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11 Best Tall Cat Scratching Posts in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat fully outstretched using Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher

Cats love to scratch—it’s just a fact of life! As a cat owner, you want to let them engage in this behavior because it’s good for them, but you also want to save your furniture while you’re at it. The best way to accomplish this is, of course, a cat scratching post. However, if you have cats who love to climb or get a bit rowdy and knock things over, you’re probably better off getting a tall cat scratching post to engage them.

Tall cat scratching posts are pretty easy to find, and there are plenty of different kinds available. It’s just a matter of finding a post that meets all your pet’s needs. To help you get that done quicker, we’re sharing 10 of the best tall cat scratching posts with you by giving you fast reviews and rundowns of each.


A Quick Glance at Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher
  • Curved design entices full stretching
  • Modern and sleek
  • Built with high-quality, durable materials
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Frisco Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Post Frisco Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Post
  • Includes hanging toy
  • Offers your cat a full body stretch
  • Top to bottom sisal rope coverage
  • Third place
    Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post
  • Provides space for a full body stretch
  • Encourages healthy scratching habits
  • Made to be incredibly stable, so it’s safer
  • Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post
  • Unique & cute design
  • Includes hanging toys
  • Two types of material for kitties to scratch
  • SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post
  • Neutral tones
  • Covered in woven sisal
  • Post helps your pet keep muscles toned
  • The 11 Best Tall Cat Scratching Posts

    1. Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher for Tall Cats – Best Overall

    grey cat using hepper hi-lo cat scratcher from side

    Height: 21 inches
    Material: Solid birch plywood, cardboard
    Features: 3 configurations
    Colors: Natural wood

    Catering perfectly to tall cats, the Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher by Hepper rises above the competition with its standout feature (the three-position design), which provides varying heights that allow tall cats to scratch, stretch, and explore comfortably. The solid birch plywood frame, coated in a non-toxic gloss, speaks of both durability and safety, providing a reliable foundation for even the tallest of feline friends. Not all cardboard is tough enough for cats, but the Hi-Lo’s is! It’s crafted with dense B-flute cardboard to provide an extensive scratching area, satisfying your cat’s instinctual desires while accommodating their height. This thoughtful design ensures that scratching isn’t just a pastime but a fulfilling experience for tall cats.

    With its adaptability, durability, and ability to satisfy the unique needs of tall cats, this scratcher is an easy choice for overall best tall cat scratching post.

    At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    • Thick, durable cardboard made to last
    • 3-position setup to adapt to your cat’s height and playfulness
    • Modern and sleek design
    • Affordable price point
    • Only comes in one color option

    2. Frisco 35-in Heavy Duty Sisal Cat Scratching Post – Budget Buy

    Frisco 35-in Heavy Duty Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 35 in
    Material: Engineered wood, faux fur, sisal
    Features: Hanging toy
    Colors: Light grey, charcoal

    When it comes to the best tall cat scratching post for the money, this post by Frisco wins hands down. It offers 35 inches of scratching area with a post covered from top to bottom with natural sisal rope. Those 35 inches can provide your pet, no matter the size, the opportunity to stretch out their entire body to work out the kinks. The base and top of the post are covered in a soft and comfy fabric for kitty paws, plus the neutral colors will help this post blend in with your decor. And if your cat gets bored of scratching and stretching, there’s a toy dangling from the top to keep them entertained!

    • Top-to-bottom sisal rope coverage for a larger scratching area
    • Includes hanging toy
    • Offers your cat a full-body stretch
    • String for the toy may be too short for some cats to reach
    • Rare reports of sisal coming off the post after a short time

    3. Frisco 33.5-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    Frisco 33.5-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 33.5 in
    Material: Engineered wood, faux fur, sisal
    Features: Anchoring kit included
    Colors: Gray, cream, brown

    Regarding the best overall tall cat scratching post, this post by Frisco is our pick. With nearly 34 inches of scratching space available, this tree is perfect for cats of any size to achieve that kitty favorite—the whole body stretch. With all sides covered in a natural sisal rope, your favorite feline can sink its claws anywhere. Plus, the rest of the tree is covered in a super soft fabric that feels fabulous on tiny paws. Because this cat tree has a double-layered baseboard and comes with an anchoring kit, you can count on it being stable enough for your pets—even when they decide to jump to the perch up top!

    • Made to be incredibly stable, so it’s safer
    • Provides space for a full-body stretch
    • Encourages healthy scratching habits
    • Some people had trouble assembling
    • Rare reports of baseboard breaking apart

    4. Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

    Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 33 in
    Material: Engineered wood, faux fur, sisal
    Features: Hanging toys
    Colors: Green

    This adorable, cactus-shaped post by Frisco is another excellent choice! Not only is it super-cute, but it offers three scratching posts for a great price. Your cats will have the option of scratching on the natural sisal rope or the plush moppy fabric at the top. Plus, this post includes at least one hanging fuzzy ball they can bat around when they get bored of sharpening their nails. This post comes with a double-layered baseboard for added stability and is easy to assemble (tools needed come with!).

    • Unique & cute design
    • Two types of material for kitties to scratch
    • Includes hanging toys
    • Rare complaints of cats’ claws getting stuck in the top part
    • Occasional reports of the top piece coming apart within a few months

    5. SmartCat The Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    SmartCat The Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 32 in
    Material: Engineered wood, sisal
    Features: None
    Colors: Beige, gray

    Frisco isn’t the only brand that makes excellent scratching posts! This tall cat scratching post by SmartCat also offers plenty for your pets. For starters, it’s covered in woven sisal that won’t snag kitty claws like carpet or looser types of sisal would (always a plus!). The 16” x 16” baseboard is designed to keep the post from tipping over or being wobbly. Plus, the beige and gray tones can blend in with pretty much any decor. And the height on this post lets your cat tone and stretch out all their muscles, so they’re kept feeling great.

    Assembly is simple as only two screws are involved (though no tools are included with this post).

    • Covered in woven sisal, so nails don’t get snagged
    • Neutral tones help post blend into your home design
    • Post helps your pet keep muscles toned
    • Some cats didn’t like the feel of the materials used
    • Few complaints of heavy chemical smell when right out of the box

    6. MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte 41-in Cat Scratching Post

    MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte 41-in Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 41 in
    Material: Engineered wood, faux fur, sisal
    Features: None
    Colors: Cream & brown

    This Midwest cat scratching post is incredibly tall, so your cats will have no shortage of room to keep their nails nice and neat. While it doesn’t come with any features such as toys, your kitty will likely enjoy trying to climb this tall tree, so it still offers plenty for them to do. The oversized base means it stays sturdy, while the sisal rope and faux fur provide plenty of comfort for your pet’s paws. Plus, with its neutral color, this scratching post won’t mess up your home’s color scheme.

    This post requires assembly, but it’s easy to assemble, and any necessary tools are included.

    • Neutral colors
    • Super tall
    • Oversized base for stability
    • A few people received defective products
    • Fabric may shed

    7. Dimaka 34″ Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

    Dimaka 34 inch Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 34 in
    Material: Cardboard, chipboard, fabric, sisal
    Features: Hanging toy
    Colors: Grey, beige, blue, light brown

    Whether you have tiny kittens or full-grown adult cats, the Dimaka tall cat scratching post will provide your pet with all the room they require to sharpen their nails and stretch out their muscles. The chipboard base is heavy enough to prevent wobbliness or tipping and is covered in a plush fabric designed to feel fabulous for your cats. Natural sisal rope is wrapped around a cardboard tube, offering a plethora of space for scratching, while the dangly toy at the top will entertain cats when they’re bored of other aspects. This post also comes in various neutral colors so that it won’t stand out amongst your home’s decor.

    • Includes dangly toy
    • Heavy chipboard base for stability
    • Four colors to choose from
    • Reports of product breaking within months
    • Not suitable for very large cats

    8. PetnPurr 32.5” Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post

    PetnPurr 32.5” Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post

    Height: 32.5 in
    Material: Engineered wood, carpet, sisal
    Features: Dangling ball
    Colors: White & cream

    This tall cat scratching post is one of the cuter ones available. Built to resemble an alpaca, its height will let kitties scratch and stretch to their hearts’ content. It’s specifically designed for cats who are a bit more rough’n’tumble—the baseboard is wide and heavy so that the product won’t tip over even with the most active pets. Plus, the sisal rope used is highly durable, so cats can scratch and pull without tearing too much. Not only can your favorite feline scratch as much as they want, but they can also bat around the dangling ball provided, as well as paw and chew at the alpaca head at the top.

    • Super cute
    • Extremely stable & durable
    • Made for active kitties
    • Bolt-on base may scrape the floor
    • Carpet may shed
    • Toy can get torn off

    9. SmartyKat Triple Tower 3 Piece Interchangeable Carpet and Burlap Cat Scratch Post

    SmartyKat Triple Tower 3 Piece Interchangeable Carpet and Burlap Cat Scratch Post

    Height: 36.9 in
    Material: Burlap, jute, carpet, plastic, wood
    Features: Feathers, ribbon, catnip
    Colors: Brown & grey

    The SmartyKat Triple Tower is an innovative tall cat scratching post with multiple types of surfaces for a wide variety of textures your cats can claw at, plus interchangeable sections. And with nearly 37 inches of height, your pets will have a vast area to scratch! Plus, they can climb to the top to perch when they want.  Also provided are two removable felt pieces: a flower and bird with ribbon and feathers attached so your cats can play. This brand realizes that pets and children often move in the same spaces, so they have made it their mission to provide cat furniture that is safe for cats and kids. That means no sharp points, long strings, small parts, and more!

    • Various textures to keep pets occupied
    • Interchangeable sections
    • Safe for any children in the house
    • Skinnier than other scratchers
    • May tip over for cats 14 pounds and up if they reach up high

    10. FUKUMARU Cat Scratching Post Wall Mounted, 36 Inch Tall Cat Scratch Post

    FUKUMARU Cat Scratching Post Wall Mounted, 36 Inch Tall Cat Scratch Post

    Height: 36 in
    Material: Rubberwood, jute
    Features: Wall mounting, replacement accessories
    Colors: Tan

    Are you looking for something a little different? Then try this FUKUMARU wall-mounted post! It includes 36 inches of jute for kitties to scratch and claw at, but depending on where you place it on your wall, you can give your cats an even deeper full-body stretch. Once properly mounted, it’s incredibly stable, so there won’t be worries about it falling off. And, when your cats have worn down one side of the post, you can simply flip it to another. When it gets worn down completely, you can order a replacement post. You can even make this tall scratching post part of a walled pet jungle gym if you feel like going all out on a kitty play area!

    • Wall-mounted
    • Can order replacement posts
    • Can be part of a wall jungle gym
    • Drywall mounting requires drywall expansion screws
    • Replacement parts sell out quickly

    11. PARTYSAVING PET Palace Cat Claw Scratching Sisal Post

    PARTYSAVING PET Palace Cat Claw Scratching Sisal Post

    Height: 32 in
    Material: Faux fur, wood, polyester, wool, sisal
    Features: Attached toy mouse
    Colors: Brown & white

    Another tall cat scratching post that falls into the “absolutely adorable” category is this one! The baseboard is extra-large—and shaped like a foot—so this post stays steady whether cats are scratching or playing with the toy mouse attached to the top. The base is covered with soft faux fur, so it won’t irritate kitty’s paws, while the post itself is a mix of faux fur and sisal rope to offer different scratching textures.

    Assembly is only two steps, so you’ll have this scratching post put together in mere minutes.

    • Adorable design
    • Different textures for scratching
    • Large baseboard for stability
    • People had issues with the bottom part fitting into the base
    • Rope falls apart easily


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Purchase the Best Tall Cat Scratching Post

    Why Do Cats Scratch?

    As much as we loathe seeing our pets scratching up our furniture, scratching is a normal—and healthy—behavior for our feline friends. It helps them in several ways; that’s why it’s so important we provide places for them to engage in it. So, why do they do it?

    • To keep their nails sharp and neat. When cats scratch rough surfaces, it enables the outer layers of their claws to be pushed off and lets new (and sharper) nail layers come through.
    • To stretch muscles. Whether they are using a vertical or horizontal post, you’ve probably noticed that your feline likes to reach far so they can stretch out. Scratching posts (especially tall ones) let your cat stretch their entire body out, which is vital for healthy movement. Plus, it feels terrific!
    • To mark territory. Kitties are possessive, whether over people, toys, or their favorite spot in the house. They prefer to mark their territory by spreading their scent via the scent glands in their paws.
    • To use up excess energy. Cats have a lot of energy and don’t always burn it up via playing. Scratching helps get rid of some of that extra energy.

    Why Buy a Tall Post Rather Than a Small One?

    Cats tend to prefer taller items that are sturdy enough to really dig their claws into—hence, why they’re such fans of our furniture! That’s why they find taller scratching posts enjoyable (particularly if they’re larger cats who would easily knock over a smaller post).

    If your cat is a climber, they’ll enjoy the added height to do that, along with scratching. It’s a great exercise for them that helps burn off energy.

    What To Look For In a Tall Cat Scratching Post

    The considerations for buying a tall cat scratching post aren’t that different from buying a smaller one.


    The biggest factor in your buying decision should be just how tall a scratching post you need. You need to figure out the best height for your pets, but you also want to be sure the scratching post isn’t too tall to fit wherever you want to place it.

    Cats’ Preferences

    Your cats’ preferences for how they scratch and stretch will influence just how tall a post you need. Also, consider if your kitty loves to climb things—if they do, you might want to go with an extra-tall post so they get more use (and fun) out of it.

    Materials Used

    Most scratching posts will use the same materials—some kind of soft fabric and sisal rope for scratching—but others may use carpeting. They’ll also consist of wood, cardboard, or maybe even plastic. A great tall cat scratching post will contain a mix of textures for your cat to sink their claws into (cats enjoy variety), so look for a post that offers them not only sisal but other textures as well.

    Scottish little cat playing on scratching posts
    Image Credit By: Anatoliy Cherkas, Shutterstock


    Stability is crucial when buying any cat furniture, including scratching posts. If you get a post that is wobbly or easily tipped, your cats will likely get scared of using it (or, worst-case scenario, get hurt), and they’ll never use it again. You don’t want pets getting hurt or frightened, and you definitely don’t want to waste your money on a shoddy product. So, look for posts that have wider baseboards or baseboards made with a heavier material. Also, check reviews from other pet owners to get their experiences with the post.


    Sometimes a scratching post isn’t just a scratching post. Scratching posts these days can offer toys or perches for kitties to play with. They might even be something you can mount or anchor to your wall for added stability. It’s up to you whether your pet needs anything other than just a scratching post, but keep an eye on whether the cost of a post is higher due to extras.


    It can be easy to spend more than we want on things (especially if we’re spoiling our cats!). The great thing about tall cat scratching posts is that they come in a wide range of prices. No matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find what you need within your price range with a little looking.


    And, one of the best ways to get the real lowdown on a product is by reading reviews from other pet owners. There you can find out if the product is as good as the manufacturer claims or whether you need to look elsewhere.



    Cats love to scratch, and, chances are, they’ll love to have a taller scratching post. If you want to get your pet the best overall post, we recommend the Hepper Hi-Lo Modern Cat Scratcher because it is great for cats of all sizes and has wonderful reviews. Our vote for the best budget scratching post is the Frisco 35 in Heavy Duty Sisal Cat Scratching Post with its top-to-bottom sisal.

    We hope our reviews have helped you to find the right cat scratcher for your kitty.

    Featured Image Credit: Hepper

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