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30 Best Pet Affiliate Programs of 2024: Commissions, Cookies & More!

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Pet lovers will spend money to take care of and provide the best comfort for their little best friends. In the U.S. alone, the money spent on pet products is around $72 billion, which shows there is a big opportunity for one to make money in pet products.

Affiliates can take advantage of the huge market and use their influence to share the revenue by finding the best niche products and ensuring they sell as much as possible or refer as many customers as possible. This is how they increase their earning potential.

In this article, we will look at some of the best pet affiliate programs, taking into consideration the best niches where affiliates can get an easier time selling or referring people to different websites.


The 30 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

1. Hepper Modern Cat Furniture


Commission Rate: 12%
Payment: Twice a month
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Hepper is a pet product company that works to provide innovative and high-quality cat and kitten products, including beds, pods, scratchers, and more. The goal of Hepper is to ensure cat lovers have a place they can trust in terms of quality and competitive prices, which are not driven by mass markets.

One of the great things about working with the Hepper affiliate program is that the average basket value is quite high, and the conversion rate for customer orders is also impressive.

Hepper works with several veterinarians, who ensure that whatever is created through the company is perfect for the pet’s health.

Affiliates start out with a 12% commission for sales brought in, and their affiliate program is based on Post Affiliate Pro which is a great affiliate platform to use.

Disclaimer: At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company. We are now the owners of Hepper.

2. Petco Supplies


Commission: 0%-4%
EPC: $45.95
Cookie Duration: 7 days

You may not know about Petco’s affiliate program, but you most likely have heard about them or made a purchase from one of their numerous stores. Petco is an old company, having started operations way back in the 60s.

Apart from selling virtually all the accessories you can think of, the company also dabbles in dog grooming, veterinarian services, obedience classes, and pet sitting.

Petco dates back way before the internet was a thing. It first started with stores, owning around 1,550 in the U.S., before adding mail order services as part of their business.

With the introduction of the internet, the company took advantage of social media and affiliate marketing to acquire a huge presence online and drive up its sales.

There are many opportunities for affiliate marketers with the company; however, Petco pays little to no commission on sales! Yes! That’s right, zero $! But their EPC rates are high, which will see you earn up to $45.95.

3. Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs

Commission: 75%
Gravity: 70.44
Cookie Duration: 60 days

The Brain Training for Dogs Affiliate program is best for people with dogs that have some behavioral problems. The program is a seven-module lesson from a certified dog trainer, which helps teach the dog some manners through games between the pet and owner. Games as a means of training provides a conducive and non-coercive way of achieving results.

The old saying, ‘old dogs cannot learn new tricks’, may be a stretch too far. However, through something referred to as neuroplasty, the Brain Training Affiliate Program shattered the belief, as even old dogs have been seen to learn new tricks, changing their behavior and temperament.

The Affiliate program is run through ClickBank, where affiliates can earn up to 75% commission for every customer referred.

A great thing about the affiliate program is its high gravity which translates to better traffic conversions than other ClickBank offers.

4. Ollie

ollie homepage

Commission Rate: $60
EPC: $183.71
Cookie Duration: 30 days

They say you are what you eat, and if this is so, you don’t want your furry best friend ingesting something unhealthy, which can translate into discomfort and diseases. So in comes Ollie, a dog food brand that creates its meals strictly from human-grade meat.

Most dog foods in the market currently come with fillers which are not recommended for dogs. Such food is also unfit for humans, which makes it suspicious for any pet owner.

However, we are all used to giving our dogs a piece of what we eat; ask the baby serving their dog some bacon under the table. This means most people will trust dog food made from human-grade elements.

What sets the company apart from other dog food brands is their tailor-made diets, which depend on the dog’s breed, age, and activity level.

The company’s metrics are a sure bait for affiliate marketers, as they offer some of the best numbers, making it worthwhile.  Customers referred through an affiliate link translates to an automatic $60 commission.

The company is also involved with dogs in need, donating part of their proceeds to dog-worthy causes.

5. Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free

Commission Rate: 30%
EPC: $194.84
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Your dog may be well trained, always informing you when the need to usy the potty arises. However, once in a while, accidents are inevitable, and the pet may go pee somewhere around the house. Rather than wasting your time with your nostrils in the air searching for the source of the urine stench, you can get something to get rid of it.

Live Pee Free offers the power of positively charged ions in the billions, covering fabrics and other surfaces. The product is one of the best in the market, which comes in handy for affiliate marketers making sales and attracting people to the site.

Being an odor-based affiliate program, the affiliate marketer gets a wide market to try and influence, being that the affiliate link can be attached to anything, including programs for pet sites, home décor sites, rental sites, and more.

6. PetPlate


Commission Rate: 25 – 50%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

PetPlate is a human-quality food subscription service that is currently gaining traction in the pet food industry. The company makes its food with as little processing as possible and uses USDA meat, fruits, and vegetables. The meals are created with the help of a pet nutritionist and cooked by a team of chefs to ensure your pet gets only the best.

The food is packed in ready-to-eat pre-portioned cups, which are delivered straight to the client, making it an easy time feeding your puppy.

The company operates primarily in the USA, and affiliate marketers will have to promote the brand and its product in the U.S.

If you are looking to join the company’s affiliate marketing team, you will have to be a member of either Share a Sale or a direct member of the program.

Affiliate marketers earn a decent commission at 25%. They also have a pretty decent cookie period at 30 days.

7. Holista Pet


Commission: 25%
EPC: $239
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Cannabis and cannabis products are big business right now; with increased knowledge of the positive impact of cannabis and cannabis products, there is an increased market for cannabis-based health products for both pets and humans.

A unique thing about cannabis-based oils on pets is the little to no side effects while using them compared to traditional pet medicine. HolistaPet saw a niche in this market and ventured into it, providing CBD-infused edibles and oils for horses, dogs, and cats.

HolistaPet uses some of the best hemps in North America, extracting it with CO2, to ensure there are no foreign materials on the products that may pose a danger to your best buddy.

HolistaPet offers its affiliates pretty decent rates with amazing EPC prices, which makes it worth your time.


Commission: 20%
EPC: $102.50
Cookie Duration: 30 days offers an alternative site to get your pet the best beds in the industry. Their beds are unique in that they can also be made to match your decor on top of the comfort. In addition, they come as throwaway rugs, which provide the ultimate comfort for your pet.

The beds are made from memory foam, with replaceable covers that are odor-resistant and amazing for small puppies. Expect some snores whenever your pet goes to sleep on one of these.

The company may offer a lower commission but will provide a pretty decent amount of EPC, plus month long cookie duration.

9. Whistle


Commission: 20%
EPC: $97. 34
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Whistle is a GPRS device for dogs, providing more than just tracking services. A good tip for working with Whistle as an affiliate marketer is that the trackers are currently selling like hot cake, and the market is still new with little to no competition.

Most pet owners cannot afford to keep a constant eye on their furry friends, and a GPRS tracker is a welcome relief, especially for wandering and stolen dogs.

Apart from tracking, the GPRS comes with 20-day battery life, night light, and a waterproof casing.  It will monitor the dog’s health through reporting on such things as excessive scratching or licking and uncommon sleeping patterns.

The only downside about the product is the mandatory renewable subscription service, costing you $9.95 a month.

With a month’s cookie duration, decent commission, and amazing EPCs, the company is a perfect place for any affiliate marketer to start with.

10. FurHaven Pet Products

FurHaven Pet Products


Commission: 10%
EPC: $133.29
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Most pet owners want their animals as cozy and as comfortable as they are themselves. This is why they allow the pet on their beds, seats, and virtually anywhere else they want to go. Most pet owners will also buy comfort items for the dog, and one of the most common of these is a dog bed, somewhere your pup can have all to themselves.

Most dogs get attached to two things in their possession—their favorite play toy and their bed.  Move the bed, and the dog will move with it, making it an important part of your pet’s life.

FurHaven saw an opportunity to provide pet owners with the best luxury beds for their furry best friends. Imagine your dog in an orthopedic bed, providing safe, healthy, and comfortable sleep. FurHaven will do it for you.

The company offers lower commissions on the affiliate side than most, but with their high conversion rates, you are likely to get increased sales translating to more money. However, they have pretty decent EPC and also offer a month long cookie duration.

11.  Chewy


Commission Rate: $15 per new customer
Cookie Duration: 15 days

Chewy is an all-around pet store that provides various products, not only for cats and dogs but also other kinds of pets, including reptiles, birds, fish, and horses. This means affiliates have a huge market they can sell to, increasing the possibilities of making sales.

Chewy offers its affiliates the chance to sell and promote more than a thousand products through Partnerize, the store’s official affiliate partner.

The company does not offer affiliates commissions on sales made; rather, you get a flat fee of $15 for each customer you bring in. The store defines a new customer as someone who has not been on the site for at least 12 months.

Their smaller 15-day cookie policy may also seem like a downer, but with the vast amount of products and conversion rates, the affiliate program offers an easier route to pay out, plus you won’t have to push products.

Chewy comes with full tech support and an easier time joining the program, so long as your website meets its threshold.

12.  FitBark


Commission Rate: starting at 12%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Fitness is the in thing now; people are all about taking care of their bodies through dieting and exercising. So it is no surprise pets have become part of the regiment as owners love to take them out as they go for a walk or a jog.

FitBark is a GPS tracker that will help locate your dog and monitor the dog’s habits, providing detailed health reports about your dog. For example, they track the dog’s sleeping patterns and behavior, providing important information to help the vet make better judgments about the dog.

As you start with the company, you will get a low commission per sale, yet the average sales are mainly at $100, so you will still earn a good amount of money. Plus, the company serves over 140 countries globally, providing huge marketing and more chances of making a sale.

The FitBark affiliate program also comes with a 60-day cookie, meaning you have a higher chance of making money from people who don’t make the purchase immediately.

The company also uses all the information it gets from clients to help research pet wellness, meaning working for them will also be a way of pitching in on helping animals.

Also: if you are the owner of a dog website we recommend reading this list of dog affiliate programs, as it shows a lot of great canine brands to work with.

13. King Kanine

King Kanine

Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

King Kanine is sort of an unusual brand, as all they came into the market with initially was the King Komb, a product for removing excess hair from the dog. However, they have since shifted into the CBD business, providing CBD oils and treats for cats, canines, and horses.

The company does not come with a huge range, but they are well-positioned in terms of products to make it easy for an affiliate to make some decent income. In addition, CBD products are increasing in demand, and pets have been added to the group, with many people preferring to have their pets treated with CBD rather than normal dog medicine.

King Kanine affiliates will get commissions for their work, industry-standard cookie lengths, and immediate payouts. The brand also works with both domestic and international shipping, meaning you will have a wider reach.

14. Rover


Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Rover is a company involved with pet sitting, among other services, and serves both local and international communities. They contract local members of the community who get paid to help with pet sitting.

Assuming you are away or intend to travel and cannot take your dog with you, the Rover services will allow you to board your pet and provide doggy daycare. You can also opt for the drop-in visits where the sitter comes to play with the pet, provide some food, and help clean the litter box.

15. My Bully Sticks

My Bully Sticks

Commission: 8%-20%
EPC: 3.36 averages
Cookie Duration: 45 days

This online company started out selling bully sticks and later evolved to include other food products as part of its brand.

The affiliate program under the company provides a decent payout with several promotional coupons and shipping offers. In addition, you can expect to earn a commission of between 8% and 20% depending on the sales you bring in, with an average EPC of 3.36.

To join the company affiliate program, you will need to be part of the FlexOffers or Commission Junction program.

The company’s affiliate programs only work with people owning pet-based blogs and websites. There are also other promotional items such as weekly offers and monthly offers.

16. Yumwoof


Commission: 15%
EPC: $200
Cookie Duration: 45 days

One of the good stories you can get from the recession is the Yumwoof Company. Born out of the inability of a chef to buy kibble for his dogs, he liaised with local veterinarians and pet nutritionists and came up with what is now Yumwoof.

Although the product has undergone some evolution over time, the principal value is its healthy and positive effects on your pet.

The company uses fresh human-grade ingredients to make some of the most delicious, tasty, and healthy meals for dogs. Yumwoof products undergo the least amount of processing and avoid preservatives, fillers, and ultra-processed foods.

17.  Muttropolis


Commission Rate: 12%
Cookie Duration: 120 days

Muttropolis is a supplier of various pet products, including treats, collars, apparel, dog and cat feeders, toys, bedding harnesses, and more. The company was built from the ground up with the desire to provide some of the best quality products for pets. So they opened their first store in Solana Beach, and the rest is history.

The company is a great place for affiliate marketers as it comes with some of the longest cookie durations, fast and easy sign-ups, and an okay commission of 12%. It has also partnered with to provide its affiliates with some of the best affiliate tools to ensure they maximize their capability.

Muttropolis also offers a reward plan to entice customers, which in turn helps them in customer retention after the affiliate marketer refers a client to the site.

It also donates at least 1% of its profit to no-kill animal shelters, meaning affiliates will be part of saving pet lives. Affiliates will also be the first to know about new products and everything about the company.

18.  Cherrybrook


Commission Rate: Up to 12%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Cherrybrook is an old company, having existed for around 5o years, meaning it has a reliable market base and huge reach as it sells both locally and internationally. There are over 13,000 products ready to be sold and available for affiliates.

The products include grooming supplies, learning materials, and gifts. They also allow customers to search for products within their sites based on the breed of the dog.

The way the affiliate program works is to get a base commission while starting, which will, in this case, depend on the number of sales you make. Their base commission per sale is 6%, but after making at least $5,000 a month in sales, you get your commission rate increased to 10%. If you maintain at least $10,000 in sales monthly, you will see your commission double from 6 to 12%.

There is a good duration of cookies, standing at 45 days. This affiliate program may not be the best out there, but it is pretty decent, and depending on your marketing skills, it will see you earn a good amount of money over time.

The best thing about the Cherrybrook Affiliate Program is that their products and services cater to a huge market in the pet world, from groomers to pet owners to show dog professionals.

19.  TruDog


Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

You will not find a better story of a small business that started due to the sad passing away of the owner’s dog and grew into a successful enterprise.  The founder decided to venture into dog nutrition by creating a wholesome nutritional diet for dogs.

The company may not be as big as the competition, but it offers various products that cater to dogs’ health, including dental wellness. You can even get a custom subscription meal plan.

For affiliates, there are several ways you can make an income through the company, including a 10% bonus on all sales for top performers and two-tier sign-up bonuses, where you choose either commissions or a flat rate.

The best thing about the company is the duration of the cookies, which are 90 days long, giving you a 3-month window of earning in case the customer uses one of your links.

The company also offers customers any support they need through affiliate programs, plus it will be a way of supporting the small business owner.

The company takes enough care to ensure that all sitters pass a background check, provide full personal information, and are approved by a team of sitter specialists.

Since the company does not major on products, affiliates get paid through referrals, with a decent amount of cookie time.

20.  Pet Care

ASPCA Pet Care

Commission: 10%
EPC: $82.88
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Pet Care Affiliates is one of the smart companies in the market, which chose to capitalize on a sub-niche rather than sell all pet everything. Instead, the company specializes in pet health products, making it easier for people with sick or unhealthy pets to go somewhere catering strictly to their problems.

A great thing about the company is that it provides what you need at your doorstep and at a lower price. The company products include all your normal brands, including Advantage and Capstar, several pet shampoos and tick collars, and oral hygiene products.

Pet Care offers a 10% commission on sales made by affiliates, which may seem low, but gauging on the fact that most of their products start at $100, you can get yourself at least $10 per sale. Multiply this across several sales, and you are on your way to making some good money.

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21.  My Pet Warehouse

Pet Warehouse

Commission Rate: Up to 8%
Cookie Duration: 10 days

This may not look like the best affiliate program out there due to the low commission. Still, it comes with some advantages, where sales are easier to make, have a wide range of products, and are always expanding their inventory, meaning you will always have several products to sell at a time, increasing the earning potential.

The My Pet Warehouse Affiliate program will see you start from 6% commissions to 8% for the more accomplished affiliates. Most of the products sold start from $60, meaning you get around $4 a sale. With the huge number of products, some skill, and patience, you can turn that $4 into a couple of hundreds or thousands.

The company used to have a pretty decent amount of cookie time at a month but was sadly changed to 10 days. The company is also strict on who it will affiliate itself with, restricting itself strictly to pet-based websites. In addition, they will not accept coupons or discount sites as partners.

The only advantage we can attach to the company is their low prices compared to the competition and the huge variety and number of products, which makes it easier to make a sale.

22.  Embark


Commission: 10%
EPC: $73.75
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Embark is one of the best companies to work for as an affiliate; it comes with some of the best incentives, including the highest EPC rates and payouts in the market.

The company has one of the most creative and attractive domain names, insanely clever products, and into the latest pet trend, DNA testing. There has always been a question about what makes dogs different in terms of health, where other dogs live long lives while others are constantly facing health issues.

The founders of the company had the same question in mind and took it upon themselves to travel around the world researching dog health at a genetic level. This was a product based on breed identification and health kits, which help pre-empt health issues that may catch the dog in the future.

The product provides information about the dog, from ancestry, behavioral, and epigenetic habits.

23.  Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Commission Rate: 12%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Furbo Dog Camera is a company that deals with interactive cameras that allow the pet’s parents to communicate with the dog, see them, and even throw them treats.  The camera is phone and Alexa enabled, and users can schedule treat tossing and voice commands, keeping your fluffy friends company, even when you are not there.

The company has made quite the buzz and has seen mentions at places like TechCrunch and gotten endorsements from celebrities such as Ellen Degenerates.

The company affiliate program is exclusively run and managed by ShareASale and allows affiliates to run promotions which help market their products better.

Affiliates can join the company as it comes with good commission rates, high average sales, and optimized creativity. Affiliates can expect around 10% commission rates, with the average sale rates standing at $187.

24.  Animal Den

Animal Den

Commission Rate: 12%-13%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with their pets? Someone you know would be more impressed with a pet gift than a normal human gift? Well, Animal Den is the perfect place for you.

The company is the number one place to get the perfect gift from a pet lover. They have thousands of products for you to choose from, selling everything from mousepads, mugs, jewelry, and T-shirts.  A great thing about the company product is the customer satisfaction numbers between 60% and 100%.

Affiliates will like working for the company’s affiliate program, which comes with pretty great commissions and long cookie durations.

The affiliate program is set up in a tiered structure way, where the affiliate marketer will increase their commissions depending on the sales they bring. For sales worth $1,000 a month, an affiliate marketer will get around 12% commissions, while gross sales above $1,000 will see the marketer get 13% commission.

25.  Bark Potty

Bark Potty

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Bark Potty is a pee pad company providing something for your pet to relieve themselves while indoors. The potty is made of bark and comes with certain smells that encourage the dog to pee on the potty pad.  The tray is leak-proof, with the bark naturally neutralizing odors, to keep that pee smell at bay, with just one bark potty replacing up to 50 pee pads.

The company offers its customers low-cost subscriptions to ensure they can get new bark potties whenever they need them. In addition, the bark potty will be regularly replaced, meaning; you won’t have to clean it, just pick the poop from the potty and dispose of it.

The bark potty is also stable and will not rot like grass.

The bark potty is great for affiliate marketers as it comes with decent cookie durations and a 10% fixed per sale commission whether you are a noob or expert.

26.  Dog Med Laser

Dog Med Laser

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Dog Made Laser results from the evolution of photo Bio Modulation lasers for humans used to reduce pain and accelerate healing. Manufactured by Antares Technology, they also created something similar for dogs to be used by pet owners to reduce and help heal their pets.

The nitty-gritty of how the technology works is such that the laser’s light helps boost cellular communication towards reducing pain and accelerated healing.

The dog-made laser is used in such a way that you will have to choose a treatment program on the laser and the brush type you will use.  Do the same routine daily for maximum impact.

They work great against arthritis, dislocations, shoulder dysplasia, etc. They will also treat your pet’s acute and chronic pains.

This is a great product for affiliate marketers. It works and provides a technology that helps alleviate pain, something any pet owner will go for, making sales easier to get.

The company’s affiliate program pays at a rate similar to most affiliate programs, with a month’s worth of cookie duration.

27.  Revival Animal

Revival Animal

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

The company was the brainchild of Dr. Roy Nielson, Jr., first started in 1989 as a second business out of his basement. The good doctor was looking to provide quality care for pets through providing medication, supplements, and vaccines. The company has since evolved to a national health company for pets with around 60 employees, two locations, and a modern warehouse.

Their website alone has more than 1,400 products ready for affiliates to market.

Affiliate Marketers will love the company as it provides a high average order size, a pretty decent commission, and more than a month of cookie duration.

Affiliate Marketers will have a great time working for the company, as apart from the good average order size, it also has a huge number of products making it easier to make a sale. The company uses the services of Commission Junction to manage the affiliate program.

To join them, you can search at the advertisers’ section on Commission Junction.

There are several great incentives for marketers to lure customers, including customer promotions, free shipping, and special offers.

28.  Raised Right

Raised Right

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

This company is mainly concerned with providing the best food for pets, concentrating its efforts on creating healthy human-grade food for dogs. In addition, the company provides food for pets with low carbs and works with nutritionists and veterinarians in creating their diets. The company already has an award for the 2019 Innovations Award nutrition.

The company is family-owned and provides all its ingredients to customers to track what is in each product they buy.

Raised Right offers affiliate marketers commissions per sale, with a half-month cookie duration limit. The sign-up process is also fairly easy and if you meet their criteria, you will be on your way to making some good money with the company.

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29.  VetShop

Vet Shop

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

VetShop is one of the top online pet stores in America, providing quality over-the-counter pet medicines and competitive prices. VetShop was created for people looking to save on the financial impact pet medicine comes with.

A sick dog may quickly run up the bill, and due to the love we have for our pets, we are always willing to do nearly anything to help protect them and provide the most comfortable existence available. If you choose to buy your medicine through VetShop, you will get the same level of quality and best brands of medicines you want at the lowest conceivable cost.

At the same time, VetShop also offers refunds in case of a problem and caters to the cost of return postage.

The company offers similar levels of commissions to a bunch of other companies at 10%. The disadvantage with its affiliate marketing program is the little cookie duration of a week, resulting in loss of revenue for the affiliate marketer, especially when the buyer takes time to make a purchase.

30.  Pet Pro Supply Co.

Pet Pro Supply Co

Commission: 4%
EPC: $132.54
Cookie Duration: 15 days

If you are looking for a niche-based affiliate program, then this is it.  Most of the products sold by the company only appeal to a specific audience. The company specifically caters to professionals, including vets and dog trainers, as they provide a level of quality and expertise you cannot find anywhere else.

The other great thing about the company is that they provide these quality products at the lowest prices. The company also offers a special level of service, where customers can pay for their items in four different intervals at an interest-free rate.

The commission paid by the company may be one of the lowest on the list, but considering that the product may cost up to $899 a piece, it sort of starts to make financial sense for the affiliate.

The company only offers half a month’s worth of cookie time, which may not be ideal, but being a niche company, most customers do not take a long time to make their purchases.



When you think of pet affiliate programs, you probably didn’t think there would be so many diverse and unique options you can choose from. This allows you to carefully research your niche and ask yourself what your audience wants before settling on a specific program.

Whichever affiliate program you choose, just remember to be consistent and sharpen your marketing skills, and you will be well on your way to making some good money.

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