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10 Best Cat Litter Boxes in Canada in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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kitten on cat litter box

There are several things you need to invest in when you decide to become a cat owner. Beds, bowls, and water dishes are important, but it isn’t essential to spend a lot of money on them right out of the gate as your cat can use your sofa for sleeping and your bowls and dishes for food and water. The one thing you absolutely need to buy new before you bring your cat home is a litter box.

A litter box may just be an annoying hunk of plastic you have to deal with every day, but it’s your cat’s bathroom and something that it’ll likely be very picky about. The wrong size or type of litter box can cause your pet to become defiant and ultimately make them unlikely to use it.

If you’re not sure where to start your search for the best cat litter box for your kitty, we can help. Keep reading to find our reviews of the 10 best options available in Canada today as well as all the things you need to keep in mind as you begin your search.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box
  • Aesthetic design
  • Gives cat privacy
  • Large capacity
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Petmate Litter Pan Petmate Litter Pan
  • Open box design is non-cramping
  • Easy to lift to clean
  • Reduces litter scatter
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box
  • Self cleans
  • Easy to clean
  • Controls odor
  • Best for Kittens
    Greenjoy Greenjoy
  • Perfect size for kittens
  • Open top design provides plenty of space
  • Litter mat included
  • IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box
  • Can prevent litter scatter
  • Round design makes scooping easy
  • Large entry hole
  • The 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes in Canada

    1. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box – Best Overall

    Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

    Dimensions: 48.3L x 48.3W x 50.8H centimeters
    Material: Polypropylene
    Colour(s): Grey

    Litter boxes are the bane of a cat owner’s existence. They’re not only annoying to clean but an eye sore as well. Thankfully, pet accessory manufacturers like Good Pet Stuff can acknowledge at least one of these issues by creating a hidden litter box.

    This large-capacity litter box is the best overall litter box in Canada because it looks just like a real clay pot so it can blend seamlessly into your home décor. The box comes with two pieces that connect together to create a covered litter box that looks just like a plant pot (and, yes, the faux plant is included).

    This box has a filtered vent system to keep dust and odor to a minimum. It’s large enough for bigger cats to fit comfortably, and the covered style of the box gives your cat the privacy it needs.

    The only downfall of this item is its high price tag, but since you’re essentially getting a litter box and a piece of home décor, we let it slide.

    • Aesthetic design
    • Gives cat privacy
    • Large capacity is great for multi-cat households
    • Reduces odor and dust
    • Raised lip prevents litter spillage
    • Expensive

    2. Petmate Litter Pan – Best Value

    Petmate Litter Pan

    Dimensions: 55.9L x 41.9W x 16.5H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): Blue, grey

    This affordable litter pan from Petmate provides the best cat litter box in Canada for the money. This jumbo litter box has a wide-profile base that works to keep the litter contained to the pan. The open design makes finding the perfect spot easy as it can be placed virtually anywhere and still provide your cat with easy access to its litter box. The roomy pan gives your pet tons of space to do its business without feeling too cramped or uncomfortable. The rim of the pan is comfortable to hold, which makes changing the litter easier for you.

    This pan comes in two different sizes with very different dimensions. The above-listed dimensions are for the “Jumbo” size. Be sure to take measurements to ensure the pan will be the right size for your cat.

    • Affordable price
    • Open box design is non-cramping
    • Easy to lift to clean
    • Reduces litter scatter
    • Medium size is very small

    3. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Hooded Litter Box – Premium Choice

    PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Hooded Litter Box

    Dimensions: 51.8L x 29.7W x 71.1H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): Grey

    If you’re tired of being a servant to your cat’s toileting schedule, a self-cleaning option might be worth considering. This premium choice from PetSafe will automatically remove your cat’s waste on its own, which means you won’t need to scoop it or refill it for weeks. It even has a health counter that tells you how many times your cat has been in and out of the litter box, which is helpful if you’re trying to keep track of their toileting habits.

    This litter box comes with plastic-lined disposable trays that work to prevent leaks and keep your floor clean. When it’s time to clean the box, all you need to do is remove the tray and toss it.

    The manufacturer recommends using crystal litter with this product. This litter absorbs urine and will dehydrate feces to keep smells to a minimum.

    • Self cleans
    • Easy to clean when it’s time to
    • Helps you monitor your cat’s health
    • Controls odor
    • Leak protection
    • Only crystal litter can be used
    • Price

    4. Greenjoy – Best for Kittens


    Dimensions: 39L x 26.9W x 9H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): Blue

    If you’re welcoming a new kitten into your life soon, it will need a kitten-sized litter box. Like the Three Little Bears, adult-sized litter boxes will feel far too big for your tiny kitten. This product is suitable for kittens under six months of age.

    The litter box also comes with a paw print litter mat to reduce litter scatter, a food-safe pet water and food dish, as well as a litter scoop. This is a lot of value for new kitten owners wrapped up in one affordable package.

    The litter box itself has an open-top design that gives your kitten ample space to do its business without feeling cramped.

    • Perfect size for kittens
    • Open top design provides plenty of space
    • Litter mat included
    • Affordable
    • Litter scooper isn’t the best quality

    5. IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box

    IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box

    Dimensions: 52.7L x 41W x 37.2H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): White, grey, or orange

    If you have a household with young or adult cats in good physical condition, they might love having a top-entry litter box.

    The unique style of this box is sure to prevent litter scatter and contain any spraying that may occur. The round shape of this box will prevent any litter clumps from forming in the corners, making scooping a much easier task. The entry hole is large to make entering and exiting the box easy, and the bottom of the receptacle has non-stick rubber feet to prevent the box from moving as your pets use it. The lid has grooves on it, which will remove litter particles from the bottom of your cat’s paws as it exits the box. IRIS USA also includes a free litter scoop with every purchase.

    This style of litter box is generally not recommended for senior cats or those with joint issues as getting in and out can be problematic.

    • Can prevent litter scatter
    • Round design makes scooping easy
    • Large entry hole
    • Grooved lid to collect litter
    • Not great for senior cats
    • Cats with joint issues may have problems using it

    6. Van Ness Pets Odor Control Enclosed Cat Pan

    Van Ness Pets Odor Control Enclosed Cat Pan

    Dimensions: 49.5L x 38.7W x 44.5H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): Grey

    If you’re tired of your entire home smelling like a litter box, this cat pan from Van Ness can help. The enclosed nature of this design will keep nasty odors in while also reducing how much litter your cat carries with them outside of the box. The box has an air filter on top that takes replaceable Zeolite filters to further help with odor control. There is also a drip shield present that ensures no leaks will happen between the top and bottom layers of this litter box.

    This roomy litter box is great for cats who need a little more room to feel comfortable doing their business. It’s made of a durable plastic material that’s simple to clean.

    • Large design
    • Odor controlling
    • Leak-proof
    • Easy to clean
    • Must replace air filters (additional charge)

    7. Purina Tidy Cats Litter System

    Purina Tidy Cats Litter System

    Dimensions: 41.9L x 55.2W x 42.5H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): White

    This hooded litter box system from Purina comes with everything you need to get started on a litter pellet system with your pets. The kit includes the hooded box, a 3.5-pound bag of pellets, and four disposable cat pads, providing you with approximately one month’s worth of litter and pads. The pellets are great as they are anti-tracking so you won’t be stepping on sand-like litter throughout your entire home and they’re also 99.9% dust-free, too. The litter ensures that any solids your cat excretes will stay on top for easy removal and their urine will be locked away into the disposable pads below the box so you won’t need to scoop any urine clumps.

    • Cuts back on litter tracking
    • Scooping is fast and easy
    • Cat pads are super absorbent
    • Cat won’t have litter between toes
    • Must buy new pads every week
    • Can take cats some time to get used to new litter
    • Box may be too small for larger cats

    8. Litter Genie

    Litter Genie

    Dimensions: 56.6L x 40.6W x 44.7H centimeters
    Material: Plastic
    Colour(s): Grey

    The Litter Genie is a flexible litter box that can fit into any tight space of your home. Its integrated handles can come together when you’re carrying it to allow for easier transportation and even easier litter box changes. The sides of the Litter Genie are high to prevent any litter scatter while also ensuring your cat has the privacy it desires during elimination time. The curved design means no litter clumps will become stuck in corners which makes scooping a breeze. This box is very big, too, so even cats of larger stature should have no problems fitting comfortably.

    • Great for larger cats
    • Makes litter changes easy
    • Clumps won’t get stuck in corners
    • Box can fit in tight spaces
    • Box may crack over time
    • Low sides may not contain urine splatter
    • Handles are flimsy

    9. PetFusion BetterBox

    PetFusion BetterBox

    Dimensions: 57.4L x 46W x 20.6H centimeters
    Material: Polypropylene
    Colour(s): Grey

    Sometimes the best litter box doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. The BetterBox from PetFusion may look plain, but it has a lot of benefits to offer. Its non-stick coating reduces cat litter sticking by up to 70% so scooping doesn’t require as much effort. The curved design of the box also makes cleaning it easier as clumps won’t tuck themselves away into hard-to-reach corners. The open-top pan design can feel more comfortable for some cats and the high sides are great at preventing litter scatter and leaks. The entry area is lower than the rest of the box to allow for easy access.

    • Low entry easy for senior cats
    • Cuts back on litter scatter
    • High walls can contain leaks
    • Curved edges make scooping easier
    • Pricy for what it is
    • Low entry may not be low enough for some
    • Non-stick properties may fade with time

    10. Yangbaga


    Dimensions: 59.7L x 39.4W x 15.2H centimeters
    Material: Stainless steel
    Colour(s): Steel

    Stainless steel is a unique material choice for a cat litter box but it offers a lot of benefits. This box provides fantastic odor control and won’t scratch or harbor scents like some poor-quality plastics. It’s very durable and naturally non-stick by nature. This is a large box with high sides to prevent some of the litter scatter. Its rounded design ensures no hard-to-remove clumps form in the corners of the box. The lip on the outside allows you to pick it up easily when it’s time to remove the litter or clean it.

    • Easy to clean
    • Longer lasting than plastic
    • Keeps smells to a minimum
    • High sides
    • Very expensive
    • May be hard for elderly cats to enter
    • May rust over time
    • Sound may be off putting for some cats


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Cat Litter Box in Canada

    Choosing the best litter box for your cat isn’t as easy as picking one you like the look and price of. There are several things you should take into account before making your choice. Keep reading to learn how to find the best cat litter box.


    There are three main material types used on the litter boxes we reviewed above:
    • Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic that’s made from a combination of propylene monomers. It’s used in a wide variety of consumer products and items in the automotive industry. It is a very tough and durable material as well as a natural moisture barrier that will stand up well against cat urine and feces.
    • Plastic shares a lot of the same characteristics as PP. It is durable and easy to clean. A high-quality plastic litter box can last the entire lifespan of your pet.
    • Stainless steel litter boxes are very easy to clean as they have a natural non-stick coating that ensures wet litter won’t clump to the bottom. This material is also very durable, much more than plastic and polypropylene, and won’t absorb any odors. The downside of stainless steel is that it is very expensive.


    The size of the litter box you wind up with does matter. A box that’s too small will feel cramped and confining, while a box that’s too big may be frightening for some cats.

    To find the perfect size, take the size of your cat into account. You ultimately want a box that will allow your cat to fit its entire body in and also be able to turn around. This is not only for their comfort, but also to prevent them from unintentionally eliminating outside of the box.

    As you know as a cat owner, there’s never a black and white answer for their preferences. While most cats will prefer a box that’s just perfectly sized for them, some actually prefer litter boxes that are on the smaller or larger side. We’re afraid this may be something you’ll need to find out via trial and error, but we recommend beginning your search for the best litter box by choosing one that your cat can turn around in easily.

    It’s not only the width and length of the box that matters but also its height.

    Litter boxes with high sides are great at preventing litter scatter, but they can be difficult for senior cats to enter. Those that have shorter sides to accommodate kittens and seniors can pose a leak risk. You may wish to choose a box that has a shorter side for easy entry for small, senior, or disabled cats.


    There are several different styles of litter boxes to choose from and not every cat is going to be a fan of every style.

    • Open litter pans are the most basic and often the least expensive. They’re usually rectangular shaped and have maximum ventilation to ensure your cat doesn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable while they’re doing their business. They don’t hide the waste and aren’t able to trap odors as easily as other styles.
    • Hooded boxes are usually constructed from two separate pieces that clip together. Your cat will enter through the opening or flap on the front. This style is great at reducing odors and litter scatter, but you will need to lift the lid off to scoop the litter. Some cats don’t like enclosed litter boxes as they can feel cramped and frightening.
    • Top-entry boxes are great for agile cats. Like hooded boxes, they usually are made of two parts that clip together. It has a “roof” with a hole cut out at the top so your cat has to jump up onto the top of the box and enter through the roof. Top-entry designs can prevent litter scatters but they’re difficult for senior cats, kittens, and those with joint problems to use.
    • Self-cleaning litter boxes are a newcomer on the market and though they are very pricey, their convenience sometimes makes them worthwhile. Every automatic model differs from the next, but most have some type of combing mechanism that scoops the litter clumps out into a container after your cat is done doing their business.
    british shorthair cat in litter box
    Image by: Nils Jacobi, Sutterstock

    The Extras

    Some of the products on our list come with additional accessories. While these are not necessary, it is a nice little bonus and may save you money in the long run. You may wish to consider a complete litter box system or one that comes with a litter scoop simply for convenience’s sake.

    How Many Litter Boxes Should I Have?

    The general consensus amongst pet experts and cat lovers is that you should have at least one litter box per cat plus one extra. So, if you have two cats, you should have at least three litter boxes.

    Some cats don’t like sharing their litter box with their housemates. Having a litter box for every cat (plus one) means that there will always be a litter box open should the need to eliminate happen to all your pets at once.


    The positioning of the litter box is also very important.  It should be somewhere with privacy and low through traffic and noise.  It should not be near food and water bowls.


    In Conclusion

    Good Pet Stuff’s Hidden Litter Box is the best overall for its beautiful design and large capacity. Petmate’s Litter Pan provides the best value thanks to its low price and non-cramping open box design. For the most luxury cat litter box, PetSafe’s ScoopFree is the clear winner for its convenience and odor control.

    We hope the reviews above have helped you choose which litter box will be best for your cat. We’re sure one of the ten products above will suit your picky kitty just fine.

    Featured Image Credit: Sharaf Maksumov, Shutterstock

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