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10 Best Cat Brushes for Dandruff in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks 

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woman brushing the Persian cat

As cat parents, we’re all familiar with the signs—white, dry, flaky skin indicates that your cat has a bit of dandruff going on. Dandruff is a pretty common problem and can be caused by many factors, including allergies, poor diet, medical conditions, and, in some cases, infrequent brushing.

Though cats groom themselves, brushing can help get rid of dead hair and skin build-up that may contribute to dandruff, especially in areas your cat has trouble reaching. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these cat brush and comb reviews to get an idea of what might work best for your cat.

If you suspect that your cat has a skin condition, please speak to your vet before choosing a brush to make sure it won’t cause discomfort for your cat.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Deshedding Brush Hepper Deshedding Brush
  • Self-cleaning
  • Gentle bristles
  • Waterproof
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush
  • Double-sided
  • Gentle on your kitten’s skin
  • Plastic heads on pin teeth to avoid scratches
  • Third place
    FURminator Cat Deshedding Tool FURminator Cat Deshedding Tool
  • Two options for different coat types
  • Has a rejector button to release the hair
  • Doesn’t cut into the skin
  • Bass Brushes Hybrid Pet Groomer Bass Brushes Hybrid Pet Groomer
  • Two brush types in one
  • Made with bamboo
  • Distributes healthy oils throughout the coat
  • Ozark Pet Dog & Cat 2-Sided Grooming Tool Ozark Pet Dog & Cat 2-Sided Grooming Tool
  • Two grooming tools in one
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for heavy shedders
  • The 10 Best Cat Brushes for Dandruff

    1. Hepper Deshedding Cat Brush – Best Overall

    Size: 8cm x 19cm
    Material: ABS plastic with stainless steel bristles
    Brush type: Deshedding
    Color: Pink, blue, gray

    The best cat brush for dandruff is Hepper’s Deshedding Cat brush. Cleaning this brush is a breeze—with one simple click, the hair is instantly removed from the bristles. The bristles are soft enough to be gentle on your cat while grooming, yet dense enough to remove dead, excess hair. The brush is also waterproof—all it needs is a quick rinse after your grooming session.

    If you’re in for long groom sessions, you may have to manually remove some of the hair from the bristles if a lot of has been collected.

    At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    • Self-cleaning
    • Gentle bristles
    • Waterproof
    • Reasonably priced
    • Might need to remove hair from bristles

    2. Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush – Budget Buy

    Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush

    Size: 9.26 x 2.76 x 2.56 inches
    Material: Plastic, rubber
    Brush type: Double-sided brush
    Color: Green, gray

    Our budget buy is the Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush. It has soft bristles on one side, which are perfect for kittens and older cats, and pin bristles on the other with plastic heads for smoothing out the coat and getting rid of dead hair.

    Soft bristle brushes are great for keeping the fur soft and smooth and spreading oils throughout the skin and coat, which helps prevent dandruff. The only downside to this brush is that it may not be strong enough to handle heavy-shedding cat coats, so if you’re planning on using this on a heavy-shedding cat or kitten, you might want to consider something else.

    • Double-sided
    • Gentle on your kitten’s skin
    • Plastic heads on pin teeth to avoid scratches
    • Moisturizes the coat by spreading healthy oils
    • Inexpensive
    • It may not be strong enough for heavy shedders

    3. FURminator Cat Deshedding Tool

    FURminator Cat Deshedding Tool

    Size: 2 x 5 x 8.75 inches
    Material: Metal, stainless steel
    Brush type: Deshedding tool
    Color: Purple, turquoise

    Another good pick is the de-shedding tool by FURminator. There are two sizes available, one for long-haired cats (purple) and one better suited to short-haired cats (turquoise). This popular de-shedding tool targets the undercoat and gets rid of loose hairs and dead skin that may have built up below the top coat.

    The FURminator has a curved edge to suit the cat’s body shape and an ergonomic handle to make the process a bit easier for you, too. We love the FURrejector button at the top, which releases the hair when you’re done grooming.

    According to user reviews, the FURminator can remove a great deal of dead hair without damaging the top coat or cutting the skin. On the downside, it’s pretty expensive compared to most of our other picks.

    • Two options for different coat types
    • Has a rejector button to release the hair
    • Doesn’t cut into the skin
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Curved shape for extra comfort
    • Expensive


    4. Bass Brushes Hybrid Pet Groomer

    Bass Brushes Hybrid Pet Groomer

    Size: 2.2 x 1.5 x 9.5 inches
    Material: Wood
    Brush type: Hybrid groomer brush
    Color: Bamboo-dark finish

    This bamboo hybrid groomer by Bass Brushes combines soft bristles and pin teeth into one brush for a double-action effect—working healthy oils through the skin and hair—which helps keep dandruff at bay—and untangling the coat to avoid matting and knots.

    The hybrid groomer is suitable for dogs and horses as well as cats, so though it’s far from the cheapest brush, it’s multipurpose and stops you from having to buy multiple brushes. It’s mostly suited to larger cats with long and medium-length coats, but Bass Brushes does sell smaller brushes too, which you can also find on Chewy.

    • Two brush types in one
    • Made with bamboo
    • Distributes healthy oils throughout the coat
    • Untangles coats
    • Suitable for cats, dogs, and horses
    • Expensive
    • Not the best choice for short-haired cats

    5. Ozark Pet Dog & Cat 2-Sided Grooming Tool

    Ozark Pet Dog & Cat 2-Sided Grooming Tool

    Size: 7 x 4.25 inches (large), 7 x 3.5 inches (small)
    Material: Polypropylene, steel, plastic, metal
    Brush type: Grooming tool
    Color: Blue, pink

    Ozark’s 2-in-1 grooming tool can be used on both short and long-haired, but it’s especially good for long-haired and thick-haired cats that shed a lot more. It has a de-shedding head for tackling loose hairs in the undercoat and a blade for helping you cut through mats without damaging your cat’s skin or coat. It’s made of stainless steel, which is one of the easiest materials to clean, and has an ergonomic grip.

    Several users were impressed with how smooth their cats’ coats looked after using this tool and considered it a good option for cats who dislike being brushed. The small version of this tool is best suited to cats and small and medium dogs, whereas the large tool is better for large dogs.

    • Two grooming tools in one
    • Easy to clean
    • Great for heavy shedders
    • Affordable
    • The handle may be a little small for larger hands

    6. Hartz Groomer’s Best Flea Comb for Dogs & Cats

    Hartz Groomer’s Best Flea Comb for Dogs & Cats

    Size: 0.6 x 3.7 x 10.4 inches
    Material: Stainless steel
    Brush type: Flea comb
    Color: Purple, black

    Fine-toothed combs are good for cats with dandruff—especially if it’s limited to specific areas like on their rump or part of their back—because the teeth are pretty adept at getting right into the fur and pulling out flakes. If your cat has dandruff in one or just a few specific areas, this Hartz Groomer’s Best flea comb may be the helping hand you need.

    Made with stainless steel teeth and an ergonomic handle, this comb is designed to remove fleas and flea eggs, but there’s no reason it can’t be used for dandruff, too. It also helps with de-matting and detangling and we’re pretty impressed with the low price to boot. The only concern here is that if your cat has dandruff all over or sheds heavily, it may take you quite a bit of time to give their fur a complete going over with this little comb.

    • Great for removing flakes from small areas
    • Very inexpensive
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Helps detangle and get rid of mats
    • Removing dandruff from all over the body may be time-consuming

    7. Babyliss Pro Pet Longer Slicker Brush

    Babyliss Pro Pet Longer Slicker Brush

    Size: 5.5 x 10.25 x 1.5 (small), 5.75 x 11 x 1.75 (medium), 6.25 x 11.25 x 1.5 (large) inches
    Material: Silicone, plastic
    Brush type: Slicker brush
    Color: White, black

    Slicker brushes might look uncomfortable, but they do a pretty thorough job of removing dead hair from your cat’s coat, and—as long as you’re not pressing too hard—they don’t cause your cat any pain or discomfort. This slicker brush by Babyliss comes in three sizes and the handle is made with bubble gel to give you a more comfortable experience and better grip when brushing.

    Here at Petkeen, some of us use slicker brushes on our own cats and have always had a good experience—our cats seem to really love the feeling and even keep coming back for more! Some users expressed concern about the bubble gel handle, however, as a few pets were able to chew into it. If you keep it out of your cat’s reach when not using it, though, you should be fine.

    • Gentle on your cat’s skin
    • Feels good for many cats
    • Comes in three sizes
    • Great for tackling shedding
    • Anti-slip handle
    • Determined cats may be able to chew into the handle

    8. Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

    Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

    Size: 7 x 3.8 x 2.5 inches
    Material: Plastic
    Brush type: Slicker brush
    Color: Yellow, black

    If you’d like a brush that helps a bit with cleanup, this slicker brush comes with a self-cleaning button to neatly dispose of the dead hair when you’re done. This saves time, as picking out the hairs with your fingers can be time-consuming and even painful if you prick your finger on the teeth. The bristles are also retractable to keep your fingers extra safe when you store the brush away.

    In addition to cats, this product can be used on a variety of other pets including dogs and rabbits. When we checked out user reviews, we found that though most pet parents were happy with this brush, some were disappointed that it broke after using it for a while. Some also felt that the bristles were a tad too sharp for their pet.

    • Self-cleaning feature
    • Retractable bristles
    • Can be used on dogs and rabbits as well as cats
    • Helps remove mats and tangles
    • It may be too sharp for sensitive cats
    • It may be prone to breakage

    9. Frisco Metal Cat & Dog Comb

    Frisco Metal Cat & Dog Comb

    Size: 7.49 x 1.38 x 0.24 inches
    Material: Stainless steel
    Brush type: Comb
    Color: Silver

    This simple, dual-sided pet comb comes with fine and wide teeth to help you get at stubborn mats and tangles. The wide side is good to start out with for detangling and de-matting and the finer side is for the perfect finish. The teeth are rounded to be gentle rather than sharp on your cat’s skin.

    As mentioned, fine-toothed combs are great for getting flakes out of your cat’s fur in small areas, but you may need to devote a bit more time if you’re planning on brushing your cat thoroughly with this comb. It also doesn’t come with a handle, which might be a dealbreaker for some. If you’re looking for sturdy and simple, though, this comb may do the trick.

    • Made of stainless steel
    • Sturdy, simple design
    • Smooth teeth
    • Good for mats and tangles
    • Time-consuming if all-over brushing
    • No handle

    10. HandsOn Cat Grooming Gloves

    HandsOn Cat, Dog, Horse, & Small Animal Grooming Gloves

    Size: 6–7 inches (small), 7–8.5 inches (medium), 8.5–10.5 (large), 10.5 plus inches (extra-large)
    Material: Nylon, synthetic fabric, vinyl/PVC
    Brush type: Grooming gloves
    Color: Black

    If your cat isn’t a big fan of tougher brushes, this pair of grooming gloves are soft and protective enough to avoid you getting scratched in the process. They’re fine for all coat types and you can massage your cat with them while you get to work deshedding to soothe their nerves, improve their circulation, and distribute healthy oils around the skin and coat.

    We also like that these gloves come with an adjustable wrist strap to stop them from slipping around on your hands as you groom. The only downside to gloves like these is that the nodules are quite wide, so though they’re built to deal with shedding, they’re not quite as thorough at eliminating flakes—especially those in small areas—as combs, brushes, and grooming tools.

    • Made of soft material
    • An alternative to tougher brushes and tools
    • Can be used as a massage tool
    • Improves circulation
    • Gentle for sensitive cats
    • Not the best at getting rid of flakes in small, hard-to-reach zones


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Brushes for Dandruff

    With so many cat brushes out there, choosing the best one for your cat’s needs can feel like a real mission, but we’ve got some tips to help you out.

    First of all, if your cat has consistent skin issues like dryness, flakiness, and/or soreness, we advise you to take them to a vet for diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, like if your cat has sore skin, brushing will be painful for them, which is why it’s best to talk to a vet if the problem goes beyond a bit of flakiness here and there.

    If your cat isn’t suffering from a health issue, though, brushing can be really helpful for eliminating and preventing dandruff. If you’ve decided to go this route, think about the following before you buy:

    Your Cat’s Age

    Are they a kitten or an adult? If you have a kitten, you’ll want to look for something soft enough for their sensitive skin, like a double-sided brush with both soft bristles and gentle pin teeth.

    Your Cat’s Coat Type

    Are they a light, moderate, or heavy shedder? For heavy shedders, you might need a heavy-duty de-shedding tool like the FURminator or the Ozark grooming tool that tackles dense undercoats, whereas, for lighter shedders, a simple slicker brush or flea comb might do the trick.

    Girl scratches the neck of British long-haired white cat
    Image Credit By: AlexDonin, Shutterstock

    Your Cat’s Reaction to Being Brushed

    If your cat is reluctant or afraid of brushing, it might be a good idea to start with something small and non-intimidating to get them used to the feeling. Silicone grooming brushes, for example, may feel less intense on your cat’s skin than deshedding tools and slicker brushes.

    When they’re more used to brushing or are at least tolerating it in short spurts, you might choose to move on to more heavy-duty-style grooming tools if necessary.

    Your Budget

    Some brushes—deshedding tools like the FURminator in particular—can be quite pricey. It’s hard to fault the more expensive brands when it comes to quality, but if you just can’t justify spending that kind of money, there are plenty of cheaper options available.



    To review, our top pick for the best cat brush for dandruff is the Hepper deshedding brush made of silicone, which may be a good option for cats who dislike brushing because it’s so gentle. For those on a budget, we recommend the Frisco Cat Dog Pin Bristle Brush.

    We hope you’ve found our reviews helpful and are ready to tackle your cat’s dandruff problem. Remember, when in doubt, see a vet. Good luck!

    Featured Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

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