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Best Corn Snake Breeders in U.S., U.K., Canada & Australia (2024)

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Pet Keen advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally investigated all of the breeders below, rather, we have gathered their details for you to get in touch and ask all the right questions before you decide. Learn more about our position and how to choose a breeder here.

Corn snakes are popular pets around the world because they are easy to handle and come in a variety of different colors. These snakes have interesting patterns on their bellies that resemble maize, hence the name “corn snake.” These sneaky snakes like to climb and try to escape from their habitats.

However, if they do escape, they are docile animals that pose no danger to humans or other animals. Are you interested in acquiring a corn snake as a pet of your own? Here are the best corn snake breeders in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia to work with.

new snake dividerCorn Snake Breeders in U.S., U.K., Canada, & Australia

Choosing the right corn snake breeder to work with should be about more than cost and convenience. These things do matter but not nearly as much as the conditions of the breeder’s facilities and the general health of the corn snakes that they breed. It is crucial to research any breeder that you are considering buying from. If possible, you should visit the breeder facility in person before making any financial commitments.

Corn snake in hand
Image Credit: glicafernandaalmeida, Pixabay

Breeders in the U.S.

  • BHB Reptiles — The company has reptiles and snakes of many kinds, including multiple varieties of the corn snake.
  • Snakes at Sunset — Located in Florida, this breeding facility has more than 15 years of experience in selling corn snakes. Many color variations are available at any given time.
  • Big Apple Herp — This breeder is a leading retailer of corn snakes in the United States. They cater to every state that does not have laws on the books that restrict ownership of this animal.

Breeders in the U.K.

  • Evolution Reptiles — This outlet is located in Oxfordshire and sells corn snakes and all the tools and accessories necessary to care for them.
  • BLACKPOOL Reptiles & Aquatics — This company breeds, sells, and boards pet corn snakes for residents throughout the U.K. They offer a price-match guarantee and professional courier services.
  • Urban Exotics — These breeders have only been in business for a few years, but they have already established a name for themselves in the exotic pet trade. They update their corn snake availability list regularly.

Breeders in Canada

  • First Strike Snakes — This home-based breeding business caters to customers in and around Edmonton, Alberta. However, they are willing to work with customers throughout all of Canada and even some parts of the United States.
  • Vampire Snakes — Located near Ontario, this licensed pet snake breeder specializes in multiple genetic morphs. They offer tons of services, including reptile sitting and transportation.
  • Tails and Scales — This company sells many types of snakes, including the corn snake, and offers heat lamps, lighting, environmental control systems, and supplements.

Breeders in Australia

It is not legal for people to breed or keep corn snakes as pets in Australia. Therefore, there are no reputable breeders to note that are located in the country.

Corn Snake Breeders Near Me

The best way to find a corn snake breeder near you is to check out official breeder lists that various organizations maintain and make public.

Here are a few to get you started:

Corn Snake Breeders That Ship

Many breeders and retailers offer shipping services for the corn snakes that they sell, so there is no need to travel anywhere to pick up a new pet if you don’t want to. You can find corn snakes for sale that can be shipped throughout the United States and Canada on websites like Reptmart. Customers in the U.K. can find corn snakes that ship on websites like Mansfield Aquatic.

Tessera Corn Snake above the rock_Kwiatku_Shutterstock
Image credit: Kwiatku, Shutterstock

Corn Snake Rescue

Corn snakes can require rescuing for a variety of reasons. Many rescued corn snakes end up becoming available for adoption through various organizations. Adopting a corn snake is an awesome way to save a life and avoid supporting the captive breeding programs that often lead to injured, ill, and orphaned corn snakes.

Check out the following organizations if you are interested in adopting a corn snake in need:

How Much Does a Corn Snake Cost?

The cost of a corn snake can vary depending on its age, size, coloring, and breeding conditions. Some corn snakes sell for around $50 USD (or the equivalent in U.K. pounds and Canadian dollars), while others can sell for up to $300. If you plan to have your new corn snake shipped to you, expect to spend another $30–$50 on top of the base cost of the snake. There are also the costs of a habitat, temperature-regulating equipment, accessories, and food to consider.

The 3 Things to Ask a Corn Snake Breeder

It is always a good idea to create a list of questions to ask a breeder before deciding whether to buy a corn snake from them. Here are a few questions that we recommend adding to your list. When it is time to meet with the breeder in person, on the phone, or at a video conference, you can refer to your list and ensure that no important questions go unasked.

Scaleless Corn Snake
Image Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

1. Are the Snakes Fed Before They Are Sold?

Some breeders do not feed their baby snakes before selling them. However, experienced breeders will make sure that their snakes are fed a few times before sending them off to their new homes. Feeding a snake before selling it helps ensure that it has the strength and health necessary to effectively handle the stress of being shipped or even just moved to a new location. Snakes that have not been fed may show signs of lethargy and nutrient deficiencies soon after arriving at their new homes.

2. Where Did the Snake Parents Come From?

You know that the snake that you are buying has been bred in captivity, but what about its parents and grandparents? It is important to make sure that the breeder whom you decide to work with does not continuously hunt wild corn snakes to breed in captivity. Ethical breeders let wild snakes live as nature intended. They only breed snakes that are born in captivity or that have been rescued from hunters of the species.

red corn snake
Image Credit: Pixabay

3. Are Returns and Refunds Offered?

It is a good idea to find out whether returns or refunds are available for the corn snake and any accessories you buy from a breeder before making any purchases. Some breeders do not accept returns for any reason, nor do they offer refunds — even if a shipped snake shows up to your home dead. However, some breeders do offer returns and/or refunds, albeit with a few restrictions.

For example, you may not receive a refund for a dead animal that is shipped if you are not there to accept the animal and sign for the delivery when it gets delivered the first time. Making sure you understand a breeder’s return and refund policies will help ensure that you do not face any unpleasant surprises.

The 3 Things to Know Before Buying a Corn Snake

There are many interesting things you can learn about the corn snake before bringing one home for the first time. Here are a few notable facts.

1. They Are Nocturnal Animals

Corn snakes are nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are active at night, when hunting for food is easiest. Therefore, your pet snake may not be that exciting during the midday hours. However, if you feed your snake early in the morning or in the evening hours, it will likely come out to entertain you.

2. They Are Among the Most Commonly Bred Snakes in Captivity

Due to their gentle, calm nature, corn snakes are among the most common types of snakes that you will find at a breeder facility or pet store. They happen to be small and easy to handle, which makes everything from feeding to transporting these animals convenient for breeders.

3. They Are Sometimes Mistaken for Copperheads

Unfortunately, people often kill corn snakes in the wild because they mistake them for copperheads. The important distinction between the two types of snakes is that corn snakes are not venomous while copperheads are. However, most people would rather be safe than sorry, which leads to unnecessary killing.

Copperhead snake (48357198777)
Copperhead snake (Image Credit: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)

new snake dividerConclusion

The corn snake is a fun yet gentle pet to consider investing in. This snake requires a safe and comfortable habitat to live in and access to food regularly, but otherwise, it requires little attention and interaction to maintain a happy and healthy life. Now, you have a list of reputable breeders to rely on when it comes time to actually buy your new pet.

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels

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