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10 Best Ferret Cages in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage

Choosing a cage for your ferret is more challenging than many people think. There are many things to consider before you make any purchases, and many features to sort through. There are dozens of brands to choose from, each promising to be the best choice.

We’re going to review ten different brands of ferret cages for you and fill you in on all of the things we like and don’t like about each one. We’ve also included a short buyer’s guide, where we discuss the most important things to look for when choosing a cage for your pet.

Join us while we discuss size, levels, number of platforms, and more to help you make an educated purchase.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage
  • Two platforms, three ramps
  • Includes hammock
  • Shelf for supplies
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Mcage Ferret Cage Mcage Ferret Cage
  • Wire raised grate floor
  • Easy carry handles
  • Slide-out bottom pan
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Ferplast Two-Story Ferret Cage Ferplast Two-Story Ferret Cage
  • Two play tubes, Two ramps
  • Quick set-up
  • Three adjustable platforms
  • Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage
  • Easy cleaning
  • Full-width double doors
  • Locking wheels
  • Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Kaytee My First Home Deluxe
  • Deep base
  • Three comfort shelves
  • Available in several colors
  • The 10 Best Ferret Cages

    1. Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage – Best Overall

    Prevue Hendryx

    The Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty Ferret Cage is our pick for the best overall ferret cage. This large cage stands four and a half feet tall and is nearly three feet wide. The cage is powder-coated steel, and it features a middle shelf that you can close to create two single layer cages, each with an oversized escape-proof door. It comes with two platforms and three ramps supplying your ferrets with up to four levels of living space. It also comes with a hammock to help provide a more comfortable environment. The cage is easy to maneuver on it’s found easy-roll wheels, and it also features a shelf below the cage for storing supplies.

    The only downside we experienced while using the Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty Ferret Cage was that you need to clean it thorough the doors, which we found difficult to accomplish.

    • Large size
    • Two platforms, three ramps
    • Includes hammock
    • Shelf for supplies
    • Powder-coated steel
    • Escape proof
    • Easy-roll wheels
    • Hard to clean

    2. Mcage Ferret Cage – Best Value


    The Mcage Ferret Cage is our choice for the best ferret cage for the money. This budget cage features three platforms for your ferret to rest on and features a raised wire grat fool that lets food particles, and other contaminates, pass through to the plastic pan below. The pan pulls out and is easy to clean and helps extend the amount of time between whole cage cleanings. The cage folds for easy cleaning, and it features easy-carry handles for repositioning it when unfolded.

    We didn’t have any problems while trying out the Mcage Ferret Cage, and the only thing we could complain about is the small size of the upper platforms. They are fine for mice or gerbils, but we feel they are a little small for a ferret, and there’s plenty of room in the cage to make them a little larger if the manufacturer wanted to do so.

    • Three levels
    • Wire raised grate floor
    • Easy carry handles
    • Slide-out bottom pan
    • Folds for storage
    • Easy to clean
    • Platforms could be longer

    3. Ferplast Two-Story Ferret Cage – Premium Choice

    Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story


    The Ferplast 57063414 Two-Story Ferret Cage is our premium choice ferret cage that comes preloaded with plenty of features. It’s a huge cage that stands over five-feet tall. It features two stories, and each has a six-inch deep pan to hold bedding and food and other supplies. Thee adjustable platforms attach to the sides of the cage, and you can place them wherever you wish. Two ramps and two play tubes help our ferret get from one level to the next and provide your ferret with a fun environment to explore. It’s easy to set up and takes only a few minutes, and it rolls on four durable, smooth-rolling wheels.

    We enjoyed reviewing the Ferplast 57063414 Two-Story Ferret Cage and found it to be one of the best on this list. Its high cost might put it out of range for some people, and if you like to let your ferret roam around your home, you might not feel like you need such a large cage. We found it challenging to keep the play tunnels in place, and it was hard to reach all areas of the cage when cleaning.

    • Huge size
    • Two-story
    • Two play tubes
    • Two ramps
    • Three adjustable platforms
    • Quick set-up
    • Two six-inch deep pans
    • Wheels
    • Hard to clean
    • Play tubes don’t stay up

    4. Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage

    MidWest Homes for Pets

    The Midwest 182 Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage is another large cage on our list, and this one stands more than 5 feet tall. It features two levels, and your ferrets can explore each level using two platforms and three ramps. Each ramp features a protective fleece coating that will help protect your ferrets from injury as they move up and down, and two full-width doors on each level make feeding and cleaning.  Leak-poof plastic pans on each level help reduce messes and protect your pets from falling. It has a large storage shelf below the cage to store your supplies, and it’s easy to roll around on its cast wheels, and they lock to help keep it in place.

    On the negative side, the Midwest 182 Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage is very expensive and could be a little more than many people need if you allow your ferret out of the cage regularly. We found it very hard to assemble, and it took us several hours to finish even though we do this sort of thing all the time. One last problem we had was that the shelves are very shallow, and the ferrets kept kicking the bedding out of the cage, so you will need to purchase deeper trays if you use bedding.

    • Two levels
    • Full-width double doors on each level
    • Easy cleaning
    • Full-width leak-proof pan on each level
    • Over 5’
    • Three safety-coated ramps
    • Storage shelf
    • Locking wheels
    • Expensive
    • Shallow trays
    • Challenging assembly

    5. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe


    The Kaytee 100079097 My First Home Deluxe is a little bit smaller than most of the cages we have looked at so far, and this one stands 3.5 feet tall and is two 2 x 2 feet square. It features a deep plastic base that detaches and is easy to clean. The high sides prevent most of the bedding from falling out as our ferrets play. There are three platforms for your ferret to explore and rest on, and two sliding boards and a play tunnel come with the cage to help get your ferret from one platform to another. One hammock also comes with this model. You can purchase any of the plastic components is several colors, and it’s effortless to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

    The downside of the Kaytee 100079097 My First Home Deluxe is that is is made from very flimsy materials. The metal bars bend easily, and any smaller sized animals may be able to squeeze out. The shelving and sliding board ramps are very flimsy and bend under the weight of heavier adult ferrets. The plastic base is also thin and can crack. We also had a difficult time rolling the cage around because the wheels didn’t move smoothly.

    • Deep base
    • Three comfort shelves
    • Available in several colors
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to assemble
    • Flimsy bars
    • Wheels don’t roll smoothly
    • Shelving and ramps are flimsy
    • Cheap plastic base

    6. Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage


    The Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage is tall and stands a little over 4 feet tall. It features powder metal tubes and wires that are non-toxic and corrosion-resistant. It features a 3-door design and a slide-out tray that makes cleaning the cage easy. There are six tiers connected by no-slip ramps for your ferret to explore and make a home. Four 360-degree swivel wheels make it easy to move around your home.

    We found it very difficult to assemble the Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage, and it didn’t help that several of the pieces arrived already bent. The instructions were very poor and hard to follow, and the bent pieces made the whole thing seem like junk. Also, the potty tray doesn’t reach the floor, so there is usually a lot of mess around the tray that needs cleaning.

    • Powder-coated metal tubes and wires
    • More than 4’ tall
    • 3-door design
    • Slide-out tray
    • Swivel wheels
    • Non-slip ramps
    • Hard to assemble
    • Pieces are bent
    • Potty tray doesn’t touch the ground

    7. go2buy Metal Ferret Cage


    The go2buy Metal Ferret Cage stands more than 3 feet tall and has three oversized doors for easy access to all parts of the cage for easy cleaning and feeding. It has a wall-mounted watering bottle to help keep your ferrets hydrated. Five shelves and five ramps give your ferrets plenty of space to explore.

    We found the go2buy Metal Ferret Cage very challenging to put together, and the instructions were little help. The cage, shelves, and ramps are all cheaply made, and we found the shelves a little on the smaller side, and two of them cracked within a few weeks of use.

    • Three arched doors
    • More than four-feet tall
    • Powder-coated metal
    • Heavy-duty wheels
    • Wall-mounted waterer
    • Five shelves and five ramps
    • Hard to put together
    • Trays are small
    • Trays are flimsy

    8. Topeakmart Rolling Ferret Cage


    The Topeakmart Rolling Ferret Cage is a 4-foot cage that features three metal platforms that your ferret can reach via three metal ramps. It also comes with a hammock included. It rolls on wheels for easy moving, and a plastic tray on the bottom is removable for easy cleaning. It’s also foldable for easy storage.

    While we were trying out the Topeakmart Rolling Ferret Cage, we found that the levels don’t stay in place very well and often slide around or fall off entirely. The ramps and platforms are metal wires, and your ferret could potentially get their paw stuck between them, causing injury, especially in some regions of the cage. The plastic tray at the bottom is extremely shallow, and our ferrets knocked all of the bedding out of the cage regularly. We also found this cage challenging to assemble, and the wheels started to break down after a few weeks of use.

    • Four feet tall
    • Three metal platforms and ladders
    • Removable plastic tray
    • Includes hammock
    • Foldable for storage
    • Levels don’t stay in place
    • Hard on paws
    • Wheels break
    • Difficult to assemble
    • Plastic tray too shallow

    9. Prevue Frisky Ferret Cage

    Prevue Frisky

    The Prevue 486 Frisky Ferret Cage is a smaller sized cage that stands a little under 3 feet tall. It includes a space-saving shelf that you can use to store your supplies, and it rolls on four cast wheels, so it’s easy to get behind to clean or move to another area. It comes with one ramp and one shelf to help give your ferret someplace to explore, and the plastic tray pulls out for easy cleaning.

    What we didn’t like about the Prevue 486 Frisky Ferret Cage is that it’s tiny and is only about 2 feet wide by a little more than 1-foot wide. It will only hold one ferret comfortably, and even then, you will need to allow plenty of time for your ferret to roam free to remain healthy. We also found that even though the cage is small and lightweight, the plastic cast wheels began to crumble after a few weeks of use, and we didn’t roll it around too much. One final problem is that the wire floor could be hard on your ferret’s feet. We like to use a lot of bedding in our cages, so the wire floor wasn’t too much of an issue, but the tray is shallow, so it makes a mess outside the cage.

    • Space-saving shelf
    • One ramp and one shelf
    • Two doors
    • Easy to clean
    • Small size
    • Wheels break easily
    • Hard on ferrets feet

    10. PawHut 6-Level Ferret Cage


    The PawHut 6-Level Ferret Cage is a large cage that stands nearly 5 feet tall. It features six levels that your ferret can explore and keep entertained. No-slip ramps connect the platforms, and four separate doors allow access to all areas of the cage for easy cleaning.

    The biggest problem we had with the PawHut 6-Level Ferret Cage is that the ramps don’t stay put and can slide around and even fall off the platforms. Worrying about your ferret falling fro the top makes it unsafe to use this cage without direct supervision. Another thing we noticed while reviewing this cage was that it is very noisy. All of the doors squeak continuously as your pet moves through the cage.

    • Six-level habitat
    • Five platforms
    • No-slip ramps
    • Removable tray
    • Ramps fall off
    • Noisy

    Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Ferret Cages

    Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a cage for your ferret


    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cage is the size. Ferrets are playful animals and need a bit of room to move around and have fun. We recommend selecting a cage no smaller than the following dimensions.

    Minimum Cage Size

    • 3’ wide
    • 2’ long
    • 2’ high

    The recommended minimum cage size is for ferrets that will spend more than four hours per day outside of the cage. If you cannot allow your ferrets out of the cage, you will need a much larger cage. Also, for every additional ferret, we recommend adding an extra six inches to each of the listed dimensions.


    Ferrets like to explore, and we recommend choosing a cage that provides multiple levels and platforms. Two or three levels are suitable if you have one ferret, but if you have more than one, we recommend a cage with four or more levels.


    Safety is an essential factor in any ferret cage, and there are a few necessary things that contribute to the safety factor.

    • Make sure the cage is not painted or coated in a toxic substance.
    • Make sure the platforms and ramps are secure and will support the weight of your ferrets.
    • Make sure the ramps are not slippery.
    • Make sure the bars are no more than one inch apart.
    • Wire floors are fine, but make sure there is plenty of solid flooring where your pet can rest its feet.
    • Make sure the cage latches securely. Use extra ties if needed.


    When choosing a  ferret cage, we recommend selecting the largest one your budget and space will allow. Extra features such as hammocks and water bottles are nice but are not essential and are not too expensive to purchase later. We recommend our top choice. The Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty Ferret Cage is a perfect example of a safe cage with plenty of room for your ferret to explore and make a home. The Mcage Ferret Cage is our best value choice, and this model is perfect for pet owners that allow their ferrets plenty of time outside of the cage.

    We hope that you have found this guide helpful and informative. If you have found it useful, please share these ferret cage reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

    Featured Image Credit: Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage, Amazon

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