Best Budgie Cages 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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budgies in cageIt’s easy to fall in love with a parakeet or budgie. They are as social as they are comical. There’s a good reason why Americans own 20.6 million birds. Budgies are one of the most popular because of their small size and affordability. Getting the right cage for your feathered friend is the best way to keep him healthy and happy.

However, birdcages vary in size, features, and quality. That’s why it’s essential to do some homework before you buy. Other than your bird, it’s the biggest investment you’ll make. Cages run the gamut from small, single-bird products to elaborate, decorative pieces—and everything in between, too!

Our guide will walk you through the process of choosing one, along with a discussion about the essential features to consider. We’ll also talk about how to match the right product with the relationship you have with your pet. Finally, we’ll provide reviews of birdcages that will fit the bill.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceColors AvailableEditor's Rating
Prevue Pet Wrought Iron
Prevue Pet Products Wrought
Best Overall

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Black Hammertone4.95/5
Prevue Pet Products Small
Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight
Best Value

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White 4.73/5
Vision II Model L01
Vision II Model L01
Premium Choice

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White 4.45/5
Vision II Model M02
Vision II Model M02

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White 4.31/5
Yaheetech Roof Top

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The 8 Best Budgie Cages – Reviews 2020

1. Prevue Pet Wrought Iron Bird Flight Cage – Best Overall

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron

If parakeets had lotteries, this cage would top their bucket list. At 31”L x 20.5”W x 53”H, the Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage offers plenty of room for your budgie to exercise with plenty of circulation. It has a pull-out grille and tray that make cleaning easy, allowing you to keep them inside of it when you change the paper.

It has casters to move it around for cleaning underneath and around the birdcage. The bars are powdered-coated with non-toxic material. The doors are large so it’s easy to access the bowls. The assembly was simple and intuitive. The construction is solid with excellent weight distribution. The 0.5-inch bar spacing is ideal for budgies.

  • Plenty of room for free-flight for multiple birds
  • Large doors for easy access
  • Food cups snap securely in place
  • The coating is non-toxic
  • Too large for some uses
  • Height isn’t adjustable

2. Prevue Pet Small Bird Flight Cage – Best Value

Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight

The Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight Cage is easily the best budgie cage for the money if you have a single bird. It measures 30”L x 18”W x 18”H, which is plenty of room. It has two doors, one of which is big enough for access even if you have larger hands. It includes two cups and two perches, so it’s ready to use, out of the box.

The tray is plastic, which makes it easier to clean than metal ones with no risk of rusting. The coating on the white bars is also a breeze to wipe down with a damp cloth. The downside is that it’s adequate for just one bird. Also, there were occasional quality control issues with the included accessories. The cups are large enough but seemed flimsy.

  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of room to roost with horizontal perches
  • The coating on bars makes quick work of wiping it down
  • Assembly not intuitive at first glance
  • Big enough for one bird only

3. Vision II L01 Bird Cage – Premium Choice

Vision II Model L01

The Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage is a deluxe cage that packs plenty of features that you won’t find in lower-priced products. We like the walls coming up on the sides to keep seed inside of it. The construction is of high quality too. The cage is roomy at 29.5”L x 15”W x 21.5”H. There’s enough room for more than one bird.

Instead of a tray, you must remove the bottom for cleaning. It makes for a healthier environment for your budgie, although it was more work. There is some risk of escape, which is a problem if your budgie isn’t hand-trained. We liked the multi-grip perches included with the cage. They resemble branches like the birds would use in the wild. On the downside, it is expensive, considering the size.

  • Plastic guard for keeping seed within it
  • High-quality construction
  • Multi-grip perches
  • Expensive
  • Cleaning involves an extra step

4. Vision II M02 Bird Cage

Vision II Model M02

If you want to make the most of limited space, the Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage is a good place to start. It measures 24”L x 15”W x 34.5”H to give your budgie more vertical space. Like the previous product, it has a non-removable plastic seed guard with no tray. The larger height means that it won’t offer the same benefits if you’re hanging a millet sprig from the top.

We liked the drop-down panels that made access and cleaning quicker. You can open it from the top, too. The cage also includes the multi-grip perches, four with this model. The product is well-made with attention to details for both the owner and the bird. On the downside, the cage is narrower than other products we reviewed. We’d like a bigger base for more stability.

  • Lots of space for toys and extra perches
  • Multi-grip perches
  • Easy access
  • Width a tad narrow
  • Seed guard not as helpful with added height
  • Non-intuitive assembly

5. Yaheetech Roof Top Flight Bird Cage


The Yaheetech Roof Top Flight Bird Cage stands out for the number of access doors for other accessories like a birdbath. It is definitely pet-owner friendly. The peak at the top is a welcome touch for giving your budgie a secure place to roost. The dimensions are 18”L x 14”W x 39”H. While it can accommodate more than one bird, it is a bit narrow for a flight cage.

The product includes a ladder and swing. We also liked the closures on the doors for keeping them inside of the cage. The assembly was more involved than we expected. While it feels heavy at over 10 pounds, we had concerns about it tipping. However, it’s still a decent value for the price.

  • Lots of quick access
  • Includes extra toys
  • Closures on the doors
  • More weight needed on the bottom
  • Narrow width

6. You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage

You & Me Finch

The You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage is a value-priced product for one or two budgies. The roomy birdcage measures 30”L x 18”W x 18”H. It is well-made and feels sturdy for its size. It includes two perches and two bowls. There are four doors for quick access. It has a pull-out tray on the bottom for cleaning so that you needn’t take the birds out of the cage.

On the downside, you may find it necessary to reinforce the weak points that the joints where the bars come together. Otherwise, it feels adequate with these adjustments. We appreciated the covered bowls to help keep the seed inside of the cage.

  • Excellent value for the price
  • Plenty of access
  • Roomy design
  • The doors are easy for the birds to open
  • Joints feel flimsy

7. VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Bird Cage


The VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Bird Cage is the second cage we reviewed made of this material. It is sturdy and well-made. It has a plastic pull-out tray for easy cleaning. We also liked the extra storage shelf. It also features an open-top play area for owners that allow their birds free flight. It is large at 18.1”L x 14.2”W x 59.8”H, weighing in at 17 pounds.

The cage has four wheels to sweep around it. It comes with four perches, four cups, and a swing. It has two front-opening doors for quick access. It also has two handles to move it if necessary. You can detach the cage from its base, which we appreciated. There are clips to hold it in place if you use the stand.

  • Top play area
  • Storage tray
  • Sturdy construction
  • Poor instructions for assembly
  • No seed guard around the cups

8. Mcage Flight Bird Cage

Mcage Lot of Breeding

The Mcage Flight Bird Cage is an excellent choice for pet owners housing multiple birds. They are available in lots of six. They stack snuggly together so that you can optimize your space for them. Each one measures 24”L x 16”W x 16”H, providing lots of room. They also have pull-out trays in the front for easy cleaning.

The setup of the cages is practical. However, we recommend securing them with zip ties or something similar. The bottom grill doesn’t slide out, either. Thorough cleaning will mean removing the birds. On the positive side, they are quick to assemble. They are an excellent value, considering what you’re getting.

  • Space-saving solution for multiple birds
  • Easy cleaning with plastic trays
  • Only two access doors per cage
  • Reinforcement of stacked cages is necessary

Buyer’s Guide

The first thing you need to consider when buying a birdcage is your pet’s lifestyle. Does he get plenty of free-flight time in your home, or is he in his cage most of the time? If the former is the case, then perhaps it’s just a place for him to sleep and eat. That can steer your choice to a smaller and maybe less expensive product.

If he stays confined or has a buddy sharing the cage, then you’ll need something bigger with room for toys and other accessories to prevent boredom. A bird that doesn’t get enough mental stimulation is more likely to form bad habits, such as picking at his feathers. Remember that budgies are very social birds and crave interaction with other birds—or you!


Budgies are active animals and need space to move around and play. Generally, you should get a birdcage that is 1.5 times the bird’s wingspan to give him enough room. That means at least 18 inches for a parakeet. If it’s too small, he may injure the individual feathers. They are highly vascularized, which means that they will bleed a lot.

Bear in mind that he’ll need some toys, perches, and a cuttlebone for a calcium source. Going larger isn’t an issue if you have the space for a larger cage. If you have more than one bird, plan on at least 1.5 times as big. If in doubt, measure it. Find the dimensions and see how large the cage is to avoid any nasty surprises.


Budgies like to climb, a holdover from its natural environment of the shrublands and forests of Australia. Horizontal bars will serve this purpose well. We’d also recommend a spacing of no more 0.5 inches between them. Anything larger will encourage him to escape or, worse yet, get caught.

Pay attention to other features, such as the size of the door and access to the food and water cups. Size matters for the person who has to clean the cage every day and take care of the bird’s basic needs. Also, find out how easy it’ll be for you to change the paper. No matter what kind of closure is on the cage, we’d urge you to put a clip on it to prevent escapes.

We all know that budgies aren’t the neatest when it comes to eating. They often scatter more seed around the cage than get in their bellies. We like products with solid walls that come up several inches from the bottom to keep most of their food within the birdcage and not on the floor.


The main criteria for the materials are that they are durable and easy to clean. Beware of coatings that can flake off easily. A curious budgie might ingest them with serious health consequences. Budgies aren’t as destructive as larger parrots so stainless steel is an affordable option over heavier ones like wrought iron.

Perches, Toys, and Other Accessories

Many birdcages will include add-ons of varying quality. Don’t be afraid to swap out any flimsy items for something that will last longer. Two or three perches, depending on the size of the cage, are ideal. Make sure to have one near the top so that your budgie will feel secure in his new home. We’d also suggest different diameters so that your bird can exercise different muscles.


Finding the best budgie cage is about ensuring adequate room for your birds, especially if you don’t give them free flight. The Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage provides enough space with features that make it quicker and easier to clean it for a healthy environment for your feathered friend. We liked that you could move it, thanks to its caster wheels. The design is also attractive.

The right-sized cage with plenty of toys to keep your budgie entertained is the best way to provide him a good quality of life. A product that is easy to clean, too, makes this necessary task a snap. The Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage has both you and your bird covered.

Featured image credit: YAHEETECH 39-inch Roof Top Large Flight, Amazon