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Black Sable Ferret Breed: Facts, Traits, and Rarity (With Pictures)

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The black sable ferret is not special from other ferrets aside from its colors and markings. This type of ferret lives the same way as other types of ferrets in the wild, and they make just as good pets as the average domestic ferret. But their colors and markings are special, and they deserve to be differentiated from the regular sable ferret. Here is what you need to know about the black sable ferret.


Colors and Markings

Black sable ferrets have shiny, dark guard hairs that look black to the eye but are actually ash-colored. No brown under or overtones should be noticeable. Their undercoat is white or cream but should never be yellow. They have dark brown or black eyes and ash-black noses. Some have cream markings on their faces. The light undercoat and dark guard hairs create an impressive contrast that makes these ferrets easily distinguishable from other ferret colors and variations.

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Image By: Daniel Steinke, Pixabay

The Difference Between Black Sable and North American Black-Footed Ferrets

North American black-footed ferrets are different than black sable ferrets in terms of colors and markings. Otherwise, they are extremely similar when it comes to temperament, instinct, and nature. Unlike black sable ferrets that have dark bodies, North American black-footed ferrets have black faces, feet, and tails. The rest of their bodies are covered in yellowish-cream-colored fur. White fur is typically found on the muzzle and forehead.

The Rarity of Black Sable Ferrets

Black sable ferrets are quite common and can be found in many pet stores throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world. They are particularly popular in Australia, but many households worldwide enjoy their lives with this type of ferret. Many people may own a black sable ferret without even knowing it. In contrast, the black-footed ferret is the rarest type of ferret in existence throughout North America.

Image By: Dien, Shutterstock

Interesting Facts About Sable Ferrets

There is plenty of interesting information to learn about the sable ferret in general, aside from color variations, especially if you plan to adopt one as a pet for your household to enjoy. Here are a few interesting facts about sable ferrets that are worth taking note of.

Facts About Sable Ferrets
  • They Are Not Legal Everywhere in the United States: Since these little animals are considered exotic, they cannot be legally obtained or kept as pets in the states of Hawaii, New York, and California. Other counties and cities throughout the country maintain similar restrictions, so it is important to check with your local authorities to find out what the ferret laws are in your neighborhood.
  • They Require Plenty of Attention: Some say that sable ferrets are needier and require more attention than cats or dogs do! These cute little pets require at least 3 hours of exercise and playtime outside of their caged habitat. They do not like being left alone at home all day, and they are extremely social, so they expect to be a part of the action when everyone is spending time at home.
  • They Can Be Night Owls: Sable ferrets can spend up to 16 hours sleeping during the day and spend their nights hunting for food and getting exercise. In captivity, these animals can learn to take on the sleeping and active hours that their human family members maintain. However, some sable ferrets have a hard time keeping up with unnatural sleeping and activity habits, so they might be considered night owls and try to keep their companions up late.

divider-ferret Conclusion

The black sable ferret is a fun-loving pet that families of all types can enjoy. They are readily available for adoption, and they require the same kind of care as any other color ferret needs. If you plan to adopt a black sable ferret, it is important to make sure that they are legal in your area first, or you could face serious fines.

Featured Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock

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