10 Best Syrian Hamster Cages 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated: October 9, 2020

Hamster Cage Prevue Pet Products 528-Amazon

There are few pets that are cuter or more fun than Syrian hamsters, but it can be difficult to find proper cages for one. Some are big and spacious but offer ample opportunity for the little guy to escape, while others are small, secure, and boring.

Even worse, it can be hard to tell a good cage from a bad one until you bring it home and find out the hard way.

In the reviews below, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the top enclosures on the market, so you can find one that will keep your furry friend both safe and entertained.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage
  • Very roomy
  • Bottom level for burrowing
  • Has a hideaway
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage
  • Has a wheel and ramp
  • Offers unobstructed views
  • Very inexpensive
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Lixit Savic Hamster Cage Lixit Savic Hamster Cage
  • Plenty of entertainment options
  • Three housing areas
  • Bottom is open for burrowing
  • Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home
  • Easy to decorate
  • Base is very deep
  • Two entry doors for easy access
  • Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage
  • Lots of activities
  • Multiple levels of fun
  • Modular design allows you to expand it
  • The 10 Best Syrian Hamster Cages – Reviews 2021

    1. Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage – Best Overall

    Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage-100px

    The multilevel Ferplast Favola enclosure will give your furry friend plenty of room to explore, and the bottom level is perfect for burrowing, so he can escape from your prying eyes whenever he feels like it (or he could just hang out in the included hideaway).

    It comes with everything you need in a cage, including a wheel, food dish, and water bottle. That saves you a bit of time and hassle when just starting out, as well as ensuring you don’t forget anything important.

    If you decide later that your buddy needs more room, there’s a port on the side that allows you to connect it to another enclosure. You could hook up several to give your pet a massive play area if you like.

    Our biggest issue is with the door placement. It’s set awkwardly, so when it’s time to clean the cage you’re likely to have a hard time catching your hamster unless he comes right over to you.

    That’s not a huge deal, though, and it’s not enough to knock the Ferplast Favola out of the top spot.

    • Very roomy
    • Bottom level for burrowing
    • Comes with wheel, water bottle, and food dish
    • Connecting port for adding more enclosures
    • Has a hideaway
    • Door placement makes cleaning awkward

    2. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage – Best Value

    Habitrail 62820A1 Cristal Hamster Cage-100px

    You may not want to keep your hamster in the Habitrail Cristal forever, but as a temporary solution, it’s hard to beat.

    It’s very small, but it nevertheless packs quite a bit of entertainment inside a limited amount of space. There’s a large wheel in the corner and an elevated platform for him to scurry up and down, and it comes complete with food bowl.

    You’ll enjoy unobstructed views of your pet no matter where he goes as well, so you’ll always know exactly where he is (and, more importantly, if he’s gotten out). It’s also great for using as a temporary cage while you’re cleaning the primary one.

    You get all of this for a very low price, which is why we feel it’s the best Syrian hamster cage for the money.

    Other than the size, our biggest concern is its durability. This is not a rugged cage, and it won’t survive much mishandling. Luckily, it’s cheap to replace.

    We can’t say that the Habitrail Cristal is the best overall cage on the market, but it’s one that we feel every hamster owner should have, even if it’s not used full-time.

    • Makes an excellent temporary cage
    • Has a wheel and ramp
    • Offers unobstructed views
    • Very inexpensive
    • Includes food bowl
    • Not much room
    • Made of fragile materials

    3. Lixit Savic Hamster Cage – Premium Choice

    Lixit 71-5074-001 Savic Hamster Cage-100px

    One of the biggest problems with the Lixit Savic is that you might get jealous of all the fun your hamster is having.

    There’s a lot to do in here. There are multiple platforms and exercise machines, as well as several tunnels for your little guy to explore. You’ll also find two houses and a penthouse, so your hamster will have plenty to brag about at his next high school reunion.

    All that entertainment is largely relegated to the upper level, too, leaving the bottom area open for burrowing. Your little friend will have more room than he knows what to do with.

    While it takes up a lot of space, it’s easy to move, thanks to the two large handles on the top. You can relocate it without jostling him too much or running the risk of dropping it.

    Of course, all this real estate comes at a price, and this thing isn’t cheap. Also, the bars on top allow a lot of bedding and litter to escape, so expect to have to do some sweeping.

    If you can afford it, your hamster will have an incredible time in the Lixit Savic — and you’ll have a blast watching him, too.

    • Plenty of entertainment options
    • Three housing areas
    • Bottom is open for burrowing
    • Handles make it easy to move
    • Very expensive
    • Can be messy

    4. Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home

    Prevue Pet Products 528 Small Animal Home

    The Prevue Pet Products 528 is extremely bare bones, but it has everything your hamster needs to live comfortably while giving you plenty of freedom to decorate it to your liking.

    It’s very deep, with a six-inch base, so you can put plenty of bedding in here to give your pet a cozy place to sleep. That depth should also prevent much of it from spilling out.

    There are two entry doors, one on the top and another on the side, so whenever you feel like having a quick snuggle you should be able to capture your buddy quickly. The doors are very secure, too (so long as you make sure they’re fully shut).

    You can take it apart to clean it, but it’s somewhat difficult to put back together afterwards. It shouldn’t thwart you for too long, but you might let out a few four-letter words in the process.

    The bars on top are very inviting, too, and your hamster might decide to climb them. This could lead to injury if he falls, so just be sure there’s a soft landing spot underneath.

    While the Prevue Pet Products 528 won’t win any style points, it’s a very effective, basic model that should do everything you need it to.

    • Easy to decorate
    • Base is very deep
    • Two entry doors for easy access
    • Secure when properly closed
    • Very bare-bones model
    • Difficult to reassemble after cleaning
    • A hamster may climb bars

    5. Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

    Midwest 100-AR Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

    With a name like the Midwest Critterville Arcade, you know this cage must be fun, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

    There are multiple levels for your pet to frolic on, and your hamster can access almost any part of the cage via clear tubes. If he wants to climb all the way to the top, he’ll find a wheel, a cubby, and some great views.

    It has a modular design as well, so if you’re afraid he’s getting bored, you can always add on to it later.

    If your hamster is on the chunky side, though, he may have difficulty fitting in some of the nooks and crannies inside this thing. Even fit hamsters will likely want to have more room than it provides, so expect to expand it as soon as possible.

    It’s also a pain to put together, but that frustration is quickly forgotten once it’s assembled.

    Overall, the Midwest Critterville Arcade is lots of fun for you and your pet, but you’ll likely need to add on to it as soon as possible.

    • Lots of activities
    • Multiple levels of fun
    • Modular design allows you to expand it
    • Includes a wheel and cubby
    • Spaces might be too tight for chubby hamsters
    • Not much space for Syrians
    • Difficult to assemble

    6. Little Friends Grosvenor Hamster Cage

    Little Friends TK51262 Grosvenor Hamster Cage

    The Little Friends Grosvenor is sleek and elegant, which are definitely two qualities that any rodent will appreciate.

    While your furry friend may not care, you’ll likely enjoy how well it fits in with your existing decor. It lets you enjoy having a pet without having to give over your entire living space to him.

    There’s not much to do inside, other than use the wheel and ladder, but there’s open space for you to add other entertainment options (it fills up quickly, though). It also collapses for easy storage if you find you don’t need it anymore.

    The bars are very narrowly spaced, so larger hamsters shouldn’t have any hope of wriggling through them. They may obstruct your view somewhat as a result, though.

    Overall, the Little Friends Grosvenor is an attractive and understated option, but it’s one you might appreciate more than your hamster does.

    • Blends in well with any decor
    • Room to add additional gear
    • Collapses for storage
    • Limited entertainment options
    • Narrow bars may obstruct view
    • Empty space fills up quickly

    7. Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage

    Ferplast 57912411US1 Laura Hamster Cage

    No one will ever accuse the Ferplast Laura of being understated. The bright pink base immediately draws attention, and the pink, green, and yellow accessories are hard to miss. Your friends may wonder if you’re keeping a hamster in the cage or the Joker, however.

    There’s plenty to do inside, as there are multiple levels, lots of tubes, and a wheel to enjoy. It makes it fairly cramped in there, though, so you’ll want to upgrade soon (and forget keeping more than one animal inside).

    It’s very easy to maintain, as you can just detach the wire top and dump out the base when it’s time to clean it. Putting it back together takes some effort, though, as you have to get the tubes to align just right.

    The base is also shallow, so expect to have a mess around and under it.

    The Ferplast Laura should be fun for your pet, but it’s not a great forever home. You’ll need to give him something bigger as soon as possible.

    • Lots to do inside
    • Easy to maintain
    • Good starter cage
    • Fairly ugly
    • Very little space
    • Difficult to put back together after taking apart
    • Shallow base causes a mess

    8. Kaytee Critterhome Habitats

    Kaytee 100527474 Critterhome Habitats-100px

    With thick plastic on the bottom and a metal platform, the Kaytee Critterhome is a mixture of cheap and durable components. That mixture keeps the price right in the middle of the road, too, as this is neither cheap nor particularly expensive.

    It boasts a large 16-ounce water bottle, so your critter should stay hydrated without you constantly needing to refill it. The food dish is generously sized too, making this a smart choice for the forgetful owner.

    Unfortunately, many of the parts don’t fit together very well. The ramp is constantly sliding and coming undone, so don’t be surprised to see your little buddy stranded on the bottom level regularly. Also, it’s hard to clasp the top of the cage back onto the bottom once removed.

    That large water bottle is prone to leaking, and you’ll have to change the bedding often as a result (or just replace it). The bars are also a little wider than we’d like, and smaller hamsters may be able to squeeze through.

    The Kaytee Critterhome may seem promising at first glance, but we think it has serious flaws that should cause you to keep looking.

    • Includes large water bottle
    • Food dish is generously sized, too
    • Ramp falls off frequently
    • Top of cage doesn’t fit on bottom very well
    • Water bottle leaks
    • Smaller hamsters may be able to escape

    9. Ware Small Animal Critter Cage

    Ware 00661 Small Animal Critter Cage

    The Ware Critter Cage is made with powder-coated wire that your little buddy won’t be able to chew through. That’s fantastic — and it’s about all this cage has going for it.

    It’s a completely bare box, with no toys or activities included. Despite that, this isn’t a particularly cheap cage, so you’ll have to spend a fair amount of money to buy and decorate it.

    The bottom isn’t very deep, so you won’t find much room for bedding down there. And while your hamster shouldn’t be able to chew his way out, there are a couple of bars that are wider apart than the rest, offering him a potential escape hatch. Also, if he does chew on the bars, you may be disappointed by the amount of paint that comes off.

    If you want a cage that acts as a blank canvas for you to decorate, the Ware Critter Cage may be perfect for you. If you want less work and more security, though, keep looking.

    • Sturdy powder-coated wires
    • Has no toys or activities
    • Expensive for what you get
    • Bottom is shallow
    • Wires have a gap in some places
    • Lots of paint falls off wires

    10. Pet Ting Robinson Hamster Cage

    Pet Ting PT814 Robinson Hamster Cage

    At first glance, the Pet Ting Robinson looks like a pretty good cage — and if nothing else, it certainly has a lot more built-in fun than the Ware above.

    The fun will quickly dissipate, however, the first time you realize your hamster isn’t in his cage because the doors didn’t shut completely. The two side doors are very loose, and any halfway competent rodent will find his way out very quickly.

    The wooden ladders splinter easily, which poses a safety issue for your pet. Also, it’s hard to fit them properly inside the cage during assembly, and you’ll have to choose between jamming them in there or letting them slide around.

    It does come with a few accessories, but they’re fairly cheap and aren’t likely to last long. You’ll have to provide your own water bottle, too.

    The Pet Ting Robinson might be fun for your hamster for a couple days, but you’ll quickly figure out that you could have gotten a much better cage for the money.

    • Included accessories are cheap and fragile
    • Doors are difficult to shut properly
    • Wooden ladders tend to splinter
    • Difficult to assemble
    • Doesn’t come with water bottle


    The Ferplast Favola was our favorite cage, as it has plenty of room and entertainment options for your hamster, while still doing a good job of keeping him tucked away safely inside.

    If you need an expensive option, the Habitrail Cristal offers great value for the price. It has plenty for your hamster to do, all while giving you an unobstructed view of his activity.

    Picking out a cage for a Syrian hamster is a surprisingly involved process, and we hope these reviews have made it easier for you to decide on the right one for you. After all, there’s nothing more terrifying than realizing he’s not where you left him — even if it is entertaining for your roommate to unexpectedly find him in her underwear drawer.

    Featured Image: Hamster Cage Prevue Pet Products 528, Amazon