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Bedlington Terrier

Nicole Cosgrove

Height: 15-18 inches
Weight: 17-23 pounds
Lifespan: 11-16 years
Colors: White, blue, blue & tan, liver, liver & tan, sand
Suitable for: Active families or individuals who want a low-maintenance pet
Temperament: Loyal, energetic, friendly, headstrong

You might have to do a double-take after you spot a Bedlington Terrier. With their curly coat, tufted head, and graceful gait, this breed looks strikingly similar to a lamb. This agile dog is mild-mannered while hanging inside the house, and their energy comes out once they have free roam of the yard. Bedlington Terriers are great pets for families who enjoy being active and spending time in the outdoors. Although some tend to be a bit headstrong, they are sensitive dogs and eager to please their loved ones. If you’re looking for a pet with a unique personality and who is immensely loyal, you might have found the breed for you.

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Bedlington Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…


Despite their lack of popularity, the Bedlington Terrier breed has some high rankings compared to others. They do have a lot of energy and aren’t meant for people who live sedentary lifestyles. However, these terriers are highly intelligent, and training them is a breeze for even first-time dog owners.

Like most other dogs, this breed is susceptible to some health issues. Some are more severe than others, but overall, they tend to live very long and healthy lives. On average, Bedlington Terriers live for 11 to 16 years and are destined to be alongside a family and children as they grow.

You’ll rarely have to worry about this breed creating issues with children or other pets. As long as they’re properly socialized, they do great with kids, and having other pets in the home shouldn’t be an issue.

What’s the Price of Bedlington Terrier Puppies?

Despite their fun-loving personalities, what turns most people away from owning one of these dogs is the expensive prices. Bedlington Terriers cost an average of $1,500 per dog, with some breeders charging up to $4,000. They are good-tempered, intelligent, and healthy animals which is reflected in the price. Don’t bargain shop if you’re dedicated to buying this breed. More often than not, the lower price means that they were not safely bred, and they could have expensive health problems later on in life.


3 Little-Known Facts About Bedlington Terrier

1. They were a workingman’s dog who did a lot of dirty work.

Bedlington Terriers look and act as gentle as little lambs. With such kind personalities, how were they ever responsible for such dangerous work? Back in the 1800s, this breed was used in the coal mines to catch and kill vermin. Their small size and fast speeds made them the perfect dog for the job. They were even used in dogfights to entertain the workers.

2. They have two sides to their personalities.

Most Bedlington Terriers are known for their loving and loyal personalities. This is, however, if they trust you. Because of their dedication to their family members, they are protective, and it takes a while to earn their trust. They alert their owner’s that they are uneasy around someone by barking continuously until they know that their family is safe. If threatened, they aren’t afraid to protect themselves either.

3. They are hypoallergenic.

Even though they resemble little lambs, their hair should be the least of your concerns. These dogs are practically shed proof. This is ideal for those who hate having to vacuum up dog hair. With that in mind, they do still require hair trimmings and their coat isn’t completely maintenance-free.

Bedlington Terrier standing on grass
Image Credit: Sevostyanova Tatyana, Shutterstock


Temperament & Intelligence of the Bedlington Terrier

Just because they capture your attention with their one-of-a-kind appearance doesn’t mean that these animals are well-suited for your lifestyle. Bedlington Terriers are playful and love to get out a lot of energy throughout the day. They are friendly to most strangers and children, but this could vary based on each individual. Although intelligent, they are also headstrong and don’t easily back down from a challenge. You may notice that there are two sides to your dog. Sometimes they are relaxed and cuddly, and the next their bouncing off the walls and demanding attention.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

Bedlington Terriers are one of the most fun breeds to own if you’re a family who stays active. Playtime is their favorite, and their small size means they won’t constantly be knocking the young kiddos over. They become so dedicated to their loved ones that they are often used as guard dogs and alert the family of any intruders that they don’t trust.

Does This Terrier Get Along with Other Pets?

As with all dogs, socialization is key to helping these dogs get along with other pets. With that said, they are more accepting of other breeds and usually do great when introduced to a new furry family member. Of course, if this is really important to you, make sure to work on it from a young age and don’t force them into situations where they are acting uncomfortable.

Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay


What to Know About Owning a Bedlington Terrier:

Different dog breeds all have their own unique sets of responsibilities and challenges. While the Bedlington Terrier is a great breed to have, you have to ensure that they are going to get the most out of life when living with you. If you don’t meet these demands, they could act out and leave you frustrated. Always do thorough research about a dog’s personality and maintenance before bringing them home.

Food & Diet Requirements

Always give your dogs high-quality dog foods that are recommended by your veterinarian. These are small yet active dogs, and they usually do best when they receive 1 to 1.5 cups of dry food twice per day. This measurement could change based on the size, age, and activity level of your dog as well. Highly active terriers could benefit from an extra half a cup of food, while more sedentary dogs should stick to the minimum.


Bedlington Terriers are active animals and they enjoy staying fit. Daily exercise keeps your pets healthy and helps you avoid future problems down the road. If they aren’t able to get energy out, then they could act out and cause some frustrations for you. As long as they go for a long walk or run or have a hardy play session, they have no problem curling up and relaxing at the end of the day.

Bedlington Terrier
Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay


The Bedlington Terrier is an intelligent breed, and most people have little issues when training them. However, they are also known to be a little stubborn and it may take some patience on your end to get them to learn the behaviors you expect from them. As always, stay dedicated and know that their eagerness to please overrides their hard-headedness.


Their curly, wispy coats are soft and don’t shed, which is why homeowners love them so much, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about their grooming requirements. Brush Bedlington Terriers once or twice a week and take them in for a hair trim once every month. Trim their nails regularly so that they don’t become painful to walk on and give them a bath once every few months.

Health and Conditions

Bedlington Terriers are relatively healthy dogs, and they only have a few serious health conditions that owners should be aware of. Copper toxicosis is one of the most common in this breed and occurs when the liver fails to expel copper that comes from their diet. The copper builds up and causes illness and death. This is an inheritable trait, which is why buying from a trusted breeder is so important.

Minor Conditions
Serious Conditions


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a dog whose looks will grab attention and personalities will charm those around them, then the Bedlington Terrier could be the perfect addition to your family. These dogs are gentle lovers, and their small size and quirky personalities fit the lifestyles of many different people. Despite their stubborn attitudes, they are dedicated to pleasing their masters and intelligent enough to pick up on dozens of commands. As long as they get to expel their energy, they are a privilege to own and you’ll fall in love with them even faster than they can run.

Featured Image Credit: Grigorita Ko, Shutterstock

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