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5 Best Winter Horse Blankets of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Horses with Blanket_Anastasija PopovaLiving in a region of the world where the winters are far from temperate creates issues for everyone, concluding humans and horses. Your horses need protection from the elements just as much as you do when the temperature drops to wintertime lows and those chilly Northern winds pick up.

Having a winter horse blanket on hand for freezing night and daytime temperatures goes a long way in protecting your horse and acts as an effective guard against moisture.

You might be gearing your horse up to take a stroll through the snow. Perhaps the wind has picked up and is currently whipping across the pasture. Either way, you can prepare your horse with a heavy-duty wintertime blanket. We have collected reviews for the top five winter horse blankets on the market.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Derby Originals 600D Derby Originals 600D
  • Highly waterproof
  • 250 grams of quality insulation
  • Well-placed double buckles
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Tough 1 1200D Snuggit Tough 1 1200D Snuggit
  • Heavy-duty 1200D polyester lining
  • Inner lining is soft
  • Reinforced double-sewn seams
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket
  • Snug fit
  • With carrier bag
  • Integrated THERMA-layer
  • AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket
  • Adjustable
  • Many different sizes
  • Heavy-duty outer layer
  • Weatherbeeta Comfitec Blanket Weatherbeeta Comfitec Blanket
  • Durable inside and out
  • Highly adjustable fit
  • Variety of sizes
  • The 5 Best Winter Horse Blankets

    1. Derby Originals 600D Winter Horse Blanket — Best Overall

    Derby Originals 600D Winter Horse Blanket

    The blanket that tops our list for number one is the Derby Originals Horse Blanket, which is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any type of horse and comes in three colors.

    It is constructed from 600D nylon on the exterior layer to provide a sheath of waterproof protection on the outside. This layer protects the 250 grams of poly-fil insulation that effectively keeps your colt or horse warm whatever the weather. The nylon layer is not only waterproof but also extremely breathable and rip-resistant to stand up to the kind of activities that your horse might get up to while wearing it.

    The lining in the inside layer that lies across the horse is 210T taffeta poly/nylon. There is no back seam sewn into this horse blanket, making it comfortable and waterproof.

    The designers of the blanket have made a product that fits snugly. There are double front buckles that are easily adjustable and replaceable. Elastic leg straps comfortably keep the blanket in place without restricting your horse’s movements. But there is Velcro on the chest of the blanket, which might not always hold up in the long term.

    • Highly waterproof
    • 250 grams of quality insulation
    • Well-placed double buckles that are easily adjustable
    • Velcro is not as durable as other pieces

    2. Tough 1 1200D Snuggit Turnout Blanket — Best Value

    Tough 1 1200D Snuggit Turnout Blanket

    The Snuggit Turnout Blanket is an excellent option if you need a blanket that isn’t such a large investment or you have multiple horses that you want to have blankets for during the winter. It is the best winter horse blanket for the money.

    This blanket is constructed from a 1200D polyester, meaning that it is heavy-duty. The durability helps it stand up against a horse that might try to bit or chew on the blanket as soon as you put it on them. This layer also acts as a protective sheath over the 300-gram poly-fil insulation that keeps your horse warm in wind and rain.

    On the interior against the horse’s body is a 210D polyester lining. It is a softer material and prevents uncomfortable rubbing between the horse and the blanket. Its characteristics also keep it from getting as dirty with shedding hair, shavings, or straw. There are a few customer complaints about the stitching quality, but this appears to have been resolved.

    The blanket design also makes it easy to fit it to the horse and keep it there. Each stress point of the blanket is reinforced with double-sewn seams. There are double buckles that make up the front closures and are backed with Velcro straps. All the metal hardware is a rust-resistant nickel. Adjustable neck and leg straps made from elastic keep the blanket secure.

    • Heavy-duty 1200D polyester lining
    • Inner lining is soft and prevents the collection of dirt
    • Reinforced double-sewn seams at stress points
    • Past complaints about weak seam stitching on the buckles

    3. SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket — Premium Choice

    SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket

    The SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket is our premium option for those who want to get the best of the best, no matter the investment. It is sold in three sizes to accommodate various sizes and ages of horses.

    The blanket’s exterior is constructed with a 1200D ripstop nylon that allows breathability and is 100% waterproof. The high denier rating makes it more durable. The seams are taped around this blanket, meaning they are reinforced and are no longer vulnerabilities.

    On the inside, there is a THERMA-layer that is integrated into the design for optimal warmth. The inner chest has an owner identification patch in case they wander. If you need the blanket but don’t want to put it on the horse right away, use the breathable matching carrier bag that comes with the blanket.

    There is only one color for this horse blanket: a deep navy blue with a vibrant tan accent. There is a tail cord D-ring on its back and adjustable clips and straps with buckles along the blanket’s center and chest. The neck is constructed in a turtleneck style.

    • Adjustable straps on the stomach and chest for a snug fit
    • Comes with a convenient carrier bag
    • Integrated THERMA-layer of insulation under the durable outer shell
    • Premium product comes with a premium price

    4. AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket

    AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket

    The AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Blanket keeps your horse warm and comfy throughout the frigid winters. It is sold in 10 different sizes, from 66 inches to 84 inches long. It also comes in four colors, so you can choose which blanket best suits which horse.

    The material is heavyweight and entirely waterproof while remaining breathable. It is constructed from a 1200D nylon outer shell that protects a layer of 400-gram poly-fil insulation. On the inside of the blanket, there is a smooth lining of 70D. It keeps it more comfortable for your horse and less likely to attract dirt and hairs.

    There is no center seam along the top of this blanket, which keeps it even more waterproof. There is reinforced stitching around the outside and the stressed areas, like the legs.

    The blanket design is meant to keep it in place and thus provide maximum insulation by keeping the body heat focused on your horse. There are adjustable front buckles and a hook-and-loop closure to keep it in place and fit it better to your horse’s body. There are also removable elastic leg and belly straps to keep it easily fitted and a tail flap for comfort.

    • Easily adjustable across the entire blanket
    • Many different sizes for the best fit
    • Heavy-duty outer layer covering plentiful insulation layer
    • Jacket prevents horses from feeling the shock from electric fences

    5. Weatherbeeta Comfitec Blanket

    Weatherbeeta Comfitec Blanket

    This brand has begun to make a name for itself in the area of horse products, especially with its blanket, Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential.

    The Weatherbeeta blanket is sold in a wide range of sizes, from 48 inches to 87 inches. These accommodate adult horses, as well as young colts. There is a wider variety of patterns, colors, and prints than are typically available for these blankets.

    The blanket is lightweight, making it easier to put on but less protective during a deep freeze. It is meant for protection and warmth during autumnal days instead of hard winter nights.

    The outer material is made from a tough 1200D ripstop fabric. This material is largely waterproof and serves to repel any moisture and mud. The interior lining is constructed from a 210D Oxford polyester, which is highly breathable but not as soft and comfortable as those with a lower denier rating. The padding around the outside is 100% boa fleece to prevent rubbing and chaffing.

    The fit is tight to the horse and easy to adjust. It is fully adjustable with shoulder gussets and a twin buckle that closes across the horse’s front. There are removable leg straps, twin low cross surcingles, and a tail flap at the back.

    • Outer and inner materials are both durable
    • Highly adjustable fit and variety of sizes to personalize it
    • Less insulated for deep winter freezes
    • Higher denier rating on inner lining is not as comfortable

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Winter Blankets for Horses

    Every horse is different when it comes to their needs and overall tolerance to the cold. Some horses are also rougher on their blankets than others. Consider all these personal factors when you look at investing in proper blankets for your horses. Here are other considerations to keep in mind during the buying process.

    Shell and Liner Material

    The material is one of the most significant factors when you consider a blanket for your horse. Typically, the material is a combination of nylon and polyester. These materials are easy to effectively treat and have a waterproof coating to keep your horse dry underneath the blanket’s comfortable layer.

    The shell material is the outer-most layer that is exposed to any inclement weather patterns. It needs to be the most durable and provide the most waterproofing to protect the insulation layer that should be underneath. A high denier rating is necessary, meaning that the material’s fibers are close together and form a tight binding over the top. It should have at least a rating of 1,000.

    Beyond the material that makes up the shell, there are layers of insulation and the interior liner laid against the horse. The insulation is often poly-fil and effectively protects the horse from the cold without adding too much weight. The interior lining should be a lower denier rating because it makes the material much softer and gentler on a horse’s skin. Too high of a denier rating can cause issues with the chaffing of the skin.

    Waterproofing Abilities

    The denier rating isn’t the only thing that dictates the waterproofing of the blanket. It should have received some coating to protect the horse, no matter how much precipitation is coming down.

    A coating of polyurethane, or PU, can dramatically increase the waterproofness of a blanket. Typically, a blanket has received that or a similar treatment if the company claims that the blanket is 100% waterproof. If you get a large amount of precipitation in your area, this will be even more necessary.

    Design of Buckles and Straps

    The design of the buckles and straps might go entirely unnoticed for most horses and have a significant and painful effect on others. Every blanket has a slightly different way that it is structured and designed. The buckles and straps are all bound to be in different places even if they work to accomplish much the same goal in fitting the blanket to the horse.

    Some horses can’t have buckles that run across their withers. It can cause them pain and encourage a limp if not fixed. Consider your horse’s sore spots and whether they need extra attention in any specific area.

    Horse with Blanket
    Image Credit By: ulleo, pixabay

    The Fit

    Finally, don’t only look at where the buckles and straps are placed but also at how they all work together. It is best to read previous buyer’s reviews and see how the blanket has fit their animals. If it typically fits those horses quite well, it will likely fit on yours, unless they have an awkward body shape.

    The characteristics of a blanket that also affect the fit include the holes meant for the legs and whether they are elastic. It is also essential to find one with adjustable straps across both the stomach and the chest because these areas vary slightly from horse to horse. If a blanket comes in a wider variety of sizes, it is more convenient to find one that best suits your horse.



    The best horse blankets are created by brands that want to design the best product possible for each horse. It comes down to the adjustability they build into the design and the overall warmth and comfort that it provides when it lies across a horse’s back.

    If you are looking for a combination of comfort, durability, and warmth that won’t break your budget, the Derby Originals 600D Winter Horse Blanket could be the choice for you. If you need something that is even more budget-friendly to suit more horses, than the Tough 1 Snuggit Turnout Blanket should be an option that you carefully consider.

    The best winter horse blankets protect your horses from deep freezes that could otherwise cause them sickness or lower their immune system. Although there are plenty of options on the market, these top five winter horse blankets give you applicable reviews so you can quickly sort through and find a solution for your product needs fast.

    Featured Image Credit: Anastasija Popova, Shutterstock

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