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10 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosures in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat peeking out in cat litter furniture enclosure

We love our cats! This fact is proven by our willingness to deal with their rather unappealing litter box every day. Did you know that up until a little more than 70 years ago, people used sand, ashes, paper, or dirt in boxes for their cats?

Perhaps you’re living in a small place, and finding a spot to place your cat’s litter box has proven difficult. Where do you put the box and its rather unsightly mess? Luckily, finding an enclosure for the litter box can not only hide it from sight but will give your cat some extra privacy.

We’ve written reviews for the 10 best cat litter box furniture enclosures to help you find the perfect one for you and your cat.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Sweet Barks Wooden Bench Box Sweet Barks Wooden Bench Box
  • Comes in black or white
  • Solid wood
  • Has two entrances
  • Best Value
    Second place
    PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box
  • Reduces litter scatter
  • Easy to wash
  • Good price
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    The Refined Feline Cat Litter Box The Refined Feline Cat Litter Box
  • Extra drawer for storage
  • Waterproof wood
  • Features two rear vents
  • Merry Products Cat Washroom Merry Products Cat Washroom
  • Extra storage
  • Large in size
  • Comes in white and walnut
  • Trixie Two-Story Wooden Litter Box Trixie Two-Story Wooden Litter Box
  • Have ventilation holes
  • Available in white or espresso
  • Two-story cabinet
  • The 10 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosures

    1. Sweet Barks Wooden Washroom Bench – Best Overall

    Sweet Barks Wooden Washroom Bench

    Material: Solid wood
    Color: Black, white
    Size: 37” x 21” x 22”

    The best overall cat litter enclosure is the Sweet Barks Wooden Washroom Bench. It comes in black or white and can not only hide your cat’s litter box but can double as a coffee table, end table, nightstand, and more. It’s made of solid wood and is an attractive piece of furniture that could really help in homes and condos where space is at a premium. The enclosure has an entrance (measures 9” x 9”) on either side of which will give your cat easy access, and it’s large enough to hold more than just the litter box.

    The main disadvantages of this enclosure are that it is a little pricey.

    • Very attractive and roomy
    • Comes in black or white
    • Solid wood
    • Has two entrances
    • Can double as another piece of furniture (end table, coffee table, etc.)
    • A little pricey

    2. PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen – Best Value

    PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen

    Material: Bamboo and plastic
    Color: Brown frame and semi-transparent white
    Size: 48” x 36” x 0.6”

    The best cat litter enclosure for the money is the PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen. It’s a great price and a unique alternative compared to other enclosures on this list. In fact, it’s not really an enclosure at all, but a privacy screen! It’s made with a bamboo frame and semi-transparent plastic panels that are scratchproof and are easy to wash. It can also help with reducing litter scatter. It’s 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and can hide your cat’s litter box without your cat feeling trapped if she has an issue with that. Additionally, the hinges can bend both ways for multiple setup options.

    On the downside, it’s quite sturdy but can be knocked over and is less stable the wider you stretch it out.

    • Good price
    • Won’t make your cat feel trapped
    • Scratchproof, semi-transparent panels
    • Easy to wash
    • Hinges bend both ways for multiple ways to set up
    • Reduces litter scatter
    • Can be knocked over
    • Less stable when stretched out

    3. The Refined Feline Deluxe Cat Litter Box – Premium Choice

    The Refined Feline Deluxe

    Material: Wood veneer
    Color: Dark brown, brown, light gray, white
    Size: Large (27.5” x 20” x 26.75”) or X-Large (33.5” x 23” x 27.75”)

    For our premium choice, we’ve picked the Refined Feline Deluxe Cat Litter Box. It’s pricey but is convenient and will hide your cat’s litter box quite nicely. This enclosure comes in two sizes—large and extra-large. It comes in 4 colors—espresso, mahogany, smoke, and white. It is made from wood veneer that is waterproof and features two vents on the back that can be fitted with carbon filters as well as a drawer for extra storage. It also has a drilled hole at the back to accommodate electrical cords for automated litter boxes.

    The obvious downside is the price, and it does need to be assembled. It could also be said that, for the price, having a solid wood piece of furniture over wood veneer would have been a better choice.

    • Waterproof wood veneer that comes in 4 colors and 2 sizes
    • Features two rear vents that can be fitted with carbon filters
    • Extra drawer for storage
    • Drilled hole in rear for automated litter box
    • Pricey and needs assembling
    • Made with wood veneer rather than actual wood

    4. Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box

    Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

    Material: Manufactured wood
    Color: White, brown
    Size: 26” x 37.4” x 22.64”

    The Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box is a little pricey as well, but it does a great job covering your cat’s litter box and providing you with extra storage and an accent table. It can fit regular-sized litter boxes as well as large automatic pans, and it comes in white and walnut. It has stylish wood grain, wainscoting, and magnetically fastened doors for easy access for cleaning. It even features a divider that can be added or removed for extra storage and drilled holes for electric cords.

    While it calls itself a bench, it can only hold 80 pounds or it will collapse. Plus, as already mentioned, it is on the expensive side. We also found that in many cases, the doors didn’t line up correctly, giving it a crooked appearance.

    • Extra storage and can act as an accent table
    • Large in size and comes in white and walnut
    • Has extra storage and optional divider
    • Stylish wainscoting and wood grain
    • Expensive
    • Only holds up to 80 pounds
    • Doors don’t always line up properly

    5. Trixie 2-Story Wooden Enclosure Cat Litter Box

    Trixie 2-Story Wooden Enclosure

    Material: Engineered wood
    Color: Espresso, white
    Size: 75” x 23.5” x 35.25”

    The Trixie 2-Story Wooden Enclosure Cat Litter Box is precisely that—two stories! It’s a cabinet style with magnetic-close doors for easy cleaning and features ventilation holes on both sides (more for your cat’s comfort than your own). The litter box goes on the bottom level, and the entrance is a short jump up to the second level. This second-floor platform has the additional advantage of reducing litter scatter. It’s another stylish piece of furniture that comes in dark brown and white.

    The disadvantage for the Trixie is that we found the back of the cabinet to be not made with the same sturdy material as the rest. It’s also only suitable for smaller and younger cats. It’s recommended for cats up to 12 pounds, and the second-floor entranceway won’t work for any cats with mobility issues.

    • Two-story cabinet with magnetically closed doors
    • Added ventilation holes
    • Available in white or espresso
    • Top entrance helps to reduce litter scatter
    • Back of the cabinet is flimsy compared to the rest
    • Only fits cats up to 12 pounds
    • Second-floor entrance won’t work for cats with mobility issues

    6. Pet Gear Pro Pawty Space Saver Cat Litter Box

    Pet Gear Pro Pawty Space Saver

    Material: Nylon
    Color: Grey, brown
    Size: 26” x 19” x 26”

    The Pet Gear Pro Pawty Space Saver Cat Litter Box enclosure is the only one on our list made from a softer material, giving it a unique appearance. Like the Trixie in the number 4 spot, it has a 2-story setup with the entrance on the second level. It features a mesh floor on the second level, which effectively catches and traps the litter stuck to your cat’s paws and can be folded up for storage. It has a zipper on the front for easy access for cleaning the litter box, comes in gray and brown, and is reasonably priced.

    The downside is that the fabric isn’t quite as easy to clean up as the wooden enclosures in case of accidents, but it is recommended to hose it down. The material on the outside, however, is not water repellent and might soak up liquid. And like the Trixie, it won’t work for heavier or mobility-challenged cats.

    • Reasonably priced
    • Two-story with mesh on second level to prevent litter scatter
    • Front zipper for easy access to litter box
    • Harder to clean than wooden enclosures
    • Outer material not liquid repellent
    • Not good for cats that are heavier, or mobility challenged

    7. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table Cat Litter Box

    New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo and End Table

    Material: Engineered wood
    Color: Dark brown, brown, off-white, gray
    Size: Standard (23.6” x 18.5” x 22”) or Jumbo (30” x 24” x 28.9”)

    The New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table Cat Litter Box enclosure hides the litter box and can act as a stylish end table. It comes in large and jumbo and in 4 colors – espresso, russet, antique white, and gray. It is also easy to clean up any messes as liquid will not soak in. It has a unique and attractive design with a front entranceway and ventilation spots on both sides. The front flips down so you can access the litter box for cleaning.

    It is relatively expensive, and we found that some of these enclosures arrived scratched up. One of the biggest problems, however, was if you have a cat that tends to miss the litter box, urine was prone to seep into the cracks along the bottom and sides of the enclosure and is very difficult to clean up.

    • Doubles as an attractive end table
    • Comes in two sizes and four colors
    • Front flips down to access litter box
    • Expensive
    • Some arrived scratched
    • Urine can leak into the seams of the enclosure

    8. Merry Products Washroom Nightstand Cat Litter Box

    Merry Products Washroom Nightstand

    Material: Engineered wood
    Color: White, dark brown, brown
    Size: 5” x 19.09” x 25.04”

    The Merry Products Washroom Nightstand Cat Litter Box can act as the titled nightstand or a bathroom accent table. It features wainscoting, wood grain, and stainless-steel hardware and is available in white, espresso, and walnut. It has a magnetized closure for the door, so you can access the litter box.

    It needs to be assembled and requires a Phillips Screwdriver, which is not included, so be sure you have one available when you order this furniture. We also found this was not very sturdy, and it tended to wobble when the cat jumped on top. Lastly, the material itself was flimsy and prone to breaking, particularly during assembly.

    • Attractive nightstand or bathroom accent table
    • Features wainscoting and stainless-steel hardware
    • Available in white espresso, and walnut
    • Needs your own screwdriver for assembling
    • Tends to be wobbly
    • Made from flimsy material

    9. Frisco Decorative Side Table Cat Litter Box

    Frisco Decorative Side Table

    Material: Engineered wood
    Color: Brown, white
    Size: 19” x 21.25” x 25.25”

    The Frisco Decorative Side Table Cat Litter Box comes in white and espresso and has an extra shelf for storage in addition to the tabletop. It’s reasonably priced and has a front door with hinges for easy access, and makes for a decorative end table for your home.

    Like the Merry Nightstand in the number eight spot, you need your own screwdriver for assembling. Plus, we found the door didn’t always line up correctly and fell off at times. In fact, when the door worked, it wasn’t able to open all of the way, which made removing the litter box more of a challenge.

    • Reasonably priced
    • Extra shelf for storage
    • Comes in white and espresso
    • Needs your own screwdriver for assembly
    • Door doesn’t always line up or sometimes fall off
    • Door didn’t open all the way making it difficult to access the litter box

    10. Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Cat Litter Box

    Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure

    Material: Engineered wood
    Color: Black, brown, white
    Size: Standard (29” x 20.6” x 20.8”) or Jumbo (29.9” x 22.8” x 24.6”)

    The Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Cat Litter Box is an attractive option for hiding your cat’s litter box. It comes in large and jumbo and in 3 colors—white, black, and espresso. It resembles a side table with paneling and features stylish legs. It also has a hinged lid so you can easily clean the enclosure itself and the litter box.

    However, it is rather expensive, and we found the engineered wood that it is made from was easily split during assembly. We also found the standard size didn’t fit many litter boxes and would recommend the jumbo size—which is unfortunately even more expensive.

    • Stylish furniture with paneling
    • Comes in large and jumbo and three colors
    • Large, hinged lid makes cleaning easy
    • Pricey
    • Material was broken easily during assembly
    • Jumbo size is more expensive but will fit litter box better


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosure

    Before you make your first purchase, you need to look into certain aspects of each enclosure, particularly since most of them are relatively expensive. We’ll look at the size and design as well as your cat’s needs to help you make a more informed decision.


    This is probably one of the most important factors when you’re shopping for litter box enclosures. It needs to be big enough for your cat’s litter pan and for your cat to be able to use the litter and turn around comfortably. Always double-check the measurements and make sure the measurements you’re looking at on the product page are for the inside of the enclosure.

    Cat Beside White Furniture


    Not every cat will appreciate their litter box being put inside a small and dark container. You know your cat best, so make a judgment call as to whether or not your cat will take to the new furniture.

    If your cat is on the large and heavier side or is a senior, you might want to forgo an enclosure. You don’t want to risk your cat getting stuck or just not being able to access her litter box. Consider something like the screen option found in the number two spot in these cases.

    Lastly, keep it clean! It’s essential to keep your cat’s litter box clean by scooping every day with a standard box, but inside an enclosure, the smell will be much more concentrated for your sensitive cat. If you’re going to hide the litter box, you need to commit to keeping it clean.


    Always check how much weight the enclosure can bear. If you want it to double as a bench, you need to be sure if it can hold your weight. You also need to be sure it can hold your cat’s weight, as the last thing you want is to have it collapse when your cat decides to investigate (and more than likely sleep on) the top.


    This part is all about your individual taste. These enclosures come in various styles, colors, and materials, so pick something that you think looks attractive and will fit in with your décor. Also, keep in mind that the colors on your laptop/computer/notebook/smartphone screen will probably be different than how it looks in person.

    Unipaws Decorative Design Cat Litter Box Enclosure (1)



    Think about where in your place you want to put the new furniture. Although it does afford your cat some extra privacy, the same rules for where you place your cat’s litter box still apply. You won’t want it in a high traffic area or next to any loud appliances. Unless your cat really doesn’t care about any of that.

    Perhaps if you’ve paid for a new enclosure and it just didn’t work out (cats are not known to be open to change), you could use it as a play or sleep area.

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    Final Thoughts

    The Sweet Barks Bench was the best overall litter box enclosure for being the only one made with natural wood and its double entranceway. The PetFusion Modest Privacy Screen was our pick for best value for its price and its simple but attractive design as a screen. Premium choice went to The Refined Feline Deluxe as, beyond the expense, it comes in 2 sizes and 4 colors and was one of the only enclosures that allows you to use carbon filters for odor control.

    So, there you have it! We hope our reviews of the 10 best enclosures for cat litter boxes have proved very helpful, and you’ll find one that makes your place look amazing and your cat happy.

    Featured Image Credit: Chewy

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