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10 Best Dog Beds for Chewers in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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We love our dogs, but we don’t always love their behavior, like chewing, for example. When you have a dog who loves chewing everything in sight, you know the struggle of having to replace items constantly. It can seem never-ending!

And when they decide their bed is a tasty treat? That’s why you want to find a bed that’s not only comfortable for your pet to snooze on but also harder for them to destroy. Luckily, you can find several dog beds for chewers out there. The problem is choosing the best one for your pup, especially if you’re unsure what you should be looking for in a bed for chewers.

We’ve put together a list of qualities you should factor in when considering a dog bed, plus reviews of the 10 best dog beds for chewers. Once you’ve read this, you’ll have a good idea of what to look for and which brands make chew-proof and chew-resistant beds.


A Glance at Our 2024 Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetFusion Ultimate Lounge PetFusion Ultimate Lounge
  • Long-lasting & durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Great reviews
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper
  • Recommended by dog owners for dogs who chew
  • Offers support for neck and joints
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Precision Pet Products Gusset Precision Pet Products Gusset
  • Tough enough for dogs who chewed through wood
  • Soft & cozy
  • Claims to be hair-resistant
  • Frisco Rectangular Bolster Frisco Rectangular Bolster
  • Made from extra durable material
  • Water-resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Carhartt Pillow Dog Bed Carhartt Pillow Dog Bed
  • Durable
  • Comfortable enough that people enjoyed it
  • Easy to clean
  • The 10 Best Dog Beds for Chewers

    1. PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam Bolster Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover – Best Overall

    PetFusion Ultimate Lounge

    Dimensions: 36”L x 28”W x 9”H
    Weight: 11 lbs
    Materials: Polyester, cotton, memory foam
    Features: Chew-resistant, water-resistant, removable cover, machine wash

    Are you looking for the best overall dog bed for chewers? We recommend this memory foam bed by PetFusion! While no bed will ever be 100% chew-proof, one reviewer did call this one “indestructible,” while another mentioned they’d had a Great Dane using this bed for six years, and it was still in fantastic shape.

    On top of being chew-resistant, this dog bed is also water-resistant, so it won’t be ruined if your pup has an accident on it. This bed is super easy to clean because it has a removable cover you can in the wash!

    The memory foam makes the bed a super comfy spot for dogs to rest, while the cover is designed to be soft and gentle on your pet’s skin. However, some owners of this bed have mentioned the memory foam being a bit hard.

    • Long-lasting & durable
    • Water-resistant
    • Great reviews
    • Rare complaint of memory foam being hard
    • Cover attracts fur for those with heavy shedding dogs

    2. BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed – Best Value

    BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper

    Dimensions: 26”L x 20”W x 10”H
    Weight: 5 lbs
    Materials: Cotton, orthopedic foam
    Features: Chew-resistant, orthopedic, removable cover, machine wash

    The best dog bed for chewers for the money is this bed by BarksBar. Coming in three sizes (S, M, L), this bed had one reviewer saying they “highly recommend this bed for any dog who chews at his bed.” The BarksBar bed comes with human-grade orthopedic foam, making it an excellent choice for older pups or those with joint issues. The base supports body joints, while the rim supports the neck, making for all-over support.

    The quilted cover is incredibly cozy, so your dog will enjoy snuggling up! This bed has a non-slip bottom so your pet can get on and off safely without the bed sliding around. The quilted cover is removable for easier cleaning. One minor issue with this bed was it was a bit hard to assemble for some individuals.

    • Recommended by dog owners for dogs who chew
    • Offers support for neck and joints
    • Non-slip bottom
    • Occasional complaints of bolsters not holding shape
    • Some people had trouble assembling
    • Rare complaints of receiving defective product

    3. Precision Pet Products Gusset Daydreamer Bolster Cat & Dog Bed – Premium Choice

    Precision Pet Products Gusset

    Dimensions: 32″L x 25”W x 10.5”H
    Weight: 4 lbs
    Materials: Chenille, recycled materials
    Features: Chew-resistant, water-resistant, machine wash

    Want to get your favorite doggo a bed that’s a little bit more of an upgrade? Then look at our premium choice, the Precision Pet Products Gusset Daydreamer bed. Don’t let the super-soft chenille fool you -this bed is so chew-resistant that dogs who chewed through wooden furniture couldn’t put a dent in it!

    With a high wall for your pet to rest their head on and an incredibly comfy pillow for their body, this bed will surely be a hit. Plus, the cover is purported to be resistant to attracting hair, which should equal less cleaning. This bed doesn’t come with a removable cover, but you can toss the whole bed in the wash to clean it up. Some people felt the bed was a bit smaller than anticipated, so this might not be a good choice for larger dogs.

    • Tough enough for dogs who chewed through wood
    • Soft & cozy
    • Claims to be hair-resistant
    • Base of bed is less chew-resistant
    • Some found the bed to be smaller than expected

     4. Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed

    Frisco Rectangular Bolster

    Dimensions: 44”L x 30”W x 9”H
    Weight: Unknown
    Materials: Nylon, polyfill
    Features: Chew-resistant, water-resistant, outdoor use, removable cover, machine wash

    The Frisco Rectangular Bolster dog bed is made from nylon and extra durable and chew resistant. That doesn’t mean your pet will be less comfortable, though! The bolsters are fluffy for extra softness, while the bed is filled with foam for plenty of support. The bed is also water-resistant, so it will hold up to any accidents your dog may have.

    The Frisco comes in three sizes (M, L, XL), so it should fit most dogs, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. The removable cover is machine washable for a quick and simple clean. Some dogs have managed to tear at the seams and zippers, however.

    • Made from extra durable material
    • Water-resistant
    • Can be used indoor/outdoor
    • Some dogs found material to be rough
    • A few dogs managed to tear the seams
    • Rare complaints of dogs tearing off zippers

    5. Carhartt Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

    Carhartt Pillow Dog

    Dimensions: 62”L x 15.75”W x 12.2”H
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Materials: Polyester, cotton, polyfill
    Features: Chew-resistant, water-resistant, outdoor use, removable cover, machine wash

    For a cushy bed that your dog will have a hard time chewing through, we recommend you check out this bed by Carhartt. One pet owner said their Great Dane, who chewed through most beds in a week, couldn’t get through this one! With a cover made from a strong canvas, a soft cushion, and an interior made from polyester fiber, this bed is comfortable enough that one person reported falling asleep on it with their dog.

    It’s also water-resistant, so moisture won’t make it to your floors and ruin them. This bed comes with a cover you can remove and put in the wash, making clean-up a breeze. The cover might need to be cleaned more often than others as the type of fabric collects fur easily.

    • Durable
    • Comfortable enough that people enjoyed it
    • Easy to clean
    • Some complaints about padding being hard or lumpy
    • Cover may collect hair
    • Rare reports of zipper breaking

    6. Big Barker Orthopedic Sleek Dog Crate Pad

    Big Barker Orthopedic

    Dimensions: 39”L x 25.25”W x 4”H
    Weight: 6 lbs
    Materials: Nylon, foam
    Features: Chew-resistant, waterproof, orthopedic, machine wash

    Though made to be a crate pad, you can still use this as a bed outside a crate if you desire. Big Barker claims the material used to make this bed is military-grade and the toughest on the market. This material is not only resistant to chewing and tears but also liquid. The inside foam is specifically designed to mold to your dog’s body to offer the best in joint support, providing relief from a host of joint issues such as arthritis and dysplasia.

    You can get this bed in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). It has a removable cover that is machine washable. People who own clever dogs have noted their canines managed to open the zipper of the pad.

    • Made from military-grade material
    • Offers excellent orthopedic support
    • Can be used as a bed or crate pad
    • Some dogs figured out how to open zipper
    • Rare complaints of waterproof lining tearing away from material
    • If used as a crate pad, may leave gaps

    7. K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Dogbed4less Premium

    Dimensions: 12”L x 10.12”W x 9.69”H
    Weight: 32 lbs
    Materials: Canvas, metal, memory foam
    Features: Chew-proof, orthopedic, waterproof, removable cover, machine wash

    The K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic dog bed promises to be not only chew-proof but nearly indestructible. That means that dogs who like to chew or who like to dig and scratch will have a difficult time destroying this one! The bed is still extra comfy, though, as the company uses CertiPUR-US foam inside it that they guarantee won’t be flattened by any size dog. The bed is also orthopedic, offering support for your pet’s whole body and easing stress on joints.

    The K9 Ballistics bed is easy to clean with its removable, machine washable cover. The company also offers a promise that they will give you store credit for a new bed if your dog manages to destroy this one within 120 days. However, the cover can be a bit difficult for some to remove for washing.

    • Promises to be chew-proof and nearly indestructible
    • Orthopedic, good for older dogs
    • Promise of new bed if your dog destroys this one within 120 days
    • Corners seem to be less chew-proof than the rest of the bed
    • Complaints about customer service not being wonderful
    • Some had difficulty getting cover on and off for cleaning

    8. Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Dimensions: 37”L x 27”W x 4”H
    Weight: 8 lbs
    Materials: Denim, memory foam
    Features: Chew-resistant, waterproof, orthopedic, temperature regulating

    This bed may not be nearly indestructible, like the last one, but the use of heavyweight denim in the cover makes it much more difficult to chew through. The internal cover is waterproof to prevent liquid and moisture from reaching the gel cooling memory foam pad inside. The memory foam used for this bed is similar to the kind you’ll find in human beds; it is also temperature regulating, so it will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

    This bed comes in four sizes (the size listed here will hold up to 150 pounds). It also comes with a second microsuede cover for when the denim one is in the wash. Some buyers of this bed have reported it retains odors and needs to be washed more often.

    • Heavyweight denim is harder to chew through
    • Gel cooling memory foam
    • Waterproof
    • Some claimed bed wasn’t waterproof but just water-resistant
    • Zipper may tear off
    • Retains odors

    9. Kuranda Dog Bed

    Kuranda Dog Bed

    Dimensions: 5”L x 5”W x 5”H
    Weight:  7.4 lbs
    Materials: Bronze, stainless steel, PVC, canvas
    Features: Chew-resistant, orthopedic,

    For a bed your dog won’t easily chew up, you might consider the Kuranda dog bed. Made from stainless steel and PVC materials, the only part at risk of being chewed through would be the canvas (though the bed is set up, so the canvas hides the edges to make that harder). Coming in six sizes (Mini, S, M, L, XL, XXL), the elevated design of the bed offers orthopedic support and can be easier for dogs with joint issues to get on and off.

    The Kuranda dog bed comes with a one-year warranty. Some cons to this bed are that people noted the legs were a bit unstable, and there were some difficulties with the assembly.

    • Difficult to chew through
    • Elevated for orthopedic support
    • One-year warranty
    • Rare complaints of fabric sagging
    • Some people had difficulty with assembly
    • Occasional complaint of legs being unstable

    10. K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

    K9 Ballistics

    Dimensions: 42”L x 28”W x 2”H
    Weight: 10 lbs
    Materials: Metal, fabric
    Features: Chew-proof, indoor/outdoor

    K9 Ballistics says this bed is essentially indestructible and backs that up with a chew-proof armored guarantee – if your pet damages or manages to chew through any part of the bed within 120 days, they will replace it for free.

    The company also says the bed is resistant to other damaging behaviors such as scratching and digging. Not only is the bed made for indoor and outdoor use, but you can also use it in your pet’s crate as it fits most standard crate sizes. The K9 Ballistics Elevated dog bed comes in three sizes and four colors. Although, some have reported the bed is not as easy to clean.

    • Claims to be virtually indestructible
    • Resistant to scratching and digging
    • 120-day part replacement guarantee
    • Some complaints about customer service
    • Less easy to clean than other beds
    • Occasional complaint of fabric wearing out in under a year

    divider-dog Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Dog Bed for Chewers

    Why Dogs Chew

    If you have a dog who’s fond of chewing on items, it may feel like there’s no rhyme or reason, just a need for destruction and mayhem. There are reasons dogs chew, though!


    If you have a puppy and find them constantly chewing on stuff, there’s a good chance they’re still teething. When you catch them with something in their mouth that shouldn’t be there (like their bed), try redirecting their attention to something more appropriate such as a chew toy.


    Anxiety and stress can cause dogs to start engaging in chewing behavior. If your dog isn’t teething, look and see whether something could be stressing them out. Dogs can become anxious and stressed because of anything from a new animal or human in the house to separation from their family.

    sad french bulldog
    Image Credit: Mylene2401, Pixabay


    Boredom is a huge reason dogs start in on destructive chewing and other negative behaviors. If your pup isn’t getting enough exercise or mental stimulation, they may start chowing down on everything in sight. If this is the problem, it can be relieved by engaging your pet in more play and activity.

    Needs More Training

    Sometimes dogs who chew just haven’t been properly trained. Thankfully, it’s never too late to start training your pet in proper behaviors. Redirect their attention when you catch them chewing on items they shouldn’t and reinforce good behavior with treats and affection.divider-dog

    Look for This in a Dog Bed for Chewers

    Though some factors to consider when choosing a dog bed for chewers will be the same as any dog bed (size, for example), others will not be. You’ll need to look at whether a bed is labeled as “chew-proof” or “chew-resistant,” what materials are used in the bed, and more.

    Chew-proof or Chew-resistant?

    When searching for dog beds for chewers, you’ll need to look for beds that are either labeled “chew-proof” or “chew-resistant.” What’s the difference between the two?

    Chew-proof beds are beds made for heavy, persistent chewers; these will be nearly indestructible. (Only nearly because nothing is ever entirely indestructible, but beds labeled “chew-proof” come pretty close!)

    Chew-resistant beds are beds that are tougher than the average dog bed but not indestructible. This type of bed is more suitable for light to moderate chewers who don’t chew on things constantly.

    Materials Used

    Whether a dog bed is chew-proof or chew-resistant, it should be made of rugged, durable materials that won’t easily be torn apart or chewed to pieces. Beds with fabrics such as thick denim, nylons, or heavy canvas will offer the best results but will still be comfortable for your pet. Seams on beds should be reinforced as well, so they can’t be torn into.

    Also, check that materials are safe and that there won’t be any hidden dangers such as buttons that could be eaten, faulty zippers that could be torn off, or plastic parts that are easily removed.


    You need to get a bed your dog can fit on, so be sure to check the dimensions of any bed before buying (you may need to measure your pet just to be sure you’re getting the right fit). Most beds will come in a variety of sizes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the size you need. Also, check reviews of beds before purchase. Occasionally, you might find that a bed ended up being smaller than the dimensions listed.


    Obviously, you want your doggo to be comfy on their new bed, which might seem hard to accomplish with chew-proof and chew-resistant materials. But plenty of beds for chewers are super comfortable. Beds with foam inside will not only offer comfort but support for joints. Beds with layers also add enough padding that your pup won’t be uncomfortable. If your pet is fond of snuffling or nesting, you might want to consider a bed with bolsters.

    How Hard It Is to Clean

    Beds get dirty; it’s a fact of life. And dog beds, even more so. You’ll need to clean your pup’s bed regularly to keep your pet clean and healthy, but you also might need to do emergency cleaning in case of an accident. That makes getting a bed that’s simple to clean a must. Plenty of beds will have removable covers that you can toss in the wash, while others may allow for the entire bed to be thrown in the washing machine (though if you have a large bed, you may have to find an industrial washing machine to clean it). Some may require being hosed down. Consider how often you think you’ll be cleaning your pet’s bed and how much time you want it to take.

    Dog Bed


    Dog beds for chewers can be pricier than regular dog beds, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something within your budget. There’s a huge range in pricing for these types of beds, depending on the size and materials used.


    If you go with a chew-proof bed, especially, you should make sure the company you’re purchasing from has some guarantee or replacement policy in place. After all, if you get a bed that should be nearly indestructible and your doggo eats it in a day, you’re going to want a replacement or your money back.


    Checking reviews from other pet owners who have already used a dog bed is one of the best ways to determine if a bed will work for your pet. ou can see what experiences people with the same dog breed as you had with a bed and learn more from the company’s description.divider-dog


    For the best overall dog bed for chewers, we recommend the PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam Bolster bed as pet owners labeled it indestructible and long-lasting. Want a dog bed that’s the best value for the money? Our pick is the BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopedic Bolster as it is chew-resistant and orthopedic, making it extremely comfortable. Finally, if you want to get your favorite dog a bed that’s a little more premium, look at the Precision Pet Products Gusset Daydreamer bed as it is cute, cozy, and couldn’t be chewed through even by dogs who destroyed wooden furniture.

    Featured Image Credit: Natalia Duryagina, Shutterstock

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