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9 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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As a rabbit owner, you likely already know that clean, fresh hay is one of four essentials for a rabbit’s health and well-being. Combine an abundant source of timothy hay with fresh water, safe shelter, and plenty of opportunities for socializing, and your bunny will be happy and healthy for years to come.

Good hay isn’t cheap, though — and if you’re using anything other than a rabbit hay feeder to supply your furry friend, they’re just as likely to end up using it as bedding as they are to eat it. We’ve tested just about every method of hay feeding out there with our rabbits and we’ve consistently come back to the convenience and economy of a metal hay feeder for all of our rabbits.

Now, we’re putting this experience to good use in testing, examining, and reviewing every hay feeder we could find to bring you these reviews of the nine best feeders out there.


A Quick Comparison of the Winners in 2022:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Niteangel Niteangel
  • Can be used freestanding or attached to a cage
  • designed to keep mess to a minimum and save hay
  • Durable construction resists chewing and breaking
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder
  • Supply of fresh food
  • Holds food for five days
  • Easy to mount on wire cages
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    SunGrow SunGrow
  • Easy to hang with included clips
  • Spring-loaded fence prevents messes and wasted hay
  • Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder
  • Easy to use
  • Includes locking lid
  • Free salt licker
  • Trixie Metal Rabbit Hanging Trixie Metal Rabbit Hanging
  • Tight bar spacing prevents unnecessary waste
  • Chew-proof metal wires make it long-lasting
  • The 9 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders:

    1. Niteangel Rabbit Hay Feeder – Best Overall

    Niteangel Grass Feeder

    Made from rabbit-safe hardwood and offering spaces for both kibble and hay, the Niteangel Grass Feeder is the most versatile rabbit hay feeder of any we reviewed. We love its hang-anywhere design and medium size, as well as how it provides just the right amount of challenge for your rabbit to get to their hay.

    Offering options for cage hanging or being nestled into a corner as a stand-alone feeder, the Niteangel feeder does a great job of keeping hay rack messes to a minimum and preventing needless waste. We can confidently recommend it for nearly any rabbit owner, as it is available at a completely reasonable price.

    • Stores both hay and kibble in one convenient space
    • Can be used freestanding or attached to a cage with the provided hooks
    • Small space between slats keeps mess to a minimum and saves hay
    • Durable construction resists chewing and breaking
    • Too small for large rabbit breeds or multiple adult rabbits

    2. Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder – Best Value

    Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder

    The Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder is a cheap hay feeder that will hold up to two pounds of food. It will supply food for your rabbit for up to five days and the sifter floor removes dust from pellets, which could lead to respiratory problems in your rabbit.

    The feeder bin includes a mounting bracket so it can be easily fitted to the side of a wire or metal cage. If you have a plastic or glass cage, you can buy suction cups separately, which enable you to fix the system inside these cages. The gravity feeder will cause less of a mess in the cage, compared to using an easily tipped bowl. It also means that your rabbits can enjoy a constant supply of fresh hay, and it is easy to fix and remove as required.

    It is a really good price, hence our choice as the best rabbit hay feeder for the money, but this does explain why it is made from plastic. Some rabbits may easily chew through the plastic container.

    • Cheap
    • Supply of fresh food
    • Holds food for five days
    • Easy to mount on wire cages
    • Plastic is easily chewed

    3. SunGrow Rabbit Hay Feeder – Premium Choice

    SunGrow Rabbit Hay Feeder

    A dedicated hay rack dispenser that’s designed for easy cleanup and refills, the Sungrow Rabbit Hay Feeder uses a spring-loaded fence to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene in your rabbit’s enclosure. Measuring 7 inches by 6 inches, it’s also one of the largest hay feeders of any that we tested — making it ideal for large rabbit breeds or houses with multiple bunnies.

    The higher cost of this SunGrow feeder is easily justified by its ease of use and waste-preventing design. By keeping the loaded hay tightly compressed, the spring-loaded fence will keep your rabbit from pulling out more hay than they need to eat at one time. Add to that its hanging clip features for easy installation, and this premium feeder is as convenient to use as it is effective.

    • Large enough to feed multiple rabbits or larger breeds
    • Easy to hang with included clips
    • Spring-loaded fence prevents messes and wasted hay
    • Small springs can be damaged by very large rabbits pulling on them

    4. Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder

    Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder

    The Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder is a wire food hanger that attaches to the side of metal cages and holds your rabbit’s hay in place while he eats. Because the cage is suspended away from the floor, food remains clean and free of debris.

    The Animal Hay Feeder also prevents food from being wasted when it is thrown to the ground of the cage. It is a simple design, the metal clasps work reasonably well to attach the powder-coated wire hanger to a metal cage, and you get a locking lid to prevent your rabbit from dragging all of the food out in one go, and a free salt licker with every purchase.

    It is quite a small holder, and you may need something larger for your rabbit, and it doesn’t do the best job of holding hay in place, but it is relatively cheap and it is very simple to use.

    • Easy to use
    • Includes locking lid
    • Free salt licker
    • Doesn’t retain mess
    • Easy to knock off

    5. Trixie Metal Hanging Rabbit Hay Feeders

    Trixie Metal Rabbit Hanging Hay Manger

    Another powder-coated metal option for your rabbit’s hay feeder, the Trixie Hanging Hay Manger features plenty of space for hay and tightly spaced bars that are ideal for moderating your rabbit’s food waste. Offering a different hanging system than other wire hay rack feeders, it’s a good alternative for owners whose rabbits are prone to pulling down their feeders.

    The side-facing hooks for the Trixie hay rack are a defining feature of this feeder, as they prevent larger and stronger rabbit breeds from pulling the feeder directly upward to dislodge it. Add this to its larger hay capacity, and we can strongly recommend this feeder for anyone who owns larger or more mischievous rabbits.

    • Side-facing hooks keep this feeder stably attached to any cage
    • Large hay rack is great for houses with multiple rabbits or large breeds
    • Tight bar spacing prevents unnecessary waste
    • Chew-proof metal wires make it a long-lasting investment
    • On the expensive side

    6. Lixit Hay Rack Feeders

    Lixit 30-0169-024 Hay Rack

    As the only hay rack in our review designed to be mounted on the outside of a rabbit’s cage, this hay feeder from Lixit may be the best choice for rabbits that are constantly knocking their feeders off the wall. Featuring a large hay rack and easy hanging clips, it’s a good option that is only hampered by a small design flaw.

    Because it hangs outside the cage, Lixit’s hay rack is completely dependent on the design of your rabbit’s cage to make it effective. If the enclosure features widely spaced bars or grates, then hay will fall out at the slightest touch — potentially making it one of the messiest feeders we tested. For owners whose enclosures feature tightly spaced bars, it’s an excellent and mess-free alternative.

    • Unique outside-the-cage design prevents it from being knocked down
    • Large enough to hold hay for big rabbits or multiple feedings
    • Easy clip-on design
    • Effectiveness depends on the style and dimensions of your rabbit cage
    • Can be very messy on the wrong cage

    7. RUBYHOME Bunny Hay Feeder

    RUBYHOME Hay Feeder

    Featuring a heavy metal grate and hard plastic shell, the RUBYHOME hay feeder is another durable option that also has the advantage of saving space in small enclosures. A screw-on hanging system makes it suitable for almost any cage, and the tight fit for hay helps to keep messes and waste to a minimum.

    Like many rabbit hay feeders, though, the RUBYHOME is quite small — making it more suitable for small or dwarf rabbit breeds but requiring very frequent refills for medium or large rabbits. Its space-saving design makes it a good option for owners with small rabbits and small cages.

    • Easily adjustable installation system is sturdy and reliable
    • Plastic and metal construction for enhanced durability
    • Tight hay enclosure efficiently reduces mess and waste
    • Quite small
    • Not suitable for larger rabbit breeds

    8. Oxbow Apple Stick Rabbit Hay Feeder

    Oxbow Apple Stick Hay Feeder

    Maybe the most unique hay feeder of any that we tested, the Oxbow Apple Stick Hay Feeder combines a play toy and rabbit hay rack into one interesting product. Its tightly-woven design would, at first glance, appear to keep your rabbit from making a mess — but this is overshadowed by its unstable hanging system and easy chewability.

    In short, if you’re looking for a hay feeder that can complement or accompany your current feeding system, the Oxbow feeder may provide hours of entertainment for restless rabbits. As an everyday feeding hay rack solution, however, we cannot highly recommend it.

    • Fun design encourages your rabbit to play
    • Completely safe for rabbits to eat
    • Won’t last for very long
    • Hanging system doesn’t stay in place well

    9. Kaytee Rabbit Hay Buffet Feeders

    Kaytee Rabbit Hay Buffet Feeder

    At first glance, the Kaytee Rabbit Hay Buffet Feeder seems comparable to many other rabbit feeders in this article. It’s moderately sized, with tightly spaced bars and a locking top to prevent messes and waste. Integrated hooks also make it easy to install.

    For most rabbit owners though, there’s one difference that makes it a less viable choice for providing your bunny with hay — the plastic is not nearly durable enough and most rabbits will chew it apart in no time. Aside from needing to replace it, the chips of plastic can also become a danger to your rabbit’s health.

    • Inexpensive
    • Size is good for most rabbits
    • Plastic is too easy to chew and break
    • Chips of plastic can pose a health hazard to your rabbit
    • Not durable enough to justify the cost

    Buyer’s Guide

    Below are the questions and attributes that we consider while testing and reviewing new products for our rabbits. Read along and answer the questions as they apply to your own home and rabbits, and you’ll be able to decide on the perfect hay feeder for your furry friends.

    Who Needs A Rabbit Hay Feeder?

    Left to their own devices, every rabbit that we’ve ever known is just as likely to pee or sleep on their hay as they are to eat it. While this might be fine for their health, it’s quite a drain on your wallet to have fresh, premium-quality hay being used as bedding.

    Bringing your rabbit’s hay off the floor and storing it in a well-designed hay rack will help limit the amount of hay your rabbit can make a mess with. Simply put, hay feeders are a more hygienic and cost-effective option for feeding your rabbits their hay — and if you choose a well-made product, there are no real downsides except the initial cost.

    How to Choose the Best Rabbit Hay Feeder

    We look for three major things in every hay feeder:

    1. Durable construction. Any hay feeder will be directly between your rabbit’s sharp, gnawing teeth and the food pellets they so strongly want to eat. If you don’t choose one that’s built to last, your rabbit will destroy it at a moment’s notice.
    2. Compatibility with cages. Check the spacing of the grates on your rabbit’s enclosure to be sure that the new hay feeder will fit without issue. Our favorite hay feeders have easy-hang hooks that make installation fast and easy.
    3. Good access for feeding. How well can your rabbit access their hay rack? The ideal feeder will make it only slightly challenging for your rabbit to remove hay. That way, your rabbit will be unable to pull out all of the hay at once.

    Types of Rabbit Hay Feeders

    Feeders for rabbits all share a fairly simple design: A bin for hay, accessible between bars, that can be hung from your rabbit’s enclosure.

    The main difference, then, is the material that your feeder is made of. Metal or hardwood feeders are the best options, providing safety and durability in spades. Plastic or softwood feeders should generally be avoided, as they are too easy to chew through and can potentially cause gastrointestinal distress for your rabbit.

    How to Use a Rabbit Hay Feeder

    There’s just one simple rule that you should follow when setting up your rabbit’s feeder: place it over their litter box! Rabbits are notorious for pooping and eating in the same place, and often enjoy having hay within easy reach of their bathroom. Encourage good litter training behaviors by placing your new hay feeder right over your rabbit’s litter corner.

    See also: a breakdown of the best automatic hay feeders



    The Niteangel Grass Feeder is our favorite choice among every rabbit feeder in our reviews. More than just a hay feeder, it provides a convenient all-in-one solution for hay and kibble that also prevents your rabbit from eating too quickly or making a mess. Combine that with its durable construction and easy installation, and it’s clear to see why we recommend it for almost any rabbit owner.

    Offering similar utility at a lower price, the Kaytee Gravity Bin is an excellent alternative for any rabbit owner on a tighter budget. Its long-lasting molded plastic material and compact design make it a great option for anyone with just one rabbit, but it’s a bit too small to be used in houses with multiple rabbits.

    We also recently wrote a post about DIY rabbit hay feeders you can make yourself. Click here to see it.

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