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10 Best Rabbit Toys of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Three pillars support a rabbit’s health and happiness:

First, every rabbit requires adequate nutrition. Provide them with abundant sources of fresh water and timothy hay, and they’ll live to a ripe old age.

Second, your bunny needs a safe place to live. Give them a space of their own with hay and bedding, preferably shared with another rabbit to socialize with.

But perhaps the most important contributor to a rabbit’s quality of life is playtime! Combining the best of exercise and social stimulation, keeping your bunny entertained will not only ensure their continuing physical health, but also greatly benefit their mood and mental health.

That’s why we’ve made this list of reviews for the best rabbit toys around. It’s the product of extensive testing, chewing, and pawing by our own rabbits. Read on to discover our top 10 picks for toys your rabbit will love.

A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks (2022)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Peter's Woven Grass Small Animal Peter's Woven Grass Small Animal
  • Made from naturally harvested orchard grass
  • Free of dyes, colors, preservatives, and pesticides
  • Reasonably priced
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Kaytee Perfect Chews Kaytee Perfect Chews
  • Inexpensive
  • Attached clip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Oxbow Play Post Small Animal Oxbow Play Post Small Animal
  • No assembly required
  • Made entirely of bunny-safe, non-toxic materials
  • Niteangel Trio of Fun Activity Niteangel Trio of Fun Activity
  • Three different types of grasses
  • Open weave
  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Living World Teach N Treat Small Animal Living World Teach N Treat Small Animal
  • Interactive design
  • Three different difficulty levels
  • The 10 Best Rabbit Toys

    1. Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Rabbit Toy – Best Overall

    Peter's Woven Grass Ball Small Animal Toy

    When it comes to toys that your rabbit will absolutely love to play with, indeed, the simplest toys are often the best. Peter’s Woven Grass Ball is a perfect example. Made only of orchard grass clippings woven into a 5-inch ball shape, our rabbit testers absolutely loved pushing, nudging, chewing on, and throwing this toy around.

    Of course, a toy’s fun factor isn’t the only thing it needs to secure our number one spot as the best overall — it should also be 100% rabbit safe, and offer them an extra health benefit, too. Made with no dyes, colors, preservatives, or pesticides, Peter’s Woven Grass Ball toy is completely safe to chew on. It offers a great way to encourage your rabbit’s continuing dental health.

    When all is said and done, there’s nothing that our rabbits dislike about this toy from Peter’s. Perhaps the only downside is that our rabbits like them too much — and tend to chew through them rather quickly, adding to our monthly pet care bills.

    To conclude, we think this is the overall best rabbit toy available this year.

    • Made from naturally harvested orchard grass
    • Free of dyes, colors, preservatives, and pesticides
    • Completely safe to chew on
    • Good for dental health
    • Reasonably priced
    • Bunnies love to chew them completely apart
    • Costly to continue replacing

    2. Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy – Best Value

    Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy

    Inexpensive and playfully designed with rabbits in mind, the Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy is a cost-effective way to keep your rabbit exercising and entertained. At a cost less than a fancy coffee, it’s easily one of the best rabbit toys for the money out of any that we play-tested. Let’s look at why it deserves the title of “best value” in our review:

    Perfect for rabbits’ constantly curious appetites, the Kaytee Perfect Chews toy provides a great variety of colors, textures, and shapes for your rabbit to investigate. Our play-tester was suspicious of the brightly dyed colors at first, but quickly took to nibbling and tossing it around.

    Overall, there are very few toys available for rabbits that are cheaper and more entertaining than this one from Kaytee. The only potential downside is one specific to white rabbits: The vegetable-based dyes used for coloring the wooden blocks can leak onto your rabbit’s fur while chewing, leaving them with brightly colored mouths and faces.

    • Inexpensive
    • Gives lots of textures, color, and shapes to chew on
    • Attached clip so you can hang it in your rabbit’s enclosure
    • Vegetable-based dyes in blocks can bleed onto your rabbit’s fur when chewed

    3. Oxbow Play Post Rabbit Toys – Premium Choice

    Oxbow Play Post Small Animal Toy

    As an all-in-one playtime station, there’s no beating the Oxbow Play Post. Perfectly suited for young and highly energetic rabbits, this multi-level accessory can make an excellent addition to your rabbit’s enclosure. Featuring a wooden post mounted on a sturdy wooden base, the Oxbow Play Post is richly decorated with strings of naturally dyed blocks, balls, and tassels.

    While the Play Post packs a lot of entertainment into a small space, it really is better suited to small or dwarf breeds of rabbits. This made it perfectly sized for our Holland Lop, but not at all right for our Flemish Giant who towered over it and quickly knocked it over.

    For reference, it measures just over 7.5 inches high. Compare this to your rabbit’s size before buying, as the Play Post is quite expensive for a rabbit toy. But, when it comes to premium picks, we think this is the best bunny toy out there.

    • Huge number of options to explore
    • Self-contained post and base are easy to add to your rabbit’s enclosure
    • No assembly required
    • Made entirely of bunny-safe, non-toxic materials
    • Quite expensive
    • Fairly small

    4. Niteangel Trio of Fun Balls Activity Bunny Toys

    Niteangel Fun Pet Balls

    Remarkably similar to our top pick, the Niteangel Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy is another example of a simple and irresistible rabbit toy. Made from three different natural materials — seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan — your rabbit is sure to find one that they fall head over heels for.

    What’s more, the open weave design of each of these toys can be stuffed with food, hay, or treats to encourage even more raucous playtime. We love adding a blueberry or two to the water hyacinth ball and watching our rabbits knock it all over the house while trying to recover the treasure inside.

    In short, there’s very little to dislike about these simple, fun, and engaging rabbit toys. Perhaps the only downside is that occasionally, pickier rabbits dislike the material that a ball is made of. Thankfully, you would still have two other balls to offer them from this set of three.

    • Simple, natural design is completely safe for rabbits
    • Three different types of grasses to match any rabbit’s tastes
    • Open weave lets you fill them with food, hay, or treats
    • Comes in a pack of 3
    • Some rabbits strongly dislike one of the three natural materials

    5. Living World Teach N Treat Rabbit Toys

    Living World Teach N Treat Small Animal Toy

    Intended as an interactive and educational toy for small pets and birds, the Living World Teach N Treat may be the most mentally stimulating toy on our list. Three different challenges offer variety to your rabbit as they learn to forage, observe, and listen for where their next treat might come from.

    After testing this toy with our rabbits, however, the results are hit and miss. Our small and naturally curious rabbit took to it easily, but figured it out quickly enough and soon became bored by it. Meanwhile, our larger and older rabbit paid the Teach N Treat no attention at first — but once he got involved with it, he seemed to enjoy the play as much as the reward.

    In short, this medium-priced toy could be a complete hit or just a minor entertainment depending on your rabbit’s personality. We recommend it especially for rabbits who are usually only motivated by food.

    • Interactive design encourages foraging and exploring
    • Keeps your rabbit’s mind sharp and active
    • Three different difficulty levels extend its entertainment value
    • Not equally loved by all rabbits
    • Offers little variety of play after initial discovery period

    6. Oxbow Twisty Rings Small Animal Toy

    Oxbow Twisty Rings Small Animal Toy

    Most rabbits have a penchant for chewing on anything that dangles — from blankets hanging over the side of your bed to shoelaces or frills on a dress, your rabbit probably enjoys chewing on anything at their eye level. You can take advantage of that natural impulse with a toy like the Oxbow Twisty Rings, a set of three interlocking natural fiber rings meant to be hung from your rabbit’s cage for playtime.

    Made from corn leaf and raffia string, and colored with natural vegetable dyes, the Twisty Rings are perfectly safe for any rabbit to chew on. We hung them directly over the entrance to our rabbits’ enclosure and found them happily nudging and chewing on the rings each time they walked through.

    • Inexpensive
    • Easy to install
    • Made of rabbit-safe natural materials
    • Good for your rabbit’s dental health
    • Natural vegetable dyes can bleed onto your rabbit’s fur when chewed

    7. Peter’s Chew Toy

    Peter's Chew Toy

    Part chew toy and part delicious bunny treat, the Peter’s Chew Toy is made from dehydrated apple wrapped around a natural hardwood dowel. It should come as no surprise that our rabbit testers absolutely loved this toy — after all, anywhere that they get more sugary snacks is a win for a rabbit’s perpetual sweet tooth.

    Overall, though, this toy is somewhat strange. As one of the more expensive options on our list, it’s also the shortest-lived; once your rabbit has eaten the dried apple wrapper, there’s nothing left but a wooden dowel that no self-respecting bunny would decide to play with. Our final verdict? It’s a sweet gesture but has limited utility outside of being an expensive alternative to occasionally feeding your rabbit a treat.

    • All-natural ingredients with no fillers
    • Completely rabbit safe
    • Encourages good dental hygiene
    • Rabbits love eating fruit
    • Once your rabbit eats the apple, it’s just a wooden dowel
    • Probably better just to feed your rabbit a treat and play with them

    8. Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls Rabbit Toy

    Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls Rabbit Toy

    A dead ringer for previous toys on our list, the Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls Rabbit Toy is — you guessed it — three natural fiber balls, perfect for rabbit playtime. Made of the same materials (seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan) as other toys on our list, they are a favorite playtime diversion for rabbits.

    The open weave balls can be filled with treats, food, or hay to make them more enticing for your rabbit friend. Perhaps their only downside is their spotty availability: if your rabbit does end up loving them and you’d like to get them replaced, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be available.

    • Natural fibers encourage healthy chewing and good dental hygiene
    • Open weave design can be filled with toys or treats for extra entertainment
    • Comes with balls made from three different kinds of grass
    • Inconsistent availability for ordering

    9. Niteangel Snack Ball Treat Dispensing Toy

    Niteangel Treat Ball

    So far in our review, we’ve featured three different open-weave ball toys that can be stuffed with food or treats for added playtime value. What makes them such a favorite of rabbits and owners alike is their simplicity: Made of nothing more than natural grasses, there are no potential complications to worry about when giving them to your rabbit to play with.

    Not so with the Niteangel Snack Ball Treat Dispensing Toy. Made of plastic and metal, it’s designed to slowly release treats as your rabbit pushes and knocks it around. Great in theory, but not so in practice — the spring-loaded mechanism is unreliable at best, and the adjustable opening rarely works as well as it should. With so many other toys available at reasonable prices, we recommend considering a different item from our list.

    • Adjustable opening to control difficulty of food dispensing
    • Hard plastic is difficult to chew through
    • Too complicated
    • Prone to breaking
    • Too expensive

    10. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Small Animal Chew Toy

    Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Small Animal Chew Toy

    Last in our review, the Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler is another toy that falls into the category of “good idea, but poor execution” — at least as it applies to rabbits.

    We’ll cut to the chase on this one: the Nut Knot Nibbler is too fragile and too lightly constructed to be of much use to your rabbit. After only a few minutes of playing with it, our rabbits had completely dismantled the toy, leaving pieces with sharp splinters sticking out. While it may be fine for smaller pets, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend this for any rabbit.

    • Colorful and interesting shapes
    • Far too fragile
    • Breaks apart almost immediately
    • Light rabbit chewing left it splintered and unusable

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Rabbit Toys

    With so many varieties of bunny toys available on the market today, we recommend taking the time to acquaint yourself with these helpful tips and short guides before committing to a purchase.

    Benefits of Rabbit Toys

    Even in the wild, rabbits are some of the most playful and curious creatures that you’re likely to find. Always fond of running, jumping, and exploring, your pet rabbit will also greatly enjoy the benefits of having toys to chew on and push around.

    In fact, giving your rabbit something to chew on and boss around is one of the biggest benefits of buying toys for them. When under-stimulated and bored, rabbits tend to display more anxious and neurotic behaviors — such as chewing on your furniture or shoes or digging at your clothes. But when provided plenty of entertainment and exercise, rabbits will reduce or stop these undesirable behaviors altogether.

    Plus, your rabbit needs to constantly be chewing to keep their teeth at a manageable and healthy length. In the wild, barks and plant matter will slowly wear your rabbit’s constantly-growing teeth down and prevent dental problems; toys can mimic this and help your rabbit avoid painful cases of malocclusion.

    Rabbit playing Niteangel Small Animal Treat Ball

    What to Look for in Toys for Your Rabbit

    You will want to select toys that have the following rabbit-safe qualities:

    • Made of natural materials
    • Not made of softwoods, which can be poisonous to rabbits
    • Free from any toxic dyes, scents, or plastics
    • Designed to stay in one piece, not made of smaller pieces that rabbits could choke on
    • Free of any sharp edges or dangling strings

    Essentially, anything that doesn’t pose a danger to your rabbit’s health and well-being can become a toy for them. This means that all manner of cat and dog toys are also suitable for use with rabbits.

    Types of Rabbit Toys

    There is almost no end to the variety of objects that a rabbit can decide to play with. As an animal that can be found playing with sticks, roots, and twigs in the wild, untreated hardwoods are the material of choice for most commercially made rabbit toys. In the end, anything that a rabbit can chew on or push around is likely to become a toy for them — from a fancy wooden toy to the shoes you left lying around, to a wicker ball that’s perfect for grinding their teeth down on.

    DIY Rabbit Toy Options

    If you’re in a pinch and can’t order a rabbit toy online or make it to the store for one, here are some ideas for common household items to use as DIY rabbit toys:

    • Cardboard boxes, arranged into forts and tunnels
    • Paper grocery bags
    • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
    • A box full of shredded printer paper (without ink on it)
    • Fresh branches from an apple tree
    • Untreated wicker baskets



    Sometimes the simplest toys are the best for rabbits, as proven by our number one choice: The Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Small Animal Toy. Being built entirely of natural fibers, it’s a worry-free option that’s great for your rabbit’s entertainment — and the health of their teeth. All of our rabbits love playing with them, and they’re affordable enough to buy multiples.

    For a budget-conscious way to satisfy your rabbit’s need to chew, consider the Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy. Of all the toys in our reviews, it’s by far the most inexpensive; for the price of a cup of coffee, you can give your rabbits hours of playtime that will help keep their constantly growing teeth perfectly filed and problem-free.

    We hope this guide has helped you navigate all of the different options for toys to entertain your rabbit. May your next toy purchase lead to many happy days of playtime with your favorite bunny friends!

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