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10 Best Apps for Cats: Games, Training & Vet Tips

Cat Smartphone

With the advanced use of technology nowadays, there are several ways to train your furry friend. Not only can you get your pets to perform silly tricks to make you laugh, but have you thought about training them in other ways as well? Maybe you have a cat that needs a little boost in the behavior department, or you just want them to have a little more fun. Continue reading to learn more about how mobile applications can help you raise your kitty.divider-cat

The 10 Best Apps for Cats

1.  Pocket Pond

Pocket Pond

This free game is a great mobile app for cats. Pocket Pond is an interactive virtual koi pond that has different types of fish swimming around. Your cat will go crazy for the moving imagery and swipe at your chosen device.

You can feed the fish and even add other water creatures. The quality of the game is rated relatively high on the app store and can be fun for cat owners too. Decorate your pond and watch your little friends swim around while your cat joins in on the fun.

2. Cat Clicker Training

The art of clicker training for pets has proven to be successful. It pairs pet training with a clicking noise that alerts animals to a training prompt. Usually, these clickers are physical handheld objects, but there are apps you can try instead.

Cat Clicker Training is an app that uses the same methods as normal clicker training. It displays a paw print that you can customize to your liking, and every time you tap the screen it makes a clicking noise.

3. Crazy Cat

Crazy Cat is a great option for cat parents who like to watch their kitties have a bunch of fun. The app has different little creatures running across the screen for your cat to “catch.” It includes bugs and mice and will keep score of how many creatures your cat catches. The more they catch, the higher the score.

Watch your cat interact with the crazy critters scurrying across the screen. You can even control how fast they move if you have Bluetooth capabilities. Talk about fun for the whole family!

4. Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats

Does your cat have a secret passion for art? Try the Paint for Cats interactive app that lets your kitty become the next big artist.

This mobile application includes a mouse that runs around the screen. When your cat catches the mouse, it splatters a different paint color on a canvas. The game is great for cats because the mouse makes a little squeak every time it’s caught. An added bonus is a free piece of art that you can share with friends and family.

5. Cat Whistle & Training

This application is great for those who are looking for alternatives to cat training. It uses a normal whistle noise (great for those who don’t know how to whistle!) to alert your kitty. If they go out in your backyard for a quick nature walk, you can tap the screen and watch your kitty come running home.

It’s important to know that this does take some training and patience. Your cat might be confused at first if you’ve never whistled at them before. Maybe they are more used to your voice than a whistle, so you’ll definitely have to use other training methods and give your cat time to catch on in order to see results.

6. Cat Training

This mobile application is a great addition to formal cat training. It acts as a guide to go along with your training journey. It includes a database of popular training options for cats like litter box training, scratch training, and more.

The app gives you helpful resources and tips. It also gives you a list of common mistakes people make when training their cats. It’s a handy tool to make sure you are showing your cat that training doesn’t have to be a hassle. Maybe you’ll consider using it along with the previously mentioned clicker or whistle app as well!

7. PetCoach by Petco

PetCoach is a great training application for cats and dogs. If you’re in the middle of training your cat to scratch their post rather than your couch, maybe you need a tool at the ready to help.

This application gives you quick access to trusted veterinarians and provides several resources. If you find yourself using Google a hundred times a day and getting nowhere, try PetCoach. Speak with real veterinarians and get answers fast. Additionally, they help you with nutrition, behavior, and health questions also.

8. Pet First Aid

This highly rated app for pets is backed by the popular company American Red Cross. This application is great for new pet parents as it gives you quick answers to your questions and concerns. It lists common scary situations you might find yourself in with your kitty, along with how to avoid them in the future.

The app is fun for cat owners as well. It tests your skills on early warning signs, instructions for handling emergencies, contact with local vets, and videos.

9. Cat Playground

Cat Playground is an all-in-one app that includes a long list of kitty games for your cat to enjoy. It helps your kitty stay engaged and playful. Cats are hunters out in the wild and will play with anything that scurries quickly across a screen. Whether it’s a mouse, a laser, or a bug, you can be sure that your cat will have a blast.

The app has a small fee but gives you access to so many different games for your kitty to enjoy while you relax.

10. Cat Alone

Cat Alone is a virtual cat game that gives you the choice of many different creatures or a laser to interact with your kitty. The laser or bug will scurry across the screen activating your cat’s instinct to attack. What’s great about these apps is that you can use them in training. Get your cat to sit, beg, or meow for a treat. It’s a great option to make training fun and interactive! Your kitty will just think they’re playing with you and start getting used to it.


Things to Train Your Cats to Do

There are a few things that can be useful to train your cat to do on their own like litter training, speaking, shaking a paw, or begging.

The first may be a daunting task because litter training usually gets very messy. You know how your cat likes to dig and throw litter around, well imagine this all over your bathroom floor. However, the outcome is usually worth it.

These apps are great for getting your cat to regulate behavior. Rather than your cats scratching your leg or meowing uncontrollably for a treat, get them to ask with a whistle or laser pointer. Using several of the resource apps along with the training apps can make training super easy for you and fun for your cat.

Woman training a cat
Image by: DimaBerlin, Shutterstock


Begin Your Cat Training Today

Playful interaction is a great way to raise your kitty. Training and raising a pet can include both fun and discipline. Use the modern version of cat training by getting them to engage in interactive virtual applications on a mobile device. Have them paint, go fishing, or hunt for little creatures and watch them grow up happy and healthy! It’s nice to have vet resources at your fingertips as well.

Featured Image Credit: guvo59, Pixabay

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