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5 Best Guinea Pig Cages in the UK in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

guinea pigs inside their cage

Guinea pigs are gentle and loving pets. Being gregarious animals, they adapt very easily to group life and do not require overly demanding care, making them adorable little companions that are perfect for families. However, they need enough space to thrive; a simple hamster cage is therefore not at all suitable for these energetic little rodents! Also, if you leave them locked in their cage all day, they can become frustrated and depressed.

Since these little animals deserve the best, we have reviewed the cages available on the market, to help you find the one that best meets the needs of your beloved guinea pig while being adapted to your environment and lifestyle. Here are our five best guinea pig cages in the UK this year!divider-guineapig

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus
  • Recommended by vets
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Litter side separated from the play side
  • Best Value
    Second place
    SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen
  • Great versatility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best value for the money
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pigs House PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pigs House
  • Includes a top house and bottom run
  • Easy to move around
  • Pull out trays
  • Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Hutch Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Hutch
  • Sturdy frame
  • Fox-proof wire
  • Easy to assemble
  • SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen with Bottom SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen with Bottom
  • Easy-to-clean plastic bottom
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable playpen
  • The 5 Best Guinea Pig Cages in the UK

    1. MidWest Homes Guinea Pig Habitat Plus – Best Overall

    MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus

    Weight: 5.7 kg
    Dimensions: 119.4 x 61 x 35.6 cm
    Material: Alloy steel

    MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus is our best overall option for one or two guinea pigs. The play and living space are indeed more than enough for your two little companions since the dimensions respect the recommendations of veterinarians. The wire mesh top also helps protect your guinea pigs from an overly curious cat, making it a safe option for the outdoors too (but never leave your guinea pigs outside unattended). The material is made of durable alloy steel that is safe for your guinea pigs. Nevertheless, PVC-lined canvas bottom may be a bit hard to clean, and its price is not for all budgets.

    • Recommended by vets
    • Litter side separated from the play side
    • Removable wire mesh top to protect your guinea pig from predators
    • Can be used indoor or outdoor
    • May be difficult to clean if using sawdust or newspaper litter
    • Expensive

    2. SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen – Best Value

    SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen

    Weight: 8.6 kg
    Dimensions: 143 x 71 x 73 cm
    Material: Plastic, metal

    SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen is a large cage to customize yourself according to your tastes and those of your beloved guinea pigs. You only have to join the connectors with the 36 wire mesh panels included to create a two-floor housing that your little companions can explore at their leisure. This option offers very good value for money, and you can accommodate up to three small guinea pigs while allowing them each to have their own personal space. However, this cage does not come with an easy-to-clean plastic bottom, so you may need to provide a second cage if you don’t want to spend your time washing your floors!

    • Great versatility
    • 5 cm mesh distance to prevent tiny feet from getting stuck
    • Easy to assemble
    • Best value for the money
    • No bottom included
    • Second floor may not be as sturdy

    3. PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pig Cage & House – Premium Choice

    PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pigs House

    Weight: 14.5 kg
    Dimensions: 110 x 50 x 86 cm
    Material: Fir wood

    The PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pigs House is the ideal habitat for your guinea pig, thanks to its two levels: a house on the top floor to rest and a play area in the lower part to party the rest of the day! Plus, this premium option is a safe and portable cage that you can move outdoors with four wheels, so your guinea pigs can breathe fresh air. Locking doors give you peace of mind and sliding trays make cleaning the cage easy.

    However, the assembly of this cage is not so easy, due to the somewhat laborious instructions. Also, it can be difficult to clean as a lot of mess gets stuck around the bottom tray and falls to the floor when you remove it.

    • Includes a top house and bottom run
    • Easy to move around thanks to the four wheels
    • Pull out trays allow easy access for cleaning
    • Expensive
    • Assembly instructions are not very clear

    4. Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Hutch – Best for Outdoors

    Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Hutch

    Weight: 23 kg
    Dimensions: 180.4 x 65 x 72 cm
    Material: Wood

    The 5-foot Chartwell Outdoor Hutch is a great option if you choose to keep your guinea pig outdoors. Its large size allows it to house up to two guinea pigs, so they can keep company and snuggle together on cooler nights. In addition, this cage made of resistant wood protects your small animals against potential predators, such as foxes or cats, thanks to its fox-proof wire. Nevertheless, this cage is quite expensive, especially considering the fact that some buyers have complained about the somewhat flimsy flooring.

    • Sturdy frame
    • Fox-proof wire
    • Easy to assemble
    • Plenty of space for two guinea pigs
    • Expensive
    • Flooring may be a bit flimsy

    5. SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen with Bottom

    SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen with Bottom

    Weight: 4.2 kg
    Dimensions: 143 x 73 x 46 cm
    Material: Plastic

    The SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen comes with 20 panels that you can arrange yourself to create a fun and personalized indoor environment for your guinea pigs. The plastic floor prevents urine from flowing onto your floors and is easy to clean. This cage, while quite large, however, has a more interesting design to look at, especially if you place it in your living room. However, this option is not recommended if you have cats or dogs, as there is no cover that protects your little friends from the curiosity (or potential attacks!) of your other pets.

    • Easy-to-clean plastic bottom
    • Lightweight
    • Customizable playpen
    • No top to protect against cats or dogs
    • Thin sheets can be chewed through


    Buyer’s Guide: Tips for Choosing a Suitable Guinea Pig Cage

    The guinea pig is a calm, endearing pet that also needs privacy and space to thrive. So, you need to choose a cage that is suitable for his needs so that he can be happy and healthy. Here are our top tips for choosing the right cage for your adorable guinea pig.

    Guinea Pig
    Image Credit: popcornmarsvin, Pixabay


    If your guinea pig spends most of his day in his cage, he will need to be able to go outside for a few hours a day. Indeed, leaving him continuously in his tiny space will lead to a bored and unhappy little piggy. But even if you take him out daily and play with him, it is important that he has a sufficiently spacious cage with everything he needs to keep his spirits up. Therefore, the cage should be at least one meter long for one animal; if you have two piggy pets, opt for a cage of at least 120 x 60 x 45 cm.

    Besides, the guinea pig is not a climbing rodent. Thus, you can buy him a cage of a fairly large size, since he is not likely to climb and injure himself if he falls. The commercial type of guinea pig cage often has the downside of being too narrow. So, choose a cage with bars for rabbits or ferrets. Indeed, floor space will be very important for your guinea pig.

    Types of Cage Structure

    Standard Cage

    The standard cage with bars is maybe the most suitable for your guinea pig. You can choose a cage intended, a priori, for dwarf rabbits which will be the size necessary for the well-being of your guinea pig. It has several advantages: in particular, that of allowing the small animal to have direct contact with its environment, which is very important for him.

    In addition, it offers good air circulation which will prevent your guinea pig from being inconvenienced by the dust generated by its activity (although it is recommended to choose a dust-free litter, in hemp or linen by example). Also, the cage with bars is equipped with a solid and flat plastic bottom, in which you will place the litter. The bottom is removable to make cleaning easier.

    Finally, it is practical because it allows you to easily attach several accessories: rack, water bottle, feeder.

    Note: Usually, the cages sold in stores or online are made with non-toxic materials that won’t harm your small mammal.

    Guinea Pig Pen

    Guinea Pig Pen

    You can also opt for a guinea pig pen. However, if you are heading towards this purchase, make sure you have enough space, either in a large room or in your garden outside. This will give your pet semi-freedom, which will suit him even better than being locked between four gates.

    However, it is essential that this cage be safe to prevent your guinea pig from escaping or predators entering it. So, make sure that your cage has a good locking system for its doors and special clippings to keep the mesh in place.

    Cubes and Correx (C & C)

    Another style that is gaining popularity in the UK is the C & C cage, which is perfect for indoor environments.

    C & C stands for Cubes and Correx: the cage walls are made from wire mesh grids and the base is made from durable and easy to clean correx plastic.

    This type of cage allows your guinea pigs to play safely, thanks to the metal grid and the spongy, soft floor. However, you will need to have sufficient space, as this type of cage takes up a lot of space. But it offers a lot of interactive play possibilities to keep your guinea pig mentally and physically stimulated!divider-guineapig

    Must-Have Accessories

    Cozy Shelter

    When you buy the cage for your guinea pig, take the opportunity to purchase all the necessary equipment.

    Among the essential elements for your pet’s daily life, he will need a cozy shelter or a small house to sleep in. Several models exist, in PVC or in natural materials (wood, straw). PVC is easier to clean, while natural material shelters must be replaced regularly.

    Knowing that the guinea pig measures between 20 to 25 cm, choose a shelter of sufficient length so that he can enter easily and feel comfortable. On the other hand, the guinea pig prefers a double-entry shelter (one entry and one exit) because it feels more secure there.

    You can also opt for a charming little house in natural pine, but be careful with wooden materials because your guinea pig could nibble them. Make sure he has enough food to chew on, which will keep him from eating the walls of his house! There are also models with multiple openings, which gives him the choice to enter and exit where he wants. And, if the size of the cage allows it, place a small bridge inside that he will have fun walking under.

    In addition, the guinea pig likes to have a cozy little nest for its moments of rest. It could be a natural nest that the rodent can arrange as it pleases, made up of natural fibers, such as straw. Or, you can install a small cushion adapted to his size so that he can snuggle up at the end of a grueling day of play!

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    guinea pig
    Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

    Food Accessories

    Two bowls or two feeders will be useful for distributing the different types of food: the first will contain the dry food (pellets), the second the fresh vegetables (vegetables or fruits).

    If you choose the bowls, they should be heavy and stable enough so that your mischievous rodent cannot move or knock them over.

    The feeder is practical because it attaches to the bars of the cage and therefore cannot be overturned. Instead of the vegetable bowl, there are vegetable baskets you can hang inside the cage.

    Finally, to keep your guinea pig well hydrated, place a water bottle on the bars of the cage; this is the most convenient way to make him drink. Avoid the water bowl as much as possible: the guinea pig could inadvertently introduce feces and other contaminants into it.divider-guineapig


    Guinea pig cages have evolved over time to suit the specific needs of these calm and lovable rodents. No more cramming them into a hamster cage too small for their size! However, it can be difficult to navigate the panoply of options available on the market. Our research and reviews enabled us to select five options for guinea pig cages in the UK; The MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus is without a doubt the best overall option, and we also suggest checking out the SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen if you are looking for value.

    Hopefully, we’ve helped you find your piggy’s newest home.

    Featured Image Credit: StineMah, Shutterstock

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