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5 Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Dog DNA Kit Deals & Sales 2023


Dog DNA tests can be quite pricey, but during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are some good deals available. This allows you to purchase a quality DNA kit for your dog without breaking the bank. If you are interested in learning more about your dog’s DNA, then this buyer’s guide is perfect for you! Here you will find a detailed list of dog DNA tests that have discounted prices this Black Friday.

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The Top 5 Dog DNA Test Black Friday Deals

1. Save $30! – Embarks Health and Breed Identification Kit

Embarks Health and Breed Identification Kit

2. 30% OFF! – Wisdom Panels Dog DNA Tests

Wisdom Panel Essential Breed Identification DNA Test for Dogs

3. Save $72! – Embark Purebred Dog DNA Test

Embark dog dna test kit

4. 20% OFF! – DNA My Dog Test

DNA My Dog Essential Breed Identification Test

5. 24% OFF! – Orivet Geno Dog DNA Breed Identification Test

Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test

FAQ Section

Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?

Most high-quality dog DNA tests are accurate. It is not as accurate as veterinarian DNA dog tests, but it can give you a good indication of your dog’s ancestry and the percentage of a specific dog breeds genetic potential that they contain. Cheek swabs (also known as saliva tests) are the most effective form of dog DNA identification. It is ideal to purchase a DNA testing kit that has over a 90% accuracy rate.

What Do Dog DNA Tests Do?

DNA tests allow you to view your dog’s specific breed information by running a test either by their saliva and the swab is then tested and processed through a database that can connect to your phone or be emailed via the company. This will then give you a detailed rundown of your dog’s heritage, ancestry, genetic potential, and possibly breed profile facts. These tests can help you understand your dog better.

Can All Breeds Of Dogs Use A DNA Test?

Yes. Nearly all dog breeds are entered into a large database that allows you to run the DNA through. Most dog DNA test kits have over 300 dog breeds on record, so you can easily find genetic matches for your dog. However, some rare or heavily mixed-bred dogs can get diluted results, which means that some dog breeds are not in that test’s database.

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Final Thoughts

Testing your dog’s DNA can be made easy by Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2023. There are plenty of effective tests going on sale, discounted, or have a saving included in the price. This is a great time of the year to test your dog’s DNA to find out what specific breeds your dog is. You will then get to enjoy the budget-friendly offers while getting reassurance about your dog’s genetics.

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