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29 Best Dog Training Affiliate Programs: Reviews & Top Picks 2024

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If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you might want to look at the best dog training affiliate programs. A dog is a man’s best friend. Training your dog is an essential part of the animal living with you.

Canines can become a member of the family and need to be treated as such. That entails proper care and training.

Dog-training affiliate programs are a great place to start your pet-related affiliate marketing. To help you out, we’ve invested a lot of time into researching some of the best dog training affiliate programs from all around the web for you.divider-dog

The 29 Best Dog Training Affiliate Programs

1. EzyDog


Commission: 9%
Cookie duration: 120 days
EPC: $4

When it comes to dog training, you have so many options that choosing the right one can be challenging. It’s where the EzyDog comes into play. We have reviewed a few programs and have found that the sale rates on this program are high. Therefore, it opens up many opportunities for affiliates to earn a good income. Whether you own a kennel, sell dog toys, or other pet supplies, you will earn a commission.

The affiliate program pays well and has tremendous flexibility. There are many listings to choose from. If you are into affiliate marketing, you can easily find the one that works best for you. Once you have selected a product or service that fits your needs, visit the affiliate’s site, and place your order using the links they give you to earn a commission! Quite a few of these kinds of programs have a low buy rate.

One drawback of this dog training affiliate program is that it does cost money to start. You will spend at least $150 minimum for training material, dog collars, leads, dog treats, harnesses, and more.

2. Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training logo

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 60 days
High conversion rate: 20%
EPC: $0.35

Karen Pryor Clicker Training offers some of the best training methods for dogs. To teach your dog to listen to you, click once when your dog does something correctly and twice when it does something incorrectly. It is better than verbal commands because feedback teaches your dog what works and what does not. Then, you can take that information into effect with punishments, rewards, or both.

Karen Pryor (internationally renowned clicker trainer and author) developed these fundamental skills. The program is split into several modules that you can buy individually or the whole package.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training affiliate program uses positive reinforcement for basic obedience training. Clicker “tricks” or praises are offered on command for the basic dog obedience. The dog learns that clicks are associated with good things and can be rewarded with food, playtime, praise, affection, running around the block, or whatever else makes him happy.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training program pays affiliates 8% commission on the selling price of its products. One disadvantage of the program is that it does not offer any type of discount on its products.

3. BaxterBoo

BaxterBoo logo

Commission: 15%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 30.7%
EPC: $0.62

BaxterBoo is a revolutionary dog training company. It specializes in fun and play as part of a comprehensive dog training program. All their pet trainers and lessons come from experts in the field. The BaxterBoo affiliate program features premium offers and free bonuses to affiliates. The team behind this dog trainer provides hundreds of different dog training tips to guide you along the way.

BaxterBoo is the perfect place to start earning money as a dog trainer. As an affiliate, you can earn 15% commission on all dog training tools and resources that you refer potential customers to.

The program includes reward-based training, video learning, device integration, webinars, coaching, celebrity testimonials, and exclusive discounts and promotions to affiliates. The monthly subscription fee for the entire year is $59.99.

4. Dog Trainer Handbook

Dog Trainer Handbook

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 90 days
High conversion rate: 35%
EPC: $0.10

Dog-training affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses to develop, as it focuses on providing helpful content to dog lovers. If you are serious about offering dog training tips and tricks, then the Dog Trainer Handbook affiliate program is one of your best bets.

The Dog Trainer Handbook allows affiliates to promote dog products tailored for dog training purposes. It offers a variety of products that help your dog live happy and healthy life. They include books, training guides, and courses. Being a newer online retailer, they are quickly growing and doing well in the market.

With over 20 years of experience in the dog industry, is an excellent place for affiliate marketers since it offers some great products for affiliates to promote. They include dog training e-books, dog supplies, and free dog training video guides. As an affiliate, you will receive a 10% commission on all products and services.

5. SitStay

SitStay logo

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 90 days
High conversion rate: 1.53%
EPC: $0.75-$3

If you are looking for a company that has everything you need to get started, then look no further than SitStay. From dog training courses to website building and affiliate marketing tools, SitStay has it all. Their online store boasts an impressive collection of dog supplies including toys, leashes, beds, food, and crates.

This program has an onsite training program that teaches the basics of dog training. Several trainers are willing to spend time with you and answer your questions so that you feel confident in any future classes. Once the basic lessons are complete, you can decide whether you want to pursue dog training as a profession.

SitStay Dog Training affiliate program provides affiliates exclusive marketing deals and commissions for referrals. It promises to pay out 30% on all its dog-training programs. The program’s incentive structure offers excellent returns.

The affiliates are responsible for getting the traffic. Unlike other dog training affiliate programs, SitStay only requires you to get the dogs enrolled in the program using your affiliate link.  This way, you can focus on building massive relationships online through SEO and Social Media Marketing.

6. Train Pet Dog

Train Pet Dog logo

Commission: 15%
Cookie duration: 10 years
High conversion rate: 3-5%
EPC: $1.75

The Train Pet affiliate program is a turnkey affiliate program with one of the largest pet training programs in the world. With two simple offers, you will have access to over 30 e-books, video clips, PDFs, free training advice, and more. All of them focus on dog training.

The Train Pet affiliate program works with dog trainers to help promote their training programs. It offers 14 different marketing packages that are customized depending on the customer’s traffic.

Become an affiliate of and start earning money today. The Train Pet Dog Affiliate Program is designed to give affiliates maximum exposure to the dog training products including supplies, dog food, dog toys, training equipment, and other services, for which one earns a commission.

7. Pet Street Mall

Pet Street Mall logo

Commission: 10-15%
Cookie duration: 90 days
High conversion rate: 60%
EPC: $0.70

Pet Street Mall is one of the most frequented online commerce company for dog products with a dog-training affiliate network. It is a popular destination for pet owners searching for the best dog training affiliate programs, advice, and products online.

Being among the top pet affiliate programs on the internet today, they offer revenue sharing, cycler payments, and a premier tiered program for all dogs and dog-related products. Plus, they also offer an established client base that has been built up over 14 years!

Affiliates earn up to 30% commissions on products sold through their Pet Street Mall dog-training website. The network offers high conversion rates and high commissions on dog training products, accessories and supplies.

The biggest drawback of this program is that dogs may not love training, much less when it is at a pet supply store.

8. logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 2.6%
EPC: $0.40

From, home of the hottest dog training gear and tips, comes a company for dog lovers of all ages. This firm has more than 800 most popular online stores. In addition, you can make up to $1,000 per lead and a fast-growing list of customers looking for ideas and advice on how to train their new canine companion.

The Dog Training Blog is a fantastic resource for dog trainers, behaviorists, pet sitters, and anyone trying to make their household a better place for pets. If you are an aspiring dog trainer or are trying to negotiate to bring your dog back home after an incident, check out

Their affiliate program allows affiliates to make a commission by promoting dog-training products on or eBay. As an affiliate, you will earn 4% on your service or accessory product purchases made through your links. There are multiple banners to promote these products available in seven different styles.

The only disadvantage is that they do not have dog treats available through their affiliate program.

9. Good Life Bark Control

Good Life Bark Control logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 20%
EPC: $0.01

Good Life Bark Control Dog Training is a premier dog training company with over 20 years of experience. It specializes in humane, non-harmful correction methods for pet owners to correct their dogs’ behaviors.

The program has an easy-to-use remote collar with three correction settings. It’s committed to saving dogs from euthanasia by helping their guardians become better trainers through its free training videos and e-books on its website.

Good Life Bark Control offers a five-step training plan to stop your dog’s barking without making it feel anxious or out of character. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and follow up with regular sessions as necessary.

Good Life Bark Control’s affiliate program is designed to give affiliates the best possible benefits. If someone visits your website using one of their links, and buys one of Good Life Bark Control’s products, you will earn a commission, which can then be used to purchase even more valuable products for training dogs.

10. Petco

Petco logo

Commission: 7%
Cookie duration: 7 days
High conversion rate: 1.2%
EPC: $0.425

A pet is more than just a pet. It is a part of the family. Training your dogs will ensure they don’t become a burden even when you’re not at home. Petco helps you promote services that take advantage of that bond. It will not be broken when you are not there to supervise.

The company has been making the lives of our dogs happier for over 35 years. A partnership with a company like this can set in motion a mutually beneficial experience for you and your dog.

Petco dog training affiliate program makes this list of best affiliate programs for dog lovers because of the company’s commitment to quality. It is one of the largest pet product retailers in the country. It has over 5,000 stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico with available pet care experts to help with dog training questions.

Petco is a massive retailer of pet products and services, and this includes dog training. Their affiliate program pays out a solid 7% commission to affiliates for leads converted into paying users for dog training service.

11. Success Dogs

Success Dogs logo

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: Lifetime
High conversion rate: Above 20%
EPC: $1

Success Dogs is a leading online dog training company that teaches pet owners how to train their dogs without learning advanced commands. The firm uses an advanced method of behavioral modification that allows even the most difficult dogs to become obedient in minutes.

Success Dogs has nearly 30 top-notch dog training programs with solid products and reputable dog training. All their affiliate programs are free to join.

You are assured of success because Success Dogs provides the needed tools including training methods, the support network of other successful dog trainers, and exclusive dog training affiliate programs.

Affiliates earn an impressive 20% commission per sale, with rates increasing when the sale is referred through a partnership link. This affiliate program is for sellable products with an emphasis on educational products, such as dog training courses, seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, clicker training kits, and access to webinars.

12. Dog Training Depot

Dog Training Depot

Commission: 15-30%
Cookie duration: 1 year
High conversion rate: 10%
EPC: $0.16

Dog Training Depot offers high-quality training to dogs and their human companions. It allows pet stores, websites, dog walking services, groomers, and other businesses involved with dogs to become an affiliate of the Dog Training Depot website.

Affiliates can use their business name as well as a custom link to generate referrals from the site. The Dog Training Depot offers two different affiliate programs to meet the needs of every affiliate promoter.

The first program requires you to follow their step-by-step affiliate training program. It walks you through how to create an effective affiliate campaign. With this affiliate program, affiliates can earn 15% commission for selling dog training e-books. You can also earn up to 50% for selling matching collars and leads.

Another incentive is that this dog training affiliate program has a $200 payout per sale along with $100 for registration of a new customer, and an additional 2% on each sale referred for life!

13. Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog Training

Commission: 7.5%
Cookie duration: 28 days
High conversion rate: 61%
EPC: $2.72

Secrets to Dog Training is an online dog training educational course for new dog owners. It has some of the best techniques for potty training, stopping nuisance barking, leash training, housebreaking, recalls, socializing, etc. It also shows you how to choose a trainer for you and your pooch.

The program is ideal for dog trainers, breeders, and other animal lovers to become affiliates.

Secrets to Dog Training Affiliate Program affiliates can earn up to $200 per sale and 7.5% recurring commission. The affiliate program offers a wide range of dog care products and services on petpages. They include dog-training e-books, dog training techniques, and dog treats.

14. The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer logo

Commission: 15%
Cookie duration: 60 days
High conversion rate: 16.5%
EPC: $0.29

The Online Dog Trainer uses dog-training ideas, methods, and philosophy to promote growth in dogs with special needs or motivated ones. The online program is intended for all dog owners who wish to teach their dogs basic obedience and handling skills from the comfort of their homes so they can build a stronger bond with their best friends.

Their Online Dog Trainer Affiliate Program is one of the best in the market. It consists of a plethora of dog training methods and techniques you can sell to your clients and earn a commission if you are an affiliate.

Enroll in The Online Dog Trainer today if you want to be part of a successful affiliate marketing campaign. This affiliate program offers a 15% commission on sales payable monthly.

15. Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 60 days
High conversion rate: 70%
EPC: $0.90

Brain Training for Dogs is one of the top dog training companies with dog training products, tips, and advice. The owner, Darren Moore, is an experienced online marketer with over 15 years of experience.

The Brain Training for Dogs affiliate program is a leading e-commerce site offered through the ClickBank marketplace.

The Brain Training for Dogs provides information about training dogs. They also have helpful guides to training methods including clicker training, force-free, and praise technique for potty training dogs. Affiliates can earn through selling these dog services.

They provide full support for merchants and affiliates alike. The affiliate program offers commissions ranging from 5% to 10% and an easy-to-use affiliate dashboard system.

16. The Crafty Pup

The Crafty Pup logo

Commission: 30%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 40%
EPC: $1

The Crafty Pup is a dog training affiliate program offering customized solutions with the help of their dog training experts. They have a user-friendly website where both customers and affiliate members can learn and read all about dog training and share advice.

Crafty Pup helps its members to build their dog business with all necessary tools, such as advertising banners and links, and high commission rates. The affiliate program has an extensive line of dog products such as dog training DVDs, e-books, and other training tools for dogs of all breeds.

When you become an affiliate, you’ll get a unique tracking link, so you can track the sales you generate. The commission is 30% on every sale. The program requires no experience, and affiliates get help with every step when starting.

17. The Dog Solution

The Dog Solution

Commission: 10-12%
Cookie duration: 5 years
High conversion rate: 7%
EPC: $2.21

The Dog Solution is a top dog training site that provides information about dog training and picking the best dog training products from the market. The website features written dog training advice on a variety of subjects. They include obedience training, socialization, housebreaking, puppies, and more.

Additionally, there are various resources on topics, such as the benefits of free feeding for dogs, how to prevent aggressive dog behavior, one-on-one dog training on-demand, and positive methods for training your dog.

The owners also run a popular YouTube channel that offers video advice and tips for new dog owners and product reviews of popular dog health products.

Their affiliate program pays affiliates 50% recurring and 20% lifetime, with a $35 sale commission.

18. Consider The Dog

Consider The Dog logo

Commission: 5%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 2.51%
EPC: $0.50

Consider The Dog is an online community focused on dog training and thoughtful dog ownership. It provides content that encourages engagement with your dog including videos, articles, and products.

Consider The Dog gives you an avenue to join a community of dedicated professionals who specialize in pet training. Also, it allows your readers to explore the many options available when it comes to developing a bond with their dogs.

If you want to become an affiliate, Consider The Dog is the best bet having been in affiliate marketing for 20 years. They have a reputation in the industry and information on how to make money from home with this program.

Affiliates earn a 12%-25% commission per sale, earning them an additional $5-$1,800.

19. Dog Med Laser

Dog Med Laser logo

Commission: 5%
Cookie duration: 3 months
High conversion rate: 5-10%
EPC: $0.15

The Dog Med Laser Program is a laser light-based training system designed to help dogs to stop barking, pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, and be a more obedient member of the family.

It works by teaching dogs where their boundaries are and what behaviors will result in treats or rewards. The Dog Med Laser is a comprehensive dog training and behavior modification site with a hands-on approach. It makes your furry friend the happiest and best-behaved companion.

Along with an affiliate storefront, you will find helpful dog training tips and articles, as well as free online behavioral assessments and puppy checklists for new parents. Their affiliate program pays a 5% commission on a recurring monthly basis for 24 months.

20. Fi Smart Dog Collar

fi logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 120 days
High conversion rate: 40%
EPC: $0.22

Fi Smart Dog Collar is an excellent tool for training dogs. You can look at its app and know what your dog is doing each day. It can zone in on your dog’s levels of activity and help you manage your pet’s weight.

The Fi Smart Dog Collar has a digital display allowing you to keep track of your dog’s activity and set a training schedule. Additionally, it includes a waterproof, rechargeable sensor for tracking your dog’s location. This wireless system will give you complete control from your smartphone.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Dog Training program uses a tiered commission structure and offers affiliates 10% commission on the first month and 5% for months after. Affiliates also get 20% of income generated from Advertising Redirection to another dog training website. It’s a big plus. There is no other dog training affiliate program that does this.

21. Best Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 180 days
High conversion rate: 17.06%
EPC: $0.33

Best Bully Sticks boosts a variety of dog treats designed to appeal to pets’ innate love of meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. In addition to the regular Pride Bully Stick, the company produces an array of jerky-style treats that are natural and preservative-free.

Best Bully Sticks continues its tradition of quality dog training with its amazing dog training products. This company caters to all types of dog caretakers, including trainers and the general pet owner. Also, Best Bully Sticks is intended for individuals or companies interested in selling dog treats online and training tools and accessories related to dog training.

The Best Bully Sticks Dog Training affiliate program offers up to 10% commission.

22. Bark Potty

Bark Potty logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 10-25%
EPC: $0.50-$3

Bark Potty provides dog parents with fun, easy-to-use, and safe dog training products that make their lives easier. The Bark Potty aluminum dog potty is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a plastic dog potty. Made from recycled metals, all Bark Potty dog training supplies are produced in a solar-powered facility in California.

Training is done via video tutorials. It promotes unique dog products, such as potty training seats and puzzles.

These potty training products can be promoted on affiliate sites. As an affiliate, you can link to your unique tracking link (available after signing up). For each sale generated, you will earn a commission of $1.50 per transaction via PayPal. There is no monthly fee requirement.

The affiliate program by Bark Potty provides affiliates with the tools that solve pet problems for their clients. Bark Potty created a unique line of cleaning products that work naturally to keep pets healthy while keeping clients’ surroundings safe.

23. Success Puppy Training

Success Puppy Training logo

Commission: 15%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 51%
EPC: $0.75-$2.50

The Success Puppy Training Company designs dog products for dog lovers and other pet owners by promoting the best dog training system on the internet.

Their affiliate program provides affiliates with powerful marketing tools such as textual ads and video advertisements to place on their blog or website. Joining is free, and you don’t need any previous experience.

As soon as you join, you will receive custom-made keyword-targeted “Puppy Training” ads and banners within minutes and start earning commission immediately. The Success Puppy Training Affiliate Program is an excellent choice for affiliate marketers looking to build their business quickly.

This program provides the perfect earning structure, with multiple commission tiers for you to benefit from.

24. Dog Sense Online

Dog Sense Online logo

Commission: 10-30%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 1.67%
EPC: $0.33

Are you looking for a dog training company worth your time? Then, look at the Dog Sense Online. Dog Sense Online offers dog training for big dogs, spray collar training, leash training, basic obedience, boarding dog training, police dog training, protection dog training, and more.

Users get a fun and interactive approach to learning all the best pet training tips, techniques, and tactics. The courses are taught by highly qualified experts in the industry with extensive experience and a guarantee of proven working advice. offers a unique affiliate program for its online dog training course. Affiliates earn 30% on each new customer’s first purchase of the Dog Trainer Online course. The affiliate program is pay per lead model. It means that affiliates only pay when leads are sent and not the actual sales.

25. Journey Dog Training

Journey Dog Training logo

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 10-15%
EPC: $0.81

Journey Dog Training is the world’s most comprehensive dog training company providing expert dog training courses, certification programs, books, e-books, webinars, dog behavior consults, and more. The program has been around for more than 12 years. They have practical and actionable training, and are dedicated to providing you with the best dog training products.

Journey Dog Training provides positive dog training for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and behavior problems. It’s neither too early nor too late to socialize with your puppy! Their affiliate program pays affiliates 10% on every referred sale.

26. Raising Canine

Raising Canine logo

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 30 days
High conversion rate: 30%
EPC: $0.60

Raising Canine is a dog training firm focused on educating pet owners on everything related to dog training. It focuses on behavioral solutions for families and their pets.

They offer more than 100 lessons encompassing crucial phases of canine training such as obedience training, snack and exercise schedule, walking on a lead, proper behavior at home and in public, emergency action plans, and more.

The course teaches dog owners how to train their dogs in 4 weeks. The key focus of the course is not about any specific type of training. But, instead, it shows you how to make your customers successful in training their dogs.

Raising Canine has an online dog training affiliate program. Affiliates can promote this website through various methods like text links, banners, email campaigns, and so on. It offers its affiliates a commission rate of 10% to 20% depending on the plan for every free subscription sold.

27. Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog Magazine logo

Commission: 25%
Cookie duration: 60 days
High conversion rate: 7.5%
EPC: $0.43

The Modern Dog Affiliate Program is your dog’s ticket to a good life. The site’s award-winning training articles, fun videos, and participation in the only toy test conducted jointly by veterinarians and dog spokespeople make it a sure bet.

Modern Dog Magazine is a dog lovers’ website. It provides information on taking care of pets, tips on picking the right dog, and fascinating stories and facts. It’s an excellent site if you’re searching for information on dogs, pet products, dog training, or even healthy diets for your pet.

Moreover, if you are looking for something fun to do with your dog online, look no further than the Modern Dog community of readers. The Modern Dog magazine is open to publishers worldwide.

Their training affiliate program offers the potential for significant earnings to affiliates through selling an online subscription to Modern Dog. Prospective affiliates can earn as much as $125 per subscription (over 2 years).

28. Canine Training Systems

Canine Training Systems logo

Commission: 15-20%
Cookie duration: 90 days
High conversion rate: 3%
EPC: $2.75

Canine Training Systems is an online dog training firm. The Canine Training Systems affiliate program offers its affiliates a wide range of training products that are highly successful for dog trainers.

Hobbyists who need dog training will appreciate what this company offers. The company sells products designed to help pet owners lovingly discipline their canines. Though this leadership product line is designed for professionals, people looking for basic training products can also find what they are looking for here.

Their mission is to spread education on dog training. The site owners believe that once a person understands how to train, it helps create a better relationship with their dog. They offer help through their online dog obedience training programs.

The Canine Training Systems affiliate program pays affiliates a commission of 15%–20%. They’re dedicated to quality. It separates them from the competition and makes them one of the best dog training affiliate programs available.

29. HempMyPet Affiliate Program

HempMyPet logo

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 90 days
High conversion rate: 10%
EPC: $0.60

HempMyPet is a company that offers dog training and dog walking services. It strives to deliver high-value information that will help educate, motivate, and inspire dog owners. The company employs a team of experienced dog trainers who assist customers with all aspects of training, including housebreaking, behavior modification, and more.

Their affiliate program pays affiliates 10% of the first sale of any customer they refer and on all subsequent purchases made by the referred visitor. It is an invitation-only affiliate program for dog trainers, veterinarians, grooming specialists, local pet shops, and other pet-related businesses.

HempMyPet offers a premium line of hemp-based health products developed by its founder (a veterinarian). HempMyPet wants to help you build a successful dog training business. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll get access to the latest trends in dog training products, health supplements, and more.

They dispense CBD Hemp Oil, CBD for dogs, and CBD for dogs’ skin issues like allergies, dry skin, and more! Hemp oil for dogs is ideal for general wellness and promoting healthy skin and coats.



There are many dog-training programs with a good diversity of prices and perks. You can miss them if you’re just going through the list without a system. That’s why we’ve helped you by putting together our best dog training affiliate programs. This way, you have a clear view of what each program offers and what to look for in affiliates.

Dog training is a diverse business niche, not to mention a high-demand market. It can be a profitable niche if you pick a suitable affiliate program and follow industry-specific rules and regulations to avoid a ban from your affiliate network.

Looking for more potential affiliate programs to research? Take a look at:

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