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8 Best Rabbit Water Bowls of 2024 – Reviews & Guide

rabbits drinking

On the surface, picking a bowl for your rabbit to drink from seems like a very simple decision. However, we quickly learned after watching our rabbits overturn a full bowl of water, creating a big smelly mess for us to clean up, that it’s not quite as simple as we first thought. Luckily, we learned quickly from our mistakes and set out to find the best rabbit water bowl available.

We used a lot of different bowls on our quest for the best, watching our rabbits make more than just one mess. But in the end, we found some excellent choices that we think work perfectly. In the following reviews, we’re going to share our recommendations with you, as well as some of the closest competition, so you can make an informed decision when picking one for your pet.


A Quick Comparison of our Favorites in 2024:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Kaytee Paw Print Kaytee Paw Print
  • Hard ceramic is chew-proof and durable
  • Coated for easy cleaning
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Living World Lock & Crock Living World Lock & Crock
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Chew-resistant plastic
  • Inexpensive
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Ware Slide-N-Lock Small Animal Ware Slide-N-Lock Small Animal
  • Prevents spills and wasted food
  • Made from chew-resistant plastic
  • Living World Blue Ergonomic Living World Blue Ergonomic
  • Made from chew-proof ceramic
  • Gloss finish to reduce bacteria
  • Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Water Fountain Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Water Fountain
  • Holds 48 ounces of water
  • Easy to clean
  • The 8 Best Rabbit Water Bowls:

    1. Kaytee Paw Print Rabbit Water Bowl – Best Overall

    Kaytee Paw Print Small Animal Food Bowl

    Many of the water bowls we tested had a very plain, utilitarian look. The Kaytee Paw Print Water Bowl made things a bit more festive with an adorable bunny and paw print design that looks great in any rabbit’s cage. Unfortunately, the colors are random and you don’t get to choose which one you get.

    Of course, cute looks aren’t enough to earn our top recommendation, so if you expect great performance from this bowl, you won’t be disappointed. It’s made from a durable coated ceramic instead of cheap plastic like many bowls we tested. The ceramic is completely chew-proof, and the coating makes it easy to clean and maintain.

    Moreover, it’s very heavy, making it much more difficult for your rabbit to flip it over and make a mess. In our testing, none of the rabbits we tried this bowl with were able to overturn it, saving us the time and irritation of cleaning up repeated spills in their cage!

    • Cute bunny and paw print design
    • Heavy enough that your rabbit can’t flip it
    • Hard ceramic is chew-proof and durable
    • Coated for easy cleaning
    • The bowls were a different color than pictured

    2. Living World Rabbit Water Bowl – Best Value

    Living World Lock & Crock Dish Small Animal Bowl

    Dirt-cheap and dead-simple, we think the Living World Lock & Crock Bowl is the best rabbit water bowl for the money. It’s got a locking design that mounts to the side of any wire cage, fastening securely to prevent spills and messes. But we did notice that on some cages where the fencing doesn’t go all the way to the floor, this bowl may mount too high for your rabbits to reach.

    When it’s time to clean, this bowl easily detaches from the cage. It’s very lightweight and easy to move around since it’s made from plastic. However, the plastic is very tough and chew-resistant. It’s even dishwasher safe, reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning up. For us, it’s the right blend of affordability and durability with the essential locking mechanism to avoid unnecessary messes.

    • Mounts to the side of any wire cage
    • Fastens securely to prevent spills
    • Easy to remove for filling and cleaning
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Chew-resistant plastic
    • Inexpensive
    • May not mount low enough on some cage designs

    3. Ware Slide-N-Lock Bunny Bowl – Premium Choice

    Ware Slide-N-Lock Small Animal Bowl

    The Ware Slide-N-Lock Small Animal Bowl attaches simply and securely to the side of any cage. It’s made from a very thick and strong plastic that’s chew-resistant and easy to clean. You can choose between small and large sizes, though the small is probably best-suited for rabbits. This bowl uses a low-profile design to allow your rabbits easy access to the water inside.

    Preventing spills and messes in your rabbit’s cage is of utmost importance, which is why the locking mechanism on this bowl is a big draw. It’s much more secure and robust than the mechanisms on other locking bowls that felt weak and brittle. But you’re also paying a lot more for the mechanism on this bowl, so it’s a tradeoff.

    • Easily attaches to the side of any cage
    • Prevents spills and wasted food
    • Made from chew-resistant plastic
    • Small and large sizes to choose from
    • More expensive than other options

    4. Living World Ergonomic Rabbit Water-Bowl

    Living World Blue Ergonomic Small Pet Bowl

    Small and affordable, the Blue Ergonomic Small Pet Dish by Living World is an inexpensive way to provide your pets with water. It’s made from durable, chew-proof ceramic that isn’t easy to break or damage. A gloss finish coats the entire dish to reduce bacteria and make it easy to clean.

    We were glad to see the inclusion of a weighted base that’s meant to prevent this bowl from tipping over and spilling. It performs well, never being overturned while we were testing it. However, this dish is very small, and our rabbits were able to slide it around the cage, sloshing water out and still managing to make a mess. If the bowl were a bit bigger, this might not be the case. As it is, it’s a bit too light, but we love the low price and weighted base.

    • Very affordably priced
    • Made from chew-proof ceramic
    • Heavy base prevents tips and spills
    • Gloss finish to reduce bacteria
    • Very small
    • Rabbits can slide it around the cage

    5. Lixit Rabbit Water Fountain & Bowl

    Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Water Fountain

    If you’re tired of constantly refilling your rabbit’s water dish, then try the Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Water Fountain. This water container allows you to fill up 48 ounces of water for your rabbits, slowly dispensing it into the water dish as needed. We like anything that reduces our workload, and this product provides enough water for several days. It’s even easy to clean, helping keep your responsibilities to a minimum.

    But despite what we like about this water bowl, there is plenty we don’t like. For instance, this dish doesn’t have a weighted bottom and it’s not very heavy. This makes it very easy to tip over, and it makes a massive mess when it happens! Though we like the convenience, the incredible mess it makes when tipped over just isn’t worth it for us.

    • Holds 48 ounces of water
    • Provides water as your rabbit needs it
    • Easy to clean
    • The bottom isn’t weighted
    • Can be tipped over
    • Makes a big mess if tipped over

    6. Ethical Stoneware Rabbit Water Dish

    Ethical Stoneware Animal Dish

    This Ethical Stoneware Rabbit Water Dish by a company called Ethical is an inexpensive way to provide your rabbit with water. It comes in many sizes, ranging from 3 inches to 9.5 inches. We ordered several, but they don’t seem to line up with their advertised sizes.

    Since they’re made from stone, these bowls are heavy enough to prevent tipping. They’re also coated in a high gloss finish that prevents bacteria buildup. But they crack very easily, much easier than the ceramic bowls we were comparing them too. And the bottom is domed, making it difficult to gauge how much water is remaining. Though inexpensive, we think there are still better choices for the price.

    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Heavy enough that rabbits can’t tip it
    • High gloss finish prevents bacteria
    • Inaccurate sizing
    • The domed bottom makes it hard to gauge remaining water
    • Cracks easily

    7. Lixit Quick Lock Crock Water Bowl for Rabbits

    Lixit Quick Lock Crock Small Animal Bowl

    The Quick Lock Crock Small Animal Bowl from Lixit is a simple plastic bowl that twist-locks onto the side of any wired cage. It can be installed or removed in mere seconds, and it won’t tip over since it’s locked into place. But it’s much more expensive than other similar products that do the same thing.

    This bowl has chew-resistant construction built to last a long time in any pet environment. It’s also dishwasher safe so you can clean it with very little effort. We don’t like that it only comes in a large size though, it’s a bit too big for most rabbits.

    • Chew-resistant construction
    • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
    • Mounts onto the side of the cage
    • Only available in a large size
    • More expensive than other options

    8. STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bunny Water Bowl

    STAYbowl SB-1000 Tip-Proof Bowl

    With a wide skirt surrounding the main water dish, the STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bunny Water Bowl is meant to be very stable and hard to tip over. However, it’s extremely light, making it easy for our rabbits to throw around. When it’s being tossed, the water gets flung across the cage — though in fairness, it doesn’t actually “tip” over.

    This bowl is made from durable, BPA-free plastic that’s safe for your pets to drink from. It’s a bit more expensive than other plastic bowls, even ones that attach to the side of the cage. It also doesn’t hold much water since the bowl is mostly skirt and very little actual bowl area. For the price, there are too many more useful options for us to recommend this one.

    • Made from durable BPA-free plastic
    • Too light, rabbits can throw it around
    • Doesn’t hold much water
    • More expensive than other options

    Buyer’s Guide

    Though all of these products perform the same simple function — holding water for your rabbits — they have varying features that might make one preferable to another. To help ensure you’re prioritizing the right traits, we’ve written this short buyer’s guide that will briefly explore the most important factors to consider when purchasing a rabbit water bowl.

    Things to Consider When Purchasing A Rabbit Water Bowl

    What’s it Made From?

    A water bowl could technically be constructed from pretty much anything. But most of the bowls we tested for this list were made from either plastic or ceramic. So, which is better? Well, they both have some advantages and disadvantages.


    Plastic water bowls are much lighter than ceramic bowls. They’re also less brittle and won’t shatter if they’re dropped. The plastic bowls we tested usually have a locking mechanism that allows them to be attached to the side of a cage. Otherwise, they’d tip and make a mess.

    Most of the plastic bowls we tested were chew-proof or at least chew-resistant, but they’re still more susceptible to damage than a ceramic bowl.


    Ceramic bowls are much heavier than plastic ones. They can’t be mounted to the side of the cage, but their increased weight makes them much harder to tip over. Your rabbit won’t be able to chew the ceramic, but it might be able to slide a small ceramic bowl around and still make a mess with the sloshing water.

    rabbit drinking

    Is it Hard to Spill?

    One of the most important traits to look for in a water bowl for rabbits is that it’s difficult to overturn. If a bowl is too light or not attached to anything, your rabbit might easily turn it over and spill the contents all over their cage. All that water mixing with animal droppings and pet bedding can make for quite a stinky mess!

    Ceramic bowls rely on weight to keep them upright. Plastic bowls are too light for that and therefore attach to the side of the cage. But ceramic bowls can still be pushed around and plastic bowls can occasionally be broken off at the mounting point. No matter what type of water bowl you choose, make sure that it won’t be easy for your rabbit to knock over.


    Rabbits can be playful, and they’ll often play with their water dish, making a big mess in the process. It’s also possible for the dish to break while being tossed around or tipped over. Different types of bowls can break for varying reasons, but no matter what bowl you get, it must be durable.


    You’ll need a bowl that provides plenty of water for your rabbit, but you don’t want to take up too much of their living space. You can choose from sizes between 6 ounces and 20 ounces for rabbit bowls, but we’d suggest something between 6 and 10 ounces for most.

    It’s also important that your rabbit can reach into the bowl to get their water, so ensure that you don’t get a bowl that’s too tall. Plastic bowls that mount to the cage can sometimes be hindered by the cage design, forcing them to mount higher than your rabbit can reach. Be sure to double-check this before purchasing a bowl.



    It started as a reaction to the mess our rabbits were making by overturning their water bowls that led to us buy far more bowls than we have rabbits, in an effort to see which ones would help us avoid this problem. After reading our reviews, you know how these bowls compare, but we’re going to recap our recommendations quickly so that they’re fresh in your mind.

    Our favorite overall was the Kaytee Paw Print Water Bowl. This heavy-duty bowl is made from chew-proof and durable ceramic that’s coated for easy cleaning. Best of all, it’s heavy enough to make it near-impossible for our rabbits to flip over.

    For the best value at the lowest price, we recommend the Living World Lock & Crock Bowl. This dirt-cheap plastic bowl is dishwasher safe and chew-resistant and it attaches securely to the side of any wire cage so that it can’t be tipped over.

    If you’re looking for a more premium option, the Ware Slide-N-Lock Small Animal Bowl is made from thick and durable plastic that’s chew-resistant. It easily attaches to the side of any cage, locking in place to prevent it from being spilled.

    Featured Image Credit: windyotter, Shutterstock

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