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10 Best Gerbil Cages in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Are you an expectant gerbil-parent-to-be, and want to be sure you are picking a safe and appropriate cage for them? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your current gerbilarium to really pamper those fuzzy little tunnel fiends!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help navigate the variety of available products.

In this article, we looked at 10 gerbil cages and give in-depth reviews of each so that you can easily find the right cage for your needs. Check out our buyer’s guide for further tips on what to look for when shopping for your gerbil’s new home.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Kaytee My First Home Small Animal Tank Topper Kaytee My First Home Small Animal Tank Topper
  • Multi-level, room for toys and exploration
  • Plenty of room for deep bedding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage
  • Multi-level, lots of room for toys
  • Secure door latch
  • Removable wheel
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage
  • Multi-level, room for toys and exploration
  • Deep base for tunneling in bedding
  • Chew proof glass and metal construction
  • Savic Habitat Cages Savic Habitat Cages
  • Multi-level, lots ramps and space to play
  • Includes water bottle and food bowl
  • Secure door latch
  • Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage
  • Multi-level, lots of room for toys
  • Suitable for filling with bedding
  • Secure door latch
  • The 10 Best Gerbil Cages

    1. Kaytee My First Home Small Animal Tank Topper – Best Overall

    Kaytee My First Home Small Animal

    The Kaytee brand is trusted among small pet owners because of their commitment to safety and quality. The stunning combination of features important to keeping gerbils makes the Kaytee Tank Topper an obvious best overall choice for us.

    The wire top unit is sturdily built, has multiple secure ramps to run on, and plenty of space for adding toys and treats. And a 10-gallon tank below means you leave plenty of room for a couple of gerbils to burrow and build tunnels!

    The only real downside here is that the glass tank is not included. But luckily, tanks are cheap and easy to find! Do keep in mind that it’s built for a 10-gallon tank, meaning you should not house more than two gerbils in this cage.

    • Multi-level, room for toys and exploration
    • Plenty of room for deep bedding
    • Easy to assemble, secure attachments to tank
    • Includes ramps, hidey house, food dish, and water bottle
    • Chew proof, wire frame
    • Secure door latch
    • Mid-range price for a high-quality product
    • Does not include tank

    2. Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage – Best Value

    Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

    For those wanting to take care of their fuzzy little friends without straining their wallet, the Ferplast Favola cage is the best gerbil cage for the money. It is separated into multiple levels and is nicely sized for one or two gerbils. And the bottom of this cage is fairly deep and can be filled with bedding for tunnels.

    The main feature that keeps this cage out of the top spot is that the overall size is not large enough, and the base is not deep enough to accommodate larger groups of gerbils. We recommend that two gerbils should be the maximum housed in this cage.

    • Multi-level, lots of room for toys
    • Includes ramps, hidey house, food bowl, and water bottle
    • Low price range
    • Secure door latch
    • Removable wheel
    • Not deep enough to for more than 2 gerbils
    • Plastic base may be chewable

    3. Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage – Premium Choice

    Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage

    Combining key health and safety features with quality materials, the Little Friends Gerbilarium is truly the premium choice.

    It has plenty of space for your gerbils to explore and a very deep vase for burrowing. The glass and metal construction are super safe (no accidental ingestion!) and sturdy.

    The only real downside of this cage is it’s more expensive than any competitor. It is also in high demand, and often it can be sold out. If you need a home for your gerbils fast, this may not work for you. But if you want to keep your companions in the lap of luxury, consider saving up for this one!

    • Multi-level, room for toys and exploration
    • Deep base for tunneling in bedding
    • Includes ramps, hidey house, wheel, and food bowl
    • Chew proof glass and metal construction
    • Easy to assemble
    • Secure door latch
    • More expensive
    • High demand, often out of stock with retailers

    4. Savic Habitat Cages for Gerbils and Hamsters

    Savic Habitat Cages

    If you want a cage that leaves you with zero worries as to the size or safety for your gerbils, check out the Savic Habitat. The wire upper-level is exceptionally sturdy, and the base is deep enough to facilitate digging and tunnels galore!

    The biggest downside is that the price is unfortunately high, especially considering that the base is made of plastic. A while there is not a significant chance of your gerbils being able to escape through the plastic bottom, for the money, we expect somewhat sturdier materials.

    • Multi-level, lots ramps and space to play
    • Includes water bottle and food bowl
    • Deep base for superior ability to burrow, suitable for multiple gerbils
    • Secure door latch
    • High price range
    • Plastic base of only mid-range quality

    5. Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage

    MidWest Brisby Hamster Cage

    The Midwest Brisby cage is nice and wide, which means there is plenty of room for toys and running about. And the base is deeper than some and can be filled with bedding for a modest amount of tunneling and digging.

    This model is quite pricey, however, and the quality of materials leaves something to be desired. The plastic base may be chewable for your gerbil buddies’ eager teeth and lead to safety issues.

    Also, even though it is a great width, we do not recommend more than two gerbils be housed in this cage because it lacks a deep base.

    • Multi-level, lots of room for toys
    • Base suitable for filling with bedding
    • Secure door latch
    • Easy to assemble
    • Includes food dish, water bottle, hidey house, and wheel
    • Base not deep enough for multiple gerbils
    • Mid to high price range
    • Possibly chewable, plastic base

    6. Midwest Critterville Arcade Cage

    MidWest Arcade Hamster Cage

    Our favorite thing about the Critterville Arcade cage is the awesome upper-level adventure area. It’s full of ramps and climbing, and the front is all clear, so you get to watch your gerbil play. It also includes most of the necessary accessories like water bottle, food dish, and a little hidey house.

    Unfortunately, this cage is not really made for gerbils. It is not big enough for multiple gerbils, and the base is not deep enough to provide the burrowing that gerbils need. Also, it has many plastic bits that could easily be chewed through. Perhaps a decent option in a pinch for a single gerbil, but not long term.

    • Multi-level for extra space
    • Includes wheel, hidey house, tubes and ramps, food dish, and water bottle
    • Secure door latch
    • Clear case lets you see your pets playing
    • Overall size not large enough for multiple gerbils
    • Base not deep enough for appropriate bedding fill
    • Lots of plastic that can easily be chewed up

    7. IRIS USA Gerbil Pet Cage

    IRIS 2-Tier Hamster Cage with Whee

    When it comes to aesthetic design, the IRIS cage is downright adorable. It’s cheap, has a decently deep base for bedding, and comes with the basic necessities like water bottle and food dish.

    A huge downside to this cage is that it is made almost entirely from plastic. Gerbils are famous for chewing their way out of cages, and this cage would pose them no challenge whatsoever.

    All in all, this cage just isn’t meant for gerbils. It is far too small for a gerbil (let alone multiple) to live in long term. We only recommend this as a short-term travel option.

    • Very inexpensive
    • Multi-level
    • Includes wheel, water bottle, and food dish
    • Designed with holes for connecting it via tunnels to other enclosures
    • Overall size not large enough for long term living
    • All plastic that can easily be chewed

    8. GalaPet Gerbil Cage

    GalaPet Hamster and Guinea Pig Cage

    If you want to be sure that your gerbils have plenty of enrichment outside of tunneling, then check out the GalaPet Gerbil Cage. We love how decked out this little house is with colorful, engaging toys for your little friends!

    The base is not really deep enough for burrowing and digging, making it a poor choice for a long-term gerbil home. But at such a reasonable price it could be a good transitionary cage, or even be attached on top of another cage for extra play space.

    • Includes water bottle, wheel, and food dish
    • Also includes a wide and exciting variety of toys for enrichment
    • Easy to assemble
    • Inexpensive
    • Single level, overall not large enough for gerbils
    • Base is not deep enough for proper bedding fill
    • Plastic base could be easily chewed

    9. Kaytee Critter Trail Habitat

    Kaytee CritterTrail One-Level

    As a temporary home or multi-enclosure unit, the Kaytee Critter Trail Habitat could be a good option. It is inexpensive, so purchasing a few and the tubes to connect them won’t be too hard on your bank account.

    However, as a single unit, we so not recommend keeping a gerbil long term in this cage. The base is not deep enough to allow for the tunnel building gerbils need, and it just isn’t large enough overall. And when you take into account how chewable all the plastic is, you may be setting yourself up for escapes and ruined purchases.

    • Includes water bottle and wheel
    • Inexpensive
    • Designed to be connected to other enclosures
    • Single habitat too small for a gerbil, would require multiples
    • Base is not deep enough for burrowing
    • Almost entirely plastic, easily chewable

    10. Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Gerbil Cage

    Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster

    The Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Gerbil Cage has a good width to the base and multiple ramps and platforms for critters to climb. But that’s about where it’s suitability for gerbils ends, as the base is nowhere near deep enough for a gerbil to have proper room to burrow.

    And please be aware: this cage’s shoddy construction could lead to injury or death. The platforms are not secured well enough, and animals can get stuck and hurt underneath. If you want to make sure your little friends aren’t in danger in this cage you will need to check over the entire thing and make safety adjustments.

    • Multi-level, lots of ramps and toy space
    • Includes multiple hidey houses and wheel
    • Poor design can lead to life-threatening accidents
    • Mid-range price for poor quality
    • Base nowhere near deep enough for appropriate bedding fill
    • Lots of plastic that can easily be chewed up


    Buyer’s Guide

    A Little About Gerbils

    Most pet gerbils are related – if distantly – to the Mongolian gerbil. In the wild, they can be found in grassland, shrubland, desert, and mainly in the semidesert steppes. They are highly social animals and live in long and complex tunnels. It is always recommended that pet gerbils be raised in pairs, at least.


    Gerbils are natural diggers and burrowers. Their tunnels often reach 26 feet in length and have as many as 10 different exits! This is a particularly important part of their nature to keep in mind because these little guys do most of their nesting, sleeping, hibernating, breeding, and resting inside these tunnels.


    Gerbils love to chew. And they will chew on everything. One reason for this is that their teeth never stop growing and they need help filing them down. The other main purpose is to turn the substrate around them into a pulp that they can use to build their tunnels or strengthen the walls.


    These little dudes are no slouch on intelligence, either. Gerbils need plenty of stimulation by way of things like toys and a big enough home to run around and explore, and different substrates to chew and build with. If gerbils don’t have outlets for their energy, they will try to open their cage and escape!

    What to Look for in a Gerbil Cage

    The first consideration when looking at gerbil cages is the depth of the “tank” area. Since gerbils live in long tunnels mainly, they need at least 6-7 inches of appropriate bedding to dig and build. The best setups tend to be glass tanks filled with substrate and a wire cage topper secured above.


    Next, make sure the cage you choose is large enough for the number of gerbils living in it. According to Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, gerbils get incredibly stressed when stuck in a cage that is too small or lacking enrichment opportunities. Signs include bar chewing and compulsive digging.

    The minimum tank size requirement for one gerbil is 10 US gallons. It is generally recommended to add on 5 gallons for each additional gerbil inhabitant. Meaning for two gerbils you would want at least 15 gallons, three need 20 gallons, etc.

    Providing more than the minimum amount of space is recommended though. Because though gerbils are very social, the Russian Journal of General Biology also found that they are highly individualistic. That means that they need friends AND space to be alone sometimes!


    However, bigger is not always better. Three or more gerbils in a home that is too large may start to declan. That means splitting up and fighting over territory – gerbils sleeping separately and/or bullying and pinning each other down. Fifteen gallons of space per gerbil is more than enough and lessens the likelihood of declanning.

    You may have already guessed that as consummate chewers, gerbils can make quick work of poorly built cages. Wood is an absolute no-go, and these chew fiends can even go right through plastic. Glass, wire, and very hard plastics are the best choices of cage material.


    And lastly, keep an eye on what sorts of accessories come with the cage. Are they compatible with the ones you already have? Compare and contrast what your gerbils like already with what is included – that way you won’t waste any money on unneeded filler items.

    Tips for Setup and Maintenance

    With the amount of time your gerbils will spend burrowing in their bedding, the composition of it is incredibly important. They need lightweight, dust free, mixed material substrates for full tunnel-ability. Consider pre-mixed brands or make your own! A mix of paper-based bedding with things like aspen shavings and hay is recommended.

    • Regularly cleaning your gerbil’s home will help keep them clean and healthy. But keep in mind that cleaning too often can actually be quite stressful for your little friends. After all, whenever you remove bedding it destroys their tunnels!
    • Spot cleaning once or twice a week is highly recommended. You will be able to spot the areas to replace by wetness and smell. And you should only fully replace the bedding about once a month when doing a full cage clean. This will allow your gerbils some time to relax and rebuild between cleanings.


    For its combination of reasonable price, sturdy construction, and size our overall best pick is the Kaytee My First Home Small Animal Tank Topper. Securing it to a 10-gallon glass tank means that your gerbils have ample room to tunnel and play in total safety.

    And as for the best value pick, the Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage is an excellent option. Safely and comfortably house up to two gerbils in this modestly priced cage.

    With a huge number of online pet retailers, it can sometimes feel like you’re adrift in a sea of options. We hope that the considerate reviews and informative buyer’s guide included in this article will make navigating these products pain free and simple.

    Happy tunneling!

    Featured Image Credit: borisenkoket, Shutterstock

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