striped rabbit

Sumatran Striped Rabbit

Sumatra is facing a deforestation crisis. Because of this, the country holds many vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered species. Just within the Sundaland Biodiversity Hotspot, you’ll find at least 13 critically endangered species. Most often, when you hear about an endangered Sumatran species, you’re going to hear something about a rhinoceros, elephant, orangutan, or a …

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Sallander Rabbit

In the wonderful world of rabbits, there’s a spunky little bunny who belongs to the Sallander family. If you haven’t heard of this breed, you aren’t alone. Indigenous to Holland and popular in the UK and Netherlands, US bunny fans are starting to get to know this breed. If you are curious about the Sallander …

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volcano rabbit

Amami Rabbit

The Amami rabbit is called a living fossil due to its ancient roots. These rabbits are an incredibly old breed, stemming from ancient ancestors on Japanese islands. They are considered critically endangered today, so they are not found in captivity situations of any kind unless they are under the direct monitoring of wildlife professionals. These …

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Can You Ride a Pregnant Horse? The Do’s & Don’t

When your horse becomes pregnant, you may think that her needs will change rapidly. However, this isn’t particularly true. In fact, you don’t need to particularly treat a horse any differently until they start approaching the end of their pregnancy. Their pregnancy doesn’t ramp up until the last trimester when the foal begins to develop …

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What Do Leopard Geckos Eat? Food List, Diet & Feeding Tips

If you have recently purchased your first leopard gecko, one of the first questions many people have is what to feed them. While many reptiles will eat several types of food, including insects, commercial food, fruits, and vegetables, the leopard gecko is only likely to consume insects. If you are looking to provide your pet …

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