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Black Otter Rex Rabbit: Facts, Pictures, Behavior & Care Guide

black otter rex rabbit is eating the dried glass from the basket

Rabbits are a great choice of pet if you aren’t looking for as much responsibility as a dog would need. They can bring any human years of joy, and they are curious, friendly, and playful creatures that enjoy time with their owners. Many species of rabbits make great pets, and in this article, we’ll discuss the Black Otter Rex Rabbit.

This rabbit is unique and prized for its gorgeous coat and wonderful temperament. They are easy to care for and easy to find, and they don’t require a lot of specialized resources to be happy. If a Black Otter Rex Rabbit is on your radar for a companion, read on to learn all you need to know about owning this beautiful bunny.

Breed Overview




7–11 pounds


5–6 years

Similar Breeds:

Mini Rex Rabbit, Plush Lop Rabbits, Velveteen Lop Rabbits

Suitable for:

Multi-rabbit homes, families, singles, first-time parents


Calm, affectionate, curious, affectionate, friendly


Although the Black Otter Rex Rabbit isn’t a distinct breed in and of itself, at first glance, it is easy to assume that it is! Black, otter, and rex are all adjectives that describe the coat color, pattern, and texture, respectively. This rabbit is so well-liked that it has its own owners’ clubs in the United States and the United Kingdom, where Black Otter Rabbits of the Rex or Mini Rex breeds are recognized and celebrated.

Black Otter Rex rabbits are known for having gorgeous, short, black fluffy coats that stand out among Rex rabbits. Additional features of this breed are black fur on the back and head, as well as cream-colored hair around the eyes, under the belly, and below the chin. There is a clear tan boundary where the black and cream fur met.

The breed originated in France after a litter of wild gray rabbits was found on a farm. The baby bunnies weren’t very attractive, but they did have the gorgeous fur that the modern-day Rex rabbits have.

Black Otter Rex Rabbit Breed Characteristics



How Much Do Black Otter Rex Rabbits Cost?

The cost of owning a rabbit is mostly influenced by supply and demand, and certain rabbits cost a lot less than others. A mixed-breed rabbit is simple to find, and purebred rabbits with a show-caliber pedigree are the favored option for true bunny enthusiasts.

Everyone went crazy about this breed when it was originally released on the market in 1930. Rex Rabbits were rumored to have cost $1,500 back in the day.

Today, Rex rabbits are relatively simple to find and purchase because they are a breed that is grown for both commercial and personal enjoyment. As a result, they are also one of the more affordable breeds. Rex rabbits typically cost $20 to $60, with show-quality animals costing more than $250.

If you want to adopt a Black Otter Rex rabbit, you should start by visiting the National Rex Rabbit Club 1 to learn more about the breed. After that, you can visit Rabbit Breeders USA 2 for a comprehensive list of Rex rabbits for sale from trustworthy breeders.

black otter rex rabbit inside the hutch
Image By: Marcuzioart, Shutterstock

Temperament & Intelligence of the Black Otter Rex Rabbit

Pet owners widely prize the personality and temperament of Black Otter Rex Rabbits in addition to their beautiful appearance. Their temperament is gentle, kind, and sweet-natured. They have a laid-back personality but are also curious and like to try new things. Like other rabbits, the Black Otter Rex Rabbit is more active in the evening but will likely come out to play with you at any time of the day. They are also vocal and squeal and squeak when happy and excited.

Do These Rabbits Make Good Pets? 👪

The rex rabbits are ideal pets due to their unique personalities and temperaments. They form attachments to people just like any other domesticated animal does. Due to their low maintenance requirements and wonderful personalities, they make good pets for any family, including first-time pet owners.

Does This Rabbit Get Along With Other Pets?

Regardless of the breed, these rabbits love the company of other rabbits. They will be more likely to accept other animals as adults if they are exposed to them while young. Fortunately, they can occasionally get along with friendly cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and turtles.

Black Otter Rex rabbits have no natural predators because they are a domestic breed raised for pets. However, that doesn’t mean that they are unafraid of other animals, especially when they share a home with them. You should take extra precautions if you keep a Rex rabbit and other pets at home because large cats and most dogs can easily injure one. If you let your rabbit play outside, you’ll also need to watch it closely and look out for foxes, coyotes, and birds of prey.


Things to Know When Owning a Black Otter Rex Rabbit:

Food & Diet Requirements 🥕

Black Otter Rex Rabbits are herbivores and eat the same as other kinds of rabbits, which is a diet that is made up almost exclusively of plant matter. Their diet should comprise about 70% high-quality hay and commercially produced alfalfa pellets, a few fresh leafy vegetables, and some carrots and fruit as treats.

Don’t forget to replenish your pet’s water bowl with fresh, clean water.

black otter rex rabbit
Image Credit: Marcuzioart, Shutterstock

Habitat & Hutch Requirements 🏠

When providing your rabbit with suitable housing, the enclosure size and materials are the two primary factors to think about. It must be cozy and big enough for the bunny to play, eat, and hop, and it should be at least 12 feet by 32 square feet. You can fence them with a pen or playpen gate if you intend to have the enclosure inside your home. But be sure to use rabbit-safe materials to build an indoor cage for your Black Otter Rex rabbits, with a solid bottom and durable wires.

The bedding in your rabbit’s living space should be comfortable and capable of absorbing moisture. You can purchase bedding that is already made or make your own bedding by shredding newspaper or paper towels.

These rabbits prefer a moderate temperature between 65–85°, but they can tolerate slightly cooler or warmer temperatures. There shouldn’t be any additional adjustments required if your bunny is living inside the home. However, if it lives outside, you’ll need a space heater in the winter and a fan in the summer.

You will need to pay attention to its hutch every day, ensuring it is clean and that your rabbit has clean hay, bedding, and water.

Exercise & Sleeping Needs 🐇

Black Otter Rex rabbits can become bored if they do not interact and are kept in their enclosure all the time. While inside their hutch, you can provide them with interactive toys and allow them to roam free and socialize during the day.

The recommended amount of daily exercise for rabbits is 4 hours. Hopping, running, jumping off of raised surfaces, and doing “binkies”—jumping into the air while twisting their head and body in opposite directions—are all forms of exercise for rabbits.

Black Otter Rex rabbits are also known to be daytime sleepers and are more active from dusk to dawn. They will need about 6–8 hours of sleep each day. Rabbits often sleep with their eyes open, so it can be challenging to determine whether they are awake or asleep. It will sleep either on its front, side, or loaf position. It will stop moving its nose, its ears will be relaxed, and it will start breathing more slowly. Sometimes they may even snore.

Training 🥎

Black Otter Rex Rabbits are relatively simple to train and quite trusting by nature. They can be taught to play games, be litter-trained, and respond to their name with practice.

Like cats, these rabbits can be trained to use the litter box, which simplifies cage cleaning and keeps your home clean when your rabbit is free to roam.

Rex rabbits are intelligent creatures that can be taught to carry out commands and learn tricks. They are also naturally curious creatures who love to explore their environment. They can be trained using positive reinforcement methods with patience and consistency.

Grooming ✂️

It is only recommended to groom Black Otter Rex Rabbits during heavy shedding. Their short, dense, silky fur requires very little maintenance. They generally don’t need to be groomed or bathed, but you can use a moist towel to wipe off any dirt on your rabbit’s coat. To help prevent hairballs from forming, they can be brushed occasionally to remove loose fur. Regular nail trimming is also necessary to keep their nails from getting too long.

Lifespan and Health Conditions 🏥

Black Otter Rex rabbits typically live between 5–6 years and sometimes live as long as 12 years, although that is rare. Of course, good care and regular medical exams will guarantee the longest lifespan possible. Like most pets, rabbits can also experience some health concerns that owners must be aware of.

Minor Conditions
  • Sore hocks
  • Snuffles
  • Ear Mites
Serious Conditions
  • GI Stasis

Minor Conditions

  • Sore hocks: This occurs when your rabbit’s foot develops sores. They can sometimes become inflamed and infected, but thankfully, they can easily be prevented.
  • Snuffles: The term “snuffles” refers to an infection of the upper respiratory tract that is often passed on by bacteria.
  • Ear Mites: Rabbits can easily pick up ear mites in one or both ears, and in severe cases, the head, abdomen, neck, and genital areas may also be affected.

Serious Conditions

  • GI Stasis: This condition is common in rabbits, and if caught early before it becomes too dehydrated, it can be treated by your veterinarian. When a rabbit stops eating for any reason, the normal bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract that ferment and digest food can change and become outnumbered by an overgrowth of painful, gas- and toxin-producing bacteria that suppress its appetite. If this happens, the issue can worsen and, in severe cases, result in death if left untreated.

Divider-rabbit2 Male vs Female

For beginner rabbit owners, males are said to be easier pets. They are known for having calmer personalities and less destructive tendencies. They also tend to be less territorial.

Unlike a lot of other mammals, male and female rabbits may not look very different from one another. Examining your rabbit’s genitalia is the only reliable technique to determine whether it is a male or female. It’s also crucial to note that these are merely generalizations and that not all rabbits display these traits. Similar to how certain male rabbits are considered to be naturally more aggressive, some female rabbits have charming, fully laid-back attitudes. It is recommended to visit the animal shelter or talk to the breeder, where you can get to know the rabbits and get a sense of their personalities.

Many of these personality facts become more subtle once the rabbit has been neutered or spayed, which reduces the distinctions between male and female rabbits.

3 Little-Known Facts About Black Otter Rex Rabbits

1. Otter Rex Rabbits Like to Chew Things

Naturally, black otter rex rabbits gnaw on everything to keep their teeth short. It might turn into a major issue if you don’t keep an eye on them! To keep them safe, it is best to keep things like furniture, plants, or electrical lines out of their reach and provide them with things to nibble on.

2. Some are Bred for Meat and Fur

These rabbits are loved as pets and show animals but are also farmed for their meat and fur. Rex rabbits are prized for their soft, velvet fur, which is popular for making scarves, hats, coats, and accessories. In some countries, their meat is considered a delicacy.

3. Rabbit Teeth Never Stop Growing

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. Fortunately, chewing their food constantly wears them down. If the teeth on your rabbit are not being worn down, they may begin to grow into their jaw and face.


Final Thoughts

Black Otter Rex rabbits are growing in popularity because they are relatively easy to care for and make great pets, especially for a first-time owner. They are famous for their dense, velvety coats and calm, loving personalities. If you are looking for a friendly, affectionate, and calm rabbit, this breed will be perfect. Understanding how to care for and love a Black Otter Rex Rabbit will help it live a long, healthy life and bring you joy.

Featured Image Credit: Chawannuch_Njoy, Shutterstock

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