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10 Best Cat Beds in Australia in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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We love our cats, so we want them to have the best of everything—including cat beds. But finding the perfect cat bed for your pet can be challenging. There are so many kinds out there! You need to decide if your kitty would prefer a tent or a traditional bed or something unique. Plus, the bed also needs to be durable and cozy enough to sleep on.

Since you don’t want to spend hours combing through the hundreds of cat beds available, we’re here to help you out. The quick reviews and buying guide below will save you time and give you a better idea of what your cat might love (and not turn its nose up at), so you can get your search for a cat bed over with today!


A Glance at Our Top Picks in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Cozy interior
  • Doubles as a place for kitty to hide away
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Cat Bed Round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Cat Bed
  • Super fluffy and cozy
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock
  • Unique design
  • Can hang in a window so kitty can sleep or view the world
  • Non-toxic
  • Miss Meow Cat Bed Miss Meow Cat Bed
  • Provides a sense of security
  • Made from allergy-resistant material
  • Two-way conversion for flexibility
  • Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed
  • Cozy and warm
  • Offers head and neck support
  • Comes with warranty and customer support
  • The 10 Best Cat Beds in Australia

    1. Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats – Best Overall

    Furhaven Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dog

    Dimensions: 40.64L x 33.02W x 33.02H cm
    Material: Polyester, polar fleece
    Weight: 386 grams

    The best overall cat bed in Australia seems to be this bed by Furhaven. Made in the shape of a tent, it provides a safe, cozy spot for your favorite feline to rest its head. The cushion inside is made from polar fleece, a material that’s gentle on paws and noses, so your cat will experience the utmost in comfort. This cushion is also removable for easy washing! And the Furhaven pet bed is perfect for traveling—you can simply fold it up if you need to transport it.

    This bed comes in several colors, including gray, blue, and pink. It also comes with a 90-day limited coverage warranty.

    • Collapsible for easy storage
    • Cozy interior
    • Doubles as a place for kitty to hide away
    • Rare complaints of bed having a chemical smell
    • Opening may be too small for larger cats

    2. Round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Pet Bed – Best Value

    Round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Pet Bed

    Dimensions: 50.8L x 50.8W x 19.8H cm
    Material: Pp cotton, fabric
    Weight: 599 grams

    As the best cat bed in Australia for the money, this adorably fluffy bed promises to swaddle your kitty in coziness! The rim of the bed provides a place for your cat to rest their head (or neck or feet or tail), so they can sprawl any way they like. The makers of this bed also claim that it can help calm anxiety and enable your cat to sleep better. Anti-slip silicone on the bottom keeps the bed from sliding all over the place, so your pet won’t get startled by sudden movement. The bed is also waterproof, so if accidents happen, they won’t reach your floors.

    This bed is machine washable and dryable (just remember to fluff it up again after it comes out of the dryer). It also comes in two sizes.

    • Super fluffy and cozy
    • Waterproof
    • Anti-slip
    • Some complaints about bed being flatter than photos showed
    • A few pet parents felt there wasn’t enough stuffing in the bed

    3. LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock – Premium Choice

    LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock

    Dimensions: 50L x 38.1W x 99.1H cm
    Material: Cotton
    Weight: 1.66 kg

    This cool cat bed is definitely the product you want to go with if you’re looking for something premium! This cat bed is a hammock you hang up rather than a bed that goes on the ground. Put this in the kitty’s favorite window, and they’ll be in love. The hammock is made from 100% natural, non-toxic cotton rope, so it should be perfectly safe even if your pet decides to eat it. The angle of the bed portion can be adjusted for easier hanging, no matter what you decide to hang it from, and ropes can be unfastened to make a door opening on the sides or back.

    This cat bed comes with everything you need to install it, including a lanyard, screw eye hooks, and expansion screw.

    • Unique design
    • Can hang in a window so kitty can sleep or view the world
    • Non-toxic
    • Rare complaint of receiving the wrong hardware with the hammock
    • A few had trouble getting it to hang correctly

    4. Miss Meow Cat Bed

    Miss Meow Cat Bed

    Dimensions: 27.7L x 20W x 19.4H cm
    Material: Linen
    Weight: 1.1 kg

    This cozy cat bed is great for kitties with allergies as it is made with allergy resistant material. The cave shape will provide your favorite feline with a sense of security while giving them a comfortable spot to nap. And the two-way conversion provides more options to meet your cat’s napping needs. The reinforced non-slip bottom keeps the bed from sliding all over the place and scratching up floors.

    The cushion cover for this cat bed is removable and machine washable, so cleaning it is a breeze!

    • Provides a sense of security
    • Made from allergy-resistant material
    • Two-way conversion for flexibility
    • Few complaints about bed structure falling apart after washing
    • Some beds had the top keep collapsing instead of staying up

    5. Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed

    Love's Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed

    Dimensions: 50.04L x 50.04W x 14.99H cm
    Material: Suede
    Weight: 812 grams

    This donut bed may be less floofy than the last on this list, but it’s in no way less comfortable. The nest-like walls of this cat bed are filled with a down alternative that provides extreme coziness and comfort. Your kitty can curl up in the middle or rest its head or neck on the rim for better support. Plus, this bed offers a nice, warm spot for your pet to nap.

    This cat bed is machine washable and dryable. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, 30-day return period, and customer support.

    • Cozy and warm
    • Offers head and neck support
    • Comes with warranty and customer support
    • Several complaints of beds being flatter than the pictures indicated
    • Some felt there wasn’t enough filling in the bed cushion
    • Rare complaint of black plastic bits falling off the bottom of the bed

    6. Kitty City Claw Cat Sleeper

    Kitty City Claw Cat Sleeper

    Dimensions: 45.09L x 45.09W x 43.82H cm
    Material: Polyester
    Weight: 889 grams

    This ridiculously cute cat bed offers double the beds for double the kitties (or double the beds for a kitty who likes to switch up where it sleeps)! The bottom bed is a box shape, while the top bed is simply a flat fabric surface for your cat to curl up on. The fleece material is soft but strong and tear-resistant. And heavy-duty abs joints hold all the pipes together to provide extra sturdiness for the bed.

    As a bonus, this bed also comes with jingle toys and can be attached to other Kitty City modular products!

    • Double the beds
    • Comes with jingle toys
    • Durable
    • Top part may not be suitable for heavier kitties
    • Some cats easily ripped the jingle toy down

    7. Love’s Cabin 24in Cat Bed

    Love's Cabin 24in Cat Bed

    Dimensions: 59.94L x 59.94W x 14.99H cm
    Material: Microfiber
    Weight: 1.49 kg

    This super fluffy Love’s Cabin donut-shaped cat bed looks similar to a bean bag chair. There’s no indented part in the middle for kitty to sleep in, but they can sprawl all over the top and cuddle up to the faux fur fabric that is supposed to resemble a cat’s fur. The result is a cozy, warm bed that should provide a sense of security to any feline.

    Cleaning the bed is easy as it’s machine washable. You can also dry it on a low setting to prevent the faux fur from getting matted and tangled. The bed comes in three sizes and a wide array of colors to match any décor. It also comes with a 1-month return period and lifetime customer service!

    • Cozy and soft
    • Made to resemble cat fur to make kitty feel safe
    • Lifetime customer service
    • Pieces of faux fur might fall off
    • A couple of pet parents said after first wash bed had holes/came apart

    8. Feltcave Wool Cat Cave Bed

    Feltcave Wool Cat Cave Bed

    Dimensions: 34.11L x 28.8W x 11.71H cm
    Material: Wool
    Weight: 680 grams

    This cool cat cave bed is made from 100% wool, with each bed being handcrafted in Nepal. The inside is spacious and cozy for kitty, plus the bed collapses so they can sleep on the top of it if they’d rather. The collapsing also makes the bed easier to store and transport! You don’t need to worry about the bed collapsing in on your pet while it’s inside, though, as the wool makes the bed durable and is built to keep its shape when not being sat on. This bed also promises to repel stains and odors while holding onto loose cat hair, so hair stays off the floor and furniture.

    This cat bed is great for felines up to 15 pounds and is easily cleaned with a vacuum.

    • Two ways to be a bed
    • Holds onto loose fur
    • Repels stains and odors
    • A few felt the material was too stiff
    • Rare complaints of it not actually holding its shape
    • Cats who like to chew may be able to chew through it

    9. 100% Natural Wool Large Cat Cave

    100% Natural Wool Large Cat Cave

    Dimensions: 36.78L x 30W x 11.61H cm
    Material: Wool
    Weight: 730 grams

    This wool cat cave is made from all-natural New Zealand wool. The opening is about 7 inches wide, while the inside is about 9 inches high, providing plenty of room for your favorite feline to play or sleep. The wool is extra-durable to help the bed hold its shape, plus the material makes for an extra-comfy, super warm cat bed (though the company claims that in the summer, it will stay cool). And all materials used in making the bed are safe and non-toxic.

    This bed comes in a few different designs (including, hilariously enough, a cat face on the opening that makes it look like your cat is being eaten when they pop in and out).

    • Durable materials
    • Spacious
    • Does not appear to be machine washable, but no washing instructions given
    • Larger cats (15+ lbs) may not fit

    10. Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

    Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

    Dimensions: 38.1L x 38.1W x 38.1H cm
    Material: Fabric, faux fur
    Weight: 920 grams

    This fun cat tent bed is made of durable material that is tear and scratch-resistant. The inside is made of an incredibly cozy faux fur that promises plenty of softness for your cat, while the bottom is made of anti-slip material. This cat bed isn’t just a tent, though; it also folds down into a regular bed, so your kitty has options with this one! Plus, the foldability makes for easier storage or transport.

    Cleaning this bed is simple—you only need to remove the inner cushion, either hand or machine wash in cold water, then let air dry. One note is that this bed will take a couple of days to get back to its normal shape after being washed.

    • 2-in-1 bed
    • Cozy faux fur
    • Some pet parents said bed didn’t retain shape easily
    • A few felt the bottom was too thin
    • May have a chemical odor at first

    divider-catBuyer’s Guide: Buying the Best Cat Bed in Australia

    Cats are picky, so finding a cat bed your cat will love can be a struggle. Taking a look at these factors can help make the choice easier, though, and will hopefully improve the chances of your pet loving their new bed!


    You want your cat to actually fit in or on the cat bed you’ve chosen for them, plus you need to ensure the bed will fit the area you want to place it in. That means checking the dimensions of any cat beds you’re looking at. And don’t forget inside dimensions as well as outside if it’s a bed such as a tent or cave! If you’re unsure how long your cat is, you may need to measure them, but it will be worth it to get a bed that’s the correct size.

    There are plenty of cat bed sizes available, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your cat. We do recommend you check reviews of the product, though, as some beds end up being smaller or larger than what they are advertised as.

    Type of Bed

    Determine what type of bed your kitty will love most. Some felines love to hide away, so a cat cave or tent might be better. Some will enjoy a flat, traditional bed more than anything. And some may love beds that also double as areas to play or from where they can easily view the world around them.

    Materials Used

    Any cat bed you consider should be both durable and comfortable for your pet. Beds made of sturdier fabrics such as suede, denim, or nylon should hold up to any chewing or clawing. But the area where your cat would be sleeping should be a material that is soft and cozy such as fleece or faux fur. And if you’re going with a cat tent or cave, you want to ensure that the materials used to make them will retain the shape they’re meant to hold; that means stiffer materials such as wool would be best.


    Sleeping is all about comfort, so you want to guarantee your cat will be comfortable and not folded into awkward shapes or lay on harsh materials. Luckily, the majority of cat beds should be comfy for kitty as many of them use soft materials for sleeping areas, such as fleece or faux fur. Flatbeds with rims will support your cat’s head or neck, while beds made with foam will provide extra support for joints.

    orange cat lying on black and white fabric
    Image by: Jan Crhonek, Unsplash

    Ease of Cleaning

    Cat beds can get icky and smelly, so you’ll need to clean them every once in a while. A lot of beds will be machine washable (and possibly machine dryable), but others will require vacuuming or even hand washing. Determine how much work you’re willing to put in to keep your cat’s bed free of loose fur, dirt, and grime!

    Warranties or Guarantees

    Not all cat beds will come with warranties or guarantees, but a few will. If that’s something important to you, carefully check the products you’re considering to see what type of warranties or guarantees they might have. Also, look for the return policy—sometimes felines just do not like the thing for no apparent reason. If that occurs, you’ll want to have the option to return it for a refund.


    Cat beds can get pricy if you aren’t careful, but the good news is that they come in a wide range of prices. No matter the type of cat bed you’re looking for, you should be able to find one in your price range. And remember to check and see if the bed you’re considering has a cheaper twin out there!


    What better way to determine if a bed is right for you and your beloved furry friend than by reading reviews from other pet parents? Companies aren’t always great at advertising the weaknesses of their products, so you’ll get a more honest overview from reviews by other pet owners.



    When you want the best overall cat bed in Australia, we recommend the Furhaven as it is cozy and great for traveling. For the best cat bed in Australia for the money, take a closer look at the Donut Cuddler Calming Bed, as it not only provides a cozy spot for your pet to rest but promises to help relieve anxiety for better sleep. Finally, if it’s a premium cat bed you’ve been searching for, consider the LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock, as it provides not only a sleeping spot for the kitty but an opportunity to better see the world around them.

    Featured Image Credit: Alena Ozerova, Shutterstock

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