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7 Best Waterproof Rabbit Hutches 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Choosing the right enclosure for your rabbit might be the most important thing you do to make them feel welcome in your home. Whether indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both, your rabbit’s housing will provide them with a sense of safety and security.

By giving them the best shelter for their needs, you’ll ensure a long-lasting and loving relationship between you and your rabbit. If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard that your rabbit can explore and enjoy, a waterproof rabbit hutch may be the perfect solution to keeping them safe and sound in any weather.

In our quest to find the best rabbit accommodations around, we’ve examined and tested just about every hutch out there. Follow along as we share our findings in these reviews of the seven best waterproof rabbit hutches – by the end of this article, you’ll be fully informed and ready to decide on which style of hutch is right for your furry friend.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Trixie Natura Trixie Natura
  • Weatherproofed and durable solid wood construction
  • Two floors
  • Three access points
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Trixie Small Animal with Outdoor Run Trixie Small Animal with Outdoor Run
  • Solid wood construction
  • Pull-out litter tray
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Good Life Two Floors Good Life Two Floors
  • Weatherproof hardwood construction
  • 2 removable plastic trays
  • Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor
  • Inexpensive
  • Front and top openings
  • CO-Z Topnotch CO-Z Topnotch
  • 3-layer roof
  • UV-resistant paint
  • The 7 Best Waterproof Rabbit Hutches – Reviews 2023

    1. Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch – Best Overall

    Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch

    Most notable for its weatherproofed solid wood construction, the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch promises a long-lasting and comfortable environment for your rabbit, indoors or out. Filled to the brim with thoughtful, rabbit-friendly features, it’s not just a great waterproof hutch — it’s an all-around favorite for rabbit owners of all sorts.

    Three doors allow access from the front on the first and second floor, as well as through the top. Of all the hutches we’ve tested, this offering from Trixie is definitely the easiest to move rabbits in and out of. Every rabbit that we let test the Natura gave positive impressions, based mainly on its non-slip ramp and safe upstairs hiding place.

    Available in two sizes and three different color schemes, the Natura is a versatile selection that’s sure to please any pet. Add in the easy pull-out litter tray for quick and convenient cleanup, and it’s clear to see why we recommend this hutch so highly.

    • Weatherproofed and durable solid wood construction
    • Two sizes and three colors let you customize this hutch to fit your bunny’s needs
    • Two floors make it extra spacious for one rabbit, or suitable for two
    • Three access points make it easy to put your rabbit in and take them out
    • Removable litter tray for fast and simple cleanup
    • Made of pine wood material that can be dangerous for your rabbit

    2. Trixie Small Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run – Best Value

    Trixie Small Animal Cage

    Strikingly similar to our top pick but built with a horizontal design for extra running space, the Trixie Small Animal Hutch is made of durable and weatherproofed solid wood. Featuring a detachable run that’s perfect for letting your rabbit get their exercise, it’s a well-appointed hutch that’s significantly less expensive than most in our review.

    This small animal hutch will likely appeal most to budget-conscious buyers, as it maximizes your rabbit’s available enclosed space at a minimal cost. With the same easy-to-clean pull-out litter tray and generously sized access points as our top pick, we believe this enclosure from Trixie is the best waterproof rabbit hutch for the money.

    The only area where this particular hutch loses points is its size. Built with a single rabbit in mind, it’s not appropriate for especially large breeds or multiple rabbits.

    • Solid wood construction is weatherproof and durable
    • Detachable run provides plenty of extra space for exercise
    • Pull-out litter tray makes it fast and easy to clean
    • Large, top-loading access points make it easy to move your rabbit in and out of the cage
    • Only large enough to house one rabbit comfortably

    3. Good Life Two Floors Waterproof Bunny Hutch – Premium Choice

    Good Life Two Floors Waterproof Bunny Hutch

    Combining many of the best features of our first and second choice picks for waterproof rabbit hutches, the Good Life Two Floors Waterproof Bunny Hutch is as luxurious as rabbit accommodations come. Large enough to comfortably house two to three rabbits at a time, it’s a spacious condo for your pets that’s built to last.

    Presenting a premium price to match its abundant features, this hutch from Good Life is the most expensive of any waterproof rabbit hutch we tested. Thankfully, its waterproof construction is also incredibly sturdy — the natural fir hardwood is painted with a non-toxic waterproof varnish that is safe for pets.

    We’re also a big fan of the two removable litter trays on the bottom floor of this hutch from Good Life. Overall, it’s a great choice for anyone with multiple rabbits, but is likely a bit too pricey for first-time rabbit owners.

    • Extra-large hutch can fit up to 3 small rabbits, or 2 larger ones
    • Weatherproof hardwood construction is durable and pet safe
    • 2 removable plastic trays make litter cleanup fast and easy
    • Large hiding space will make your rabbit cozy and comfortable
    • Quite expensive
    • Not a good option for owners with just one rabbit

    4. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House

    Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor:Indoor Pet House

    A much smaller and simpler option than our previous choices, the Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House is best considered as a temporary refuge for your rabbit than a complete housing solution. Measuring just 13 by 16 inches inside the house, it has great potential as an outdoor play area for small rabbits, but limited utility for larger breeds.

    The natural cedar construction and asphalt roof make this hutch virtually weatherproof — but keep in mind that you’ll have to do a fair amount of assembly to get this enclosure set up. In short, this hutch from Petsfit is a good choice for anyone who wants to give their rabbit a safe area to rest and play outdoors but is a bit too small for full-time living.

    • Sturdy construction
    • Inexpensive
    • Front and top openings for easy loading and unloading
    • Quite small
    • Not a good solution for long-term rabbit housing

    5. CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch

    CO-Z RHC5142 Topnotch Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch

    Nearly identical to the Petsfit hutch featured above, the CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch offers even more weatherproofing, albeit at a higher price. The locking front door and 3-layer roof provide plenty of protection from rain and wind, while the UV-resistant paint helps keep it cool and looking great year after year.

    Suitably sized as a temporary enclosure but not quite large enough to consider for long-term housing, this hutch makes a great addition for rabbits that have an indoor enclosure but need increased safety while they take in the fresh air and sunshine outdoors.

    • Locking door and roof for added safety
    • 3-layer roof is completely waterproof
    • UV-resistant paint prevents peeling and sun damage
    • Too small to use as a full-time housing solution
    • Fairly expensive

    6. Merax Wooden Rabbit Hutch

    Merax WF019489 Wooden Rabbit Hutch

    Extra-large and featuring two runs, the Merax Wooden Rabbit Hutch offers the largest area for safely enclosed playtime of any hutch we tested. While it’s certainly large enough to comfortably house two to four rabbits, this rabbit hutch is ultimately hampered by its somewhat flimsy construction.

    Comprised of solid fir wood with waterproof paint, the Merax wooden rabbit hutch is a fully rabbit-safe option that boasts significant weatherproofing. If the wood were thicker and the included hardware made of higher-grade metal, it would feel much closer to being worth its high price tag.

    If you need the largest possible waterproof hutch, this should be your first choice — but if your space requirements are less strict, we recommend choosing a more reasonably priced option.

    • Largest rabbit run area of any hutch in our review
    • Can house 2-4 rabbits comfortably
    • Fully weatherproof
    • Quite expensive
    • Material and construction are too flimsy for the price

    7. PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch

    PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch

    Sturdy and spacious, the PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch combines many of the most desirable features of other waterproof hutches in our review into one attractive package. Crafted from solid fir, it’s one of the most stable and durable options of any hutch we tested.

    Indeed, many of the PawHut’s features put it in our good graces: a removable tray makes litter cleanup quite easy, and the spacious design gives plenty of room for your rabbit to play. The Pawhut’s weakness, however, is that there are simply far too many other suitable options for waterproof rabbit hutches available at much lower prices. If it were significantly less expensive, this hutch might have deserved our top spot.

    • Spacious interior
    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy to clean
    • Far too expensive
    • Does not offer anything more than lower-priced hutches

    Buyer’s Guide

    Are you familiar with what makes one rabbit hutch better than another? In this handy guide, we’ll break down the features and considerations that we take into account in our testing and reviewing.

    Why Choose a Waterproof Rabbit Hutch?

    If you’re considering keeping rabbits as indoor/outdoor pets, there’s no better choice for their housing than a waterproof rabbit hutch. More comfortable than dedicated outdoor hutches and safer for your rabbit’s health than indoor enclosures, they’re the best of both worlds for rabbit owners who want to give their bunnies plenty of freedom to roam.

    Because the enclosures usually given to indoor rabbits lack a rooftop, they leave your rabbit far too vulnerable to be rained on. While humans, dogs, and cats can tolerate an occasional soaking if unexpectedly caught out in the rain, rabbits suffer doubly from getting wet; their thick fur takes a very long time to dry, and changes in body temperature can put them in great danger.

    Outdoor-only rabbit cages are almost solely intended for use in raising rabbits as a fur and meat source and lack many of the comforts and amenities that you might want for your pet’s life. In addition, outdoor cages are the heaviest options available for rabbit housing and require significant setup.

    With all of this in mind, it’s clear that waterproof rabbit hutches are the best option for keeping rabbits as pets that live both indoors and outdoors.

    What to Look for In A Waterproof Rabbit Hutch

    We look for four main qualities when considering which rabbit hutch is best for our bunnies:

    1. Your waterproof rabbit hutch will be essential in keeping your pet safe from rain, but equally important is its ability to protect from predators. Make sure that any hutch you buy has sturdy, locking gates and a place for your rabbit to hide away from prying eyes and noses.
    2. While you can’t get a hutch that’s too big for your rabbit, you most definitely can end up with one that is too small. Always look for a hutch that has an area where your rabbit can stand up to their full height and has enough floor space for at least three times your rabbit’s body length.
    3. An important component both of safety and value for the money, choosing a durable hutch will prevent predators from breaking into your rabbit’s home. The best models are made of solid wood or hard plastic materials and feature solid joinery.
    4. Because you’ll be regularly putting your rabbit into their outdoor hutch, and removing them to bring them back indoors, it’s best to choose a waterproof hutch that allows for easy front and top access.

    Types of Rabbit Enclosures to Consider

    The waterproof rabbit hutch, as discussed above, is a perfect option for indoor/outdoor pet rabbits. If you’re considering keeping your rabbit outdoors only, a rabbit cage may be a better option. Similarly, dedicated indoor pets will often do best in simple enclosures — or just a playpen, after they are litter trained.

    What Else Does Your Rabbit Need in Their Hutch?

    As you’re planning for your rabbit’s new home, we think it’s wise to consider what other furnishings and necessities you’ll need to buy to make their life healthy and comfortable. The following items are helpful for making your rabbit’s acclimation to a new environment smooth and stress-free:

    • Litter box
    • Litter
    • Timothy hay
    • Water bowl
    • Food bowl
    • Treats
    • Toys



    After thoroughly examining the merits and detriments of every possible choice for a waterproof rabbit hutch, we’re confident in recommending the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch as the best overall rabbit hutch in our reviews. Available in a variety of sizes to suit rabbits of any breed, it’s a well-built and thoughtfully designed rabbit hutch that’s sure to please owners and bunnies alike.

    For a smaller, more budget-friendly alternative to the Natura rabbit hutch, consider Trixie’s Small Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run. It’s perfectly sized for rabbits up to around eight pounds and offers a convenient option for first-time rabbit owners.

    Though no hutch can be used interchangeably for every situation, choosing the best one for the environment your rabbit spends most of its time in is a great start. With this guide, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect housing situation for an indoor/outdoor rabbit.

    Featured Image: Merax WF019489 Wooden Rabbit Hutch, Amazon

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