars Dog Treat — Turkey Recipe

Gobble Jerky Bars

Calories: 25
Protein: 23%
Fat: 14%
Fiber: 2%
Moisture: 28%

Our pup was really enjoying the BarkEats Gobble Jerky Bars. These quick snacks have only five ingredients, so you know exactly what your dog gets with every bite. They are incredibly moist, giving dogs of all dental stages something they can enjoy.

The packaging is resealable, so once it is open, you can easily shut it to keep it fresh. If you want a morsel that your dog can gnaw on instead of immediately inhaling, these are a perfect size. They aren’t a one-bite-and-done snack. Plus, they smelled good even to us, so we guarantee they are delicious for your pooch.

Each of these snacks has a ton of protein, including turkey as the number one ingredient. It is followed by peas, vegetable glycerin, and rosemary extract with zero grains. The guaranteed analysis reads 23% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, and 28% moisture.

You can stretch them out by breaking off smaller pieces, too. That is completely up to you. We think these treats are a great value, and our dog loves them. Of course, this won’t work for dogs with a protein allergy to poultry. So do make sure that you pay close attention to the ingredients.

  • Only five ingredients
  • Awesome smell and texture
  • Easy to chew
  • Not for dogs with poultry allergy

3. The Pet Gourmet Chew Stick Dog Treat — Beef Recipe

The Pet Gourmet Chew Stick


Calories: 107
Protein: 16%
Fat: 3%
Fiber: 2%
Moisture: 19%

The Pet Gourmet Chew Sticks were a hit as well. These goodies are a little larger, perfect for a relaxing chew session on their favorite dog bed. These treats contain a handful of ingredients that are very straightforward. They are specifically nutritionally designed for dogs 20 pounds or under.

These treats are made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients. Each treat contains chickpeas, beef, coconut glycerin, pea flour, tapioca starch, molasses, brewer’s yeast, spinach, salt, citric acid, and sorbic acid.

This is the only product we received where a protein source wasn’t the number one ingredient. In each treat, there are 107 calories. The guaranteed analysis reads 16% crude protein, 3% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, and 19% moisture.

We liked that our dog could enjoy these snacks for a few minutes, stretching out the process. While it was our least favorite of the three, it was still a solid product.

  • Chew sticks for longer enjoyment
  • Specially designed for small breeds
  • Few ingredients
  • Protein is not #1 ingredient


BarkBox Ingredients & Materials

You will receive a little themed box of the latest styles of treats and toys in each shipment.

Ingredients in Snacks

We thoroughly inspected all the ingredients in these snacks, and we were pretty impressed with what we found. It seems that each of these bags only contains ingredients that are essential to achieve the desired recipe outcome.

We love that these boxes may work for allergy sufferers and dogs with certain food sensitivities. They all contain whole proteins, vegetables, and sometimes easily digestible grains, avoiding harsh fillers every time. Here’s a look at each of the different ingredient components.

Keep in mind that products will differ based on the random recipes in your box.

  • Bacon
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Brown rice
  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Rosemary extract
  • Citric acid
  • Vinegar
  • Spearmint

We only had one snack, the Pet Gourmet chews, that did not contain protein as the number one ingredient.

Each of these snacks uses bare minimum ingredients while still giving each one a nutrient-rich kick. Our dog loved each snack individually but still had a favorite—the jerky.

We love that each one of the recipes contains a different texture and flavor, making every bite a savory surprise.

bark box dog toys

Materials of Toys

Type: Plastic, polyester
Machine Washable: No

BarkBox came with two tantalizing toys. One of them is an adorable crinkly pouch with two cookie-shaped squeaker toys inside.

You could also stuff this little bag with some treats for some interactive playtime. These materials include plastic and polyester fibers—none of which are machine washable. However, they are incredibly well-stitched and sure to last a while.

If you have a particularly destructive pooch, you might find that they don’t hold up as long as you might like. This might cause you to buy extra replacements, but you must consider when factoring in price.

BarkBoxes can be customized, so don’t be afraid to shop around on the site before you make a final decision. Also, remember to pay attention to your responses during ordering, so your pup gets the best products for them.

BarkBox Safety & Other Considerations

In total, the box contained five items, which we thought was a pretty fair supply. It was ideal for getting through the month with brand spanking new toys and tasty treats to savor.

We were very impressed with the quality of these products. Each of the toys was incredibly well-made, working well for moderate chewers as well.

However, if you have a particularly destructive pooch, you might find that they don’t hold up as long as you might like. This might cause extra replacements, which you could consider when factoring in price.

Is BarkBox a Good Value?

In our opinion, BarkBox is a fantastic quality product for the money. Your dog will wag their tail in excitement each time they receive their package, and it is something they can look forward to.

Each month you don’t have to worry about hopping online or going to the store to replenish their treat or toy supply. You get it custom-made and shipped directly to your door. Considering every aspect, BarkBox is a wonderful subscription to try out for any dog lover.



Is each BarkBox specially tailored and shipped to your home?

Each box is tailored to the age and size of your dog. Also, if your dog has any particular dietary restrictions, these will be considered when building your box. Once you sign up for your chosen subscription, the remaining packages are auto-shipped to your home on schedule.

Does BarkBox offer replacements or refunds?

BarkBox is always working to improve its customer experience. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your BarkBox products, honoring their 100% satisfaction guarantee, the company will work with you to make it right.

Does BarkBox reship the same themed box over and over again?

BarkBox offers a different theme every month to keep things interesting. You shouldn’t have to worry about receiving the same products repeatedly.

BarkBox is constantly introducing new and exciting themes to their product lines. It’s hard to tell each month what kind of surprises your dog will receive.

pug with barkbox items

What the Users Say

If you’re looking for real results that you can trust, asking real-life customers is a perfect way to see what a product is all about. If you look at the company’s mission, BarkBox aims to provide quality products for pet parents and their pooches. But do they follow through on their commitments?

We analyzed several different reviews from multiple customers. We came to the general consensus that BarkBox is an excellent product and most customers seem to be happy with the services.

Many owners compliment the company, saying how excited their dog gets on delivery day. It really is a comprehensive little package tailored to your dog to give them a wonderful monthly experience.

Customers seem generally happy with the product quality, quantity, and themes. The only major issue is that more dog owners with sensitive pups wish there were more choices for diet restrictions. But we think that will change as the company grows.




Our honest opinion about BarkBox is that it is inventive and unique—a fun little experience you can give your pup every month. Each of the treats and toys has your pooch in mind with an adorable, themed collection every time.

We love this subscription service’s presentation, flexibility, variety, and dependability. We think you and your dogs will, too!

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