5 Steps to Quickly & Easily Identify Your Rabbit’s Breed

lionhead rabbit

Every rabbit has a story that goes along with how it came into your life, but many don’t have the clear origins that you get when buying from a breeder. If you’ve recently acquired a new rabbit or are wondering about the provenance of a bunny you’ve had for a while, you’re probably curious as … Read more

What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit? Rabbit Nutrition Made Easy

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As any bunny owner knows, rabbits have a voracious appetite for all things sweet and green! While it can be quite entertaining to watch them devour a leaf of lettuce or happily munch away on a pile of hay, it’s important to keep in mind that nutrition is a major determinant of your rabbit’s health. … Read more

7 Wild Rabbit Breeds (With Pictures)

wild rabbit

Many of us don’t hear much about wild rabbits, and if we do, it may only be when someone talks about hunting them for sport. This list highlights seven wild rabbit breeds from around the world — some are abundant, while others are facing extinction. 1. Colombian Pygmy Rabbit These native rabbits to Washington state … Read more

10 Cutest White Rabbit Breeds (With Pictures)

White New Zealand Rabbit

You will find that rabbits come in many colors and exhibit a variety of markings. However, this article focuses on white rabbit breeds — some are another variety of a particular breed, while others are exclusively white. Many white rabbits have luxurious fur that requires more upkeep, and you will see that temperaments vary with … Read more

Male vs Female Rabbits: What’s the Difference? (Pros & Cons)

male vs female rabbit

There are benefits to knowing the difference between male and female rabbits. When you know the sex of your rabbit, you can then learn about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as certain characteristics they will display, so you can care for them effectively and understand what they are going through. A rabbit that hasn’t … Read more

Bunny vs. Rabbit: What’s the Difference? (With Pictures)

bunny vs rabbit

You hear “bunny” and “rabbit” interchanged all the time within the rabbit community. Is there a difference between the two, and are you correct if you call any rabbit a bunny? This article will hash out the differences between a bunny and a rabbit so you know for sure what you should be calling that … Read more

Continental Giant Rabbit vs Flemish Giant: What’s the Difference?

Continental-Giant-Rabbit-vs.-Flemish-Giant copy

The Continental Giant and the Flemish Giant are two rabbit breeds that are quite similar. In fact, the Continental Rabbit is descended from the Flemish Giant. In this article, we give you the rundown between the two breeds so you can learn about their differences and similarities. Continentals and Flemish Rabbits at a Glance: Continental … Read more

Hare vs. Rabbit: What’s the Difference?

hare vs rabbit

You have heard of rabbits and hares, but do you know what the difference is between them? Some rabbits have evolved from hares, but that doesn’t mean they should be classified as a hare. There are distinguishing factors between the two that are good to know if you plan to be a rabbit expert — … Read more

16 Popular Brown Rabbit Breeds

Male French Lop rabbit

When it comes to rabbits, brown is a color a lot of people think of even though many different colors can appear on a bunny coat. Brown also comes in many forms such as chocolate, red, golden, etc. You may think of brown as a boring color, but the color can look great on a … Read more

12 Charming Dwarf Rabbit Breeds

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If you think there is nothing cuter than a cute, fluffy rabbit, wait until you get a look at these dwarf breed bunnies. Not only are they adorable, but each one has its own characteristics, personality, and style. Below, we have found the top 12 dwarf rabbit breeds. We will talk about each one to … Read more