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9 Best Cages for Parrotlets in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Nicole Cosgrove

parrotlet in cage best cages for parrotlet

Since you are looking for the best cages for parrotlets, this guide covers nine of the best in the market.

A parrotlet cage doesn’t necessarily need to feel like one. Instead, it should have plenty of space and provide a sense of comfort and security for your pet. Sadly, not all cages match this description.

How then can you find the best parrotlet cage? Read the review to find one that matches your needs and budget.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage
  • It is easy to clean
  • The finish is non-toxic and durable
  • Plenty of room to perch and play
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Super Deal Pro 61’’ 2-in-1 Bird Cage Super Deal Pro 61’’ 2-in-1 Bird Cage
  • It is durable
  • The cage is large and has more room on the exterior
  • It includes a 40-inch-long perch for more exercise
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Zeny Bird Cage 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage Zeny Bird Cage 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage
  • It is easy to clean and move around
  • The cage is sturdy, reliable, and durable
  • Spacious for a pair of parrotlets and toys
  • Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage
  • It is spacious and sturdy
  • There is extra storage on the bottom shelf
  • It accommodates multiple birds
  • Yaheetech 41-inch Parrot Bird Cage Yaheetech 41-inch Parrot Bird Cage
  • It is portable
  • It requires simple assembly
  • The open-top design keeps birds stimulated
  • The 9 Best Cages for Parrotlets – Reviews & Top Picks

    1. Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage – Best Overall

    Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage

    Quality: 4.8/5
    Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 49 inches
    Item Weight: 30 pounds
    Material Type: Steel
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    The Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage takes the spot as the best overall parrotlet cage. Your pet will find a safe and secure environment in the 18 x 18 x 49-inch cage. It is built with wrought iron construction, which delivers quality craftsman and durability. In addition, it features a non-toxic coated finish.

    The birdcage is easily portable using the rolling casters. Besides, it comes with a spacious stand, two stainless steel cups, and a solid wood perch. The solid-panel cup doors and rounded-corner seed guards collect falling debris. Its grille and debris tray is removable for easy cleaning.

    The birdcage also features a wind bell and a heavy-duty lock to protect your parrotlet.

    • It is easy to clean.
    • The finish is non-toxic and durable.
    • It’s affordable.
    • There is plenty of room for parrotlet to perch and play.
    • It includes just one perch.
    • The seed guard does not collect all debris.

    2. Super Deal Pro 61’’ 2-in-1 Bird Cage – Best Value

    Super Deal Pro Large Bird Cage

    Quality: 4.7/5
    Product Dimensions: 18.03 x 17.91 x 32.87 inches
    Item Weight: 45.1 pounds
    Material Type: Metal
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    The Super Deal Pro is the best value cage for parrotlets for the money. It is large and has plenty of room for your bird to walk, perch, flap, or fully extend its wings comfortably. In addition, there is an entertainment space on the exterior that features a ladder, a wooden perch, and two feeding bowls.

    Furthermore, it has a sturdy construction that’s free of loose and sharp edges. Since it is made of wrought iron, the birdcage is non-toxic, easy to clean, and not chip.

    Moving the Super Deal Pro cage is relatively portable as it includes four detachable rolling casters. So, you can move your pet to more suitable locations around your home.

    • It is durable.
    • The cage is large and has more room on the exterior.
    • It includes a 40-inch-long perch for more exercise.
    • The large access door allows a safe entrance and exit of the parrotlet.
    • The metal grate and tray slide out for easy cleaning.
    • Setting it up can be time-consuming because the provided directions are not clear.

    3. Zeny Bird Cage 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage – Premium Choice

    Zeny Bird Cage with Stand

    Quality: 4.7/5
    Product Dimensions: 34.1 x 26.6 x 5 inches
    Item Weight: 29.3 pounds
    Material Type: Wrought Iron
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    The best premium cage for parrotlets is the Zeny Bird Cage. It is sturdy and durable since it is made from high-quality wrought iron. The cage frame has grills that ensure stability and safety. The rolling base features heavy-duty casters to provide stability.

    If you have a pair of parrotlets, this 53-inch cage has plenty of space. The birds can fly around and flap their wings comfortably. It includes two wood perches for the birds to sit on or play.

    Cleaning the cage is pretty easy because the grate slides out. You can also move the cell to suitable locations with the rolling casters.

    Apart from parrotlets, this model is also suitable for caciques, Pionus, red-bellied woodpeckers, and conures.

    • It is easy to clean and move around.
    • There is additional storage space at the bottom.
    • The cage is sturdy, reliable, and durable.
    • Spacious for a pair of parrotlets and toys.
    • The poorly written directions may confuse you.

    4. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

    Prevue Hendrix Flight Cage

    Quality: 4.6/5
    Product Dimensions: 31 x 20.5 x 53 inches
    Item Weight: 19 pounds
    Material Type: Wrought Iron
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    Prevue has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality bird cages. This is why the nine reviews features two Prevue products.

    The Prevue Hendrix Flight Cage can accommodate multiple parrotlets. It features two large access doors, six small-size nest doors, three wood perches, and four plastic double cups.

    The cage is made of a high-end, wrought iron build, which makes it sturdy and durable. In addition, the non-toxic coating material is safe for your birds.

    If you feel that your parrotlets need a change of scenery, use the rolling casters to move the cage. It has a removable bottom tray for easy cleaning, while the bottom shelf offers extra storage.

    • It is spacious and sturdy.
    • It features two large front access doors and six small side doors.
    • There is extra storage on the bottom shelf.
    • The wire spacing is safe for parrotlets.
    • It accommodates multiple birds.
    • Quite expensive.

    5. Yaheetech 41-inch Parrot Bird Cage

    Yaheetech 41-inch Open Play Bird Cage

    Quality: 4.6/5
    Product Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 41 inches
    Item Weight: 9.7 pounds
    Material Type: Metal
    Bar Spacing: 0.39-inch

    Yaheetech 41-inch Cage is a superior, pet-parent-friendly birdcage. It features three perches and a hanging swing for your active parrotlet. Besides, the open-top design will keep the bird stimulated. You can open the cage doors and let the parrotlet stand on the perch.

    The cage has solid construction. It is made of high-quality wires with a rust-resistant coating. Its plastic base makes the structure easy to clean. In addition, the included perches are sanded for the safety of your bird’s claws.

    Since the birdcage does not include rolling casters, you can lift it using the two handles on the top. It is lightweight and easily portable.

    The 0.39-inch bar spacing ensures your pet stays safe. In addition, the detachable mesh panel and slide-out trays facilitate easy cleaning.

    • It is portable.
    • The cage has four feeding doors on the side panels for easy feeding.
    • It requires simple assembly.
    • The open-top design keeps birds stimulated.
    • It is not as sturdy as wrought iron construction cages.

    6. Bellanny Bird Cage Wrought Iron Large Flight Bird Cage

    Bellanny Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

    Quality: 4.5/5
    Product Dimensions: 31 x 20 x 52 inches
    Item Weight: 45.1 pounds
    Material Type: Wrought iron
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    The Bellanny Bird Cage has room for your parrotlets to move around, socialize, play, and rest. It has a detachable bracket, which, when inserted, increases the cage’s height. This improves the view of the birds and is easily portable.

    The flight birdcage is exquisite and sturdy. Its construction features high-quality metal with a non-toxic hammer finish. This ensures the cage lasts for a long time and is safe for your pet.

    The 360-degree swivel canister facilitates the easy moving of the cage indoors and outdoors. There is a safety lock, too, to keep the parrotlets safe.

    You’ll also love the convenient feeder doors on this model. They grant you access to the feeding system without opening the safety lock.

    • It features a detachable cage and bracket.
    • It is easy to clean.
    • It is built to last.
    • It includes four plastic feeders, two wooden perches, and a plastic tray.
    • The non-toxic coating is wear-resistant, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
    • The assembling pieces are heavy.

    7. Vision M02 Wire Bird Cage

    Vision M02 Wire Bird Cage

    Quality: 4.5/5
    Product Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 34.5 inches
    Item Weight: 12.24 pounds
    Material Type: Coated Metal
    Bar Spacing: 0.48-inches

    The Vision M02 is an elegant, innovative birdcage. The perches in the model resemble new sprouts of a tree to create a stable, resting platform. They also boost circulation while preventing foot problems.

    It is equipped with a debris guard and a deep-base design for faster clean-ups. These features ensure that 80% of waste and debris stay inside the cage.

    The convenient drop panels on each end of the cage grant you direct access to the feeders.  The package includes two waste shields, two water cups, and four perches.

    • Easy to assemble.
    • It takes less time to clean up.
    • Multi-grip perches allow circulation and prevent foot diseases.
    • It is inexpensive.
    • It lacks a removable tray, meaning you have to remove the bottom part when cleaning.

    8. PawHut 60’’ Metal Indoor Bird Cage

    PawHut 60inch Metal Bird Cage

    Quality: 4.5/5
    Product Dimensions: 18.75 x 14.25 x 63 inches
    Item Weight: 11 pounds
    Material Type: Iron
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    Create an indoor habitat for your parrotlet with the PawHut 60” Bird Cage. It is spacious enough to fit several perches, toys, and food bowls. There are two front doors and several sliding doors to conveniently feed your bird.

    The cage is made of durable plastic, steel wire, and sturdy powder-coated metal. This not only makes it safe but durable too. The 0.5-inch wire spacing ensures that the bird will not get stuck or escape between the bars.

    There’s a slide-out tray that allows easy clean-up. In addition, there is a storage basket at the bottom for storing accessories.

    The purchase includes one swing, three wood perches, and four plastic food containers.

    • It is a large birdhouse.
    • The multiple doors and storage basket allow convenient access.
    • It features a sturdy and durable construction.
    • It is portable.
    • Assembling it can be time-consuming.

    9. MCombo 70 Inch Outdoor Aviary Bird Cage

    MCombo 70-inch Outdoor Aviary

    Quality: 4.1/5
    Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 25.6 x 69 inches
    Item Weight: 44 pounds
    Material Type: Solid Firwood, Iron Wire
    Bar Spacing: ½-inch

    Are you looking for an outdoor parrotlet cage? The MCombo Bird Cage is a perfect outdoor enclosure. It is made of long-lasting solid fir wood. In addition, its sloped, waterproof, asphalt roof will keep your parrotlet dry on rainy days as the iron wire fence promotes better air ventilation.

    The outdoor cage has horizontal bars for perching or attaching toys. It also has three doors and rotating bolts so your pet can enter and exit freely. And to keep your pet safe, the mesh wire keeps the predators out.

    The aviary birdcage also features a ramp ladder and a slide-out tray.

    • The waterproof roof and durable wire mesh make the cage an ideal outdoor home for parrotlets.
    • Since it is raised off the ground, there are minimal damages and dampness.
    • It is made of durable solid fir wood.
    • Suitable for parrotlets, macaws, parrots, and cockatoos.
    • The cage feels brittle.
    • The instructions and drawings can be confusing.


    Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Cages for Parrotlets

    Image Credit: klickblick, Pixabay

    Before you click purchase on a parrotlet cage, ensure you consider these features.

    Cage Shape

    In the past, people thought that round or circular birdcages were better because they allow unrestricted views. Unfortunately, it turns out that these cages may create a feeling of insecurity in your parrotlets. The circular shape makes them think that they are being restricted.

    Therefore, opt for a rectangular cage. And if possible, choose one that is longer than higher. Why, you ask? Parrotlets prefer flying forward in a horizontal plane than up and down. However, if you find a cage that is long and high, it will be much better.


    Apart from the cage’s shape, you should also consider the size. The general rule is to choose one that is 1.5 times larger than the wingspan of your parrotlet. However, this does not mean it should be exact. You can go bigger than that.

    Bar Spacing

    The space between the bars is essential when choosing a parrotlet cage. It should not be higher than half an inch. Anything more than that may see your bird’s head or wings stuck between the wires. You wouldn’t want that, right?

    On the other hand, your parrotlet may fit through large bar spacing and escape.


    Parrotlet cages need to be cleaned daily. Therefore, when choosing one, check whether it is easy to maintain. It should at least include a debris guard or sliding-out trays.


    Furthermore, look for a birdcage with sturdy heavy-duty construction. This will serve you and your pet for years to come.

    Also, look for one that can withstand constant pecking. You can try wrought iron or stainless steel. One reminder, though; check that these materials are free of toxic materials.


    Wheels are not a must-have in a parrotlet’s cage, but they are a great option. Your pet will enjoy a change in scenery once in a while, particularly if they feel attached to you. The wheels will help you move the cage without worrying that the bird will escape.

    Play Top

    A play top is another added advantage when selecting the best cage for a parrotlet. It offers more room for your bird to perch outside. The play top acts as an entertainment room for your pet.

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    The above are the 9 best cages for parrotlets in 2021. Remember, since these birds are active and energetic, they need secure, comfortable, and spacious enclosures.

    The Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage is the overall best parrotlet cage. It is easy to clean, durable, sturdy, and spacious.

    Alternatively, you can look into The Super Deal Pro Bird Cage that offers you value for your money. Its exterior ladder works as an entertainment platform for your parrotlet, and it’s portable.

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    Featured Image Credit: Ear Iew Boo, Shutterstock

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