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Bronze-Winged Parrot (Pionus): Facts, Diet, Care & Pictures

two bronze-winged parrots on a tree branch

The bronze-winged parrot is a medium-sized bird with a sturdy build and exciting features. They have incredibly unique color patterns on their body, touting shades of deep blues, violets, and red with very recognizable flesh tones around the eyeballs.

If one of these beauties caught your eye, we’ll review overall care and how to find one. These guys are somewhat rare—so if you’re a fan of this particular bird, you might have to do some scouring on the web.divider-birdcage

Species Overview

Bronze-winged parrot
Bronze-winged parrot (Image Credit: Mike’s Birds, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic)
Common Names: Bronze-winged parrot, bronze-winged pionus
Scientific Name: Pionus chalcopterus
Good to own as a pet?: 10.5 inches
Life Expectancy: 25 years

Origin and History

Bronze-winged parrot is a type of pionus parrot that is the product of nature, not specialized breeding. You can find them in the pet trade, sought after for their deep, intense coloration.

These birds are native to tropical parts of South America, including Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia. The gorgeous bronze-winged parrots have an incredible unique coloration, which proved desirable in the bird trade.

Since their capture, they have become a favorite of bird lovers all over. These pionus parrots have exceptionally calm personalities and bond particularly well with one person—so it’s no wonder they are so adored.divider-birdcage

Bronze-Winged Parrot Colors and Markings

Pionus chalcopterus
Pionus chalcopterus (Image Credit: Félix Uribe, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic)

Bronze-winged parrots certainly have a unique appearance. This bird has dark indigo and purple plumage speckled with brighter colored feathers under the chin down the chest.

They have flesh-colored rings around their eyes where there’s no coloration. Since their plumage is so deeply toned, it really creates a pop of color around the eyes that is instantly recognizable.

Their beaks are generally shades of yellow, as are their feet. They have a robust structure and are stout and durable.

The bronze-winged parrot gets its name from the combos of bronze and green on their backsides. Like all parrots in the pionus category, they have gorgeous red feathering on their tail feathers and are lovely in flight.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Bronze-Winged Parrot

Pionus chalcopterus -pet-8a
Pionus chalcopterus -pet-8a (Image Credit: Jessie Terwilliger, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)

If you’re looking to purchase one of these magnificent creatures, you can expect to pay roughly $900 to $1,200 from a reputable breeder. Many younglings are hand-fed to ensure human bonding takes place.

The more frequently you handle your baby bird, the closer they become to you. But that doesn’t mean an adult can’t do the same. There are plenty of parrots in need of a good home out in the world.

You can also find parrots in need of a home from local rescues or shelters where the animal has been surrendered or rescued. One neat thing about getting a parrot from a shelter is that it cuts down on upfront costs, and they usually come with a cage.

You can also find them on certain sites like Hoobly or Craigslist, where owners try to rehome their pets. Prices can vary drastically beyond the breeder due to personal charges set in place by private owners.

Before purchasing one of these birds, I want to make sure they’re in tip-top shape, and looking completely healthy. Watch for feather loss or other physical signs of potential issues.

Remember to keep in mind—you might have to make additional purchases, buying things like cages, toys, food, and other startup items.divider-birdcage


The bronze-winged pionus is a relatively rare and beautiful bird with so much love to give a potential owner. Remember to buy responsibly and always make sure the bird you bring home is healthy.

If you find one to call your own, this indigo beauty will surely warm your heart and home.

Featured Image Credit: La-li, Shutterstock

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