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16 Popular Brown Rabbit Breeds

french lop

When it comes to rabbits, brown is a color a lot of people think of even though many different colors can appear on a bunny coat. Brown also comes in many forms such as chocolate, red, golden, etc. You may think of brown as a boring color, but the color can look great on a long-eared rabbit friend.

In the article below, we have found 16 brown rabbit breeds. Not only will we share pictures, but we will also provide some background info on these adorable bunnies.


Brown Rabbit Breeds

As we mentioned, brown can come in many forms. There are lots of shades and patterns that can adorn a rabbit’s coat and give them each an entirely different appearance. Below, we will take a look at the different breeds that have brown in their coat.

The 16 Popular Brown Rabbit Breeds

1. Lionhead

Lionhead Rabbit
Image: Glenn Cannell from Pixabay

This is a small rabbit with golden fur. Depending on the individual bunny, the color can vary from light tan to darker golden. They can also be white, as well.

2. American Sable

This bunnies fur has a hombre effect going from black, to drown, to tan. They are a short-haired rabbit with long ears and a cute face.

3. Belgian Hare

Black and brown belgian hare
Image Credit: Cassidy Te, Shutterstock

This breed id a domesticated hare though they closely resemble their wild cousins. They have a deep brown coat, long agile body, and a straight tail. This is a quick and active bunny that blends in with a wooded area.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon brown bunny rabbit_Vezzani Photography_shutterstock
Credit: Vezzani Photography, Shutterstock

This is another brown rabbit whose coat can vary in tone. Some have a deep, rich brown color while others are more tank and light. They are also a large breed originating in the USA.

5. Dwarf Lop

Sandy Dwarf lop eared rabbit_Lisa Leonardo_shutterstock
Image Credit: Lisa Leonardo, Shutterstock

This tiny bunny comes in many different shades including a light brown tan that is beautiful. They have soft fur that is short and shiny. They also have long ears that lop over their face.

6. English Lop

English Lop_topimages_shutterstock
Credit: topimages, Shutterstock

The English Lop is another long-eared rabbit that typically has brown spots over a white coat. In some cases, though, they can have a predominately brown coat of fur. This bunny is energetic and affectionate, plus they like to play with toys.

7. Flemish Giant

male brown Flemish giant rabbit
Image Credit: Veroja, Shutterstock

This next rabbit comes from Belgium and can reach 13 to 14 pounds. They have long floppy ears, soft fur, and a calm disposition. That being said, you can become injured by this gentle giant by accident when they kick their feet.

8. French Lop

French Lop Eared Rabbit
Image Credit: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

The French lop is another large bunny with droopy ears. This breed is typically either gray, brown, or white with brown spots. This rabbit can reach up to 11 pounds and be originally bred for meat.

9. Golden Galvcot

This next breed comes from England and is rarer. They have a golden coat and a slim athletic body. They are friendly if they are brought up with humans from their bunny stage. They also have a straight tail with blue undertones in their paws.

10. Harlequin

male harlequin rabbit
Image Credit: LNbjors, Shutterstock

This next short furred rabbit is known for its bumblebee-like appearance. They have very unique markings that are made of golden, brown, and black hair. This rabbit also has long straight ears with a friendly disposition.

11. Holland Lop

white brown Holland lop rabbit
Image Credit: monofly, Shutterstock

This next tiny tyke comes in many different colors, but brown is one of the more common. They are small with floppy ears and very soft fur. They also have an energetic personality and like to hop about.

12. Jersey Wooly

jersey wooly rabbit_laurendotcom_Shutterstock
Image Credit: laurendotcom, Shutterstock

Bred in the USA, the Jersey Wooly is a long-haired rabbit that has either brown, white, or gray fur. When they have a brown coat, their face will typically be darker and resemble a Siamese cat. They are very soft, but also require a lot of grooming.

13. New Zealand Rabbit

new zealand red rabbit
Image Credit: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock

Our next rabbit is the New Zealand breed bunny. This coat typically comes in either all white or all golden brown. They have short front legs, long bodies, and tubby stomachs. They are also great family pets.

14. Rex Rabbit

castor rex rabbit
Image Credit: HolySource, Shutterstock

This medium-sized bunny has long erect ears and a stocky frame. They are mostly known for their thick and velvet-like fur, however. This rabbit can come in several colors, but they can usually be spotted by their …spots of brown and black.

15. Rhinelander

rabbit eating_ Beachbird, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Beachbird, Shutterstock

This next cute rabbit has brown spots on a white oat. They have long upright ears and velvet soft fur. They are also lean, long, and very fast. They make good pets if you have a lot of space to let them run.

16. Tan Rabbit

tan rabbit with grass on wooden background
Image credit: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova, Shutterstock

This last rabbit has an hombre effect on their fur coat. They run from a deep brown to a light tan. They also have short fur that is thick and soft. This is on top of long ears and springing back legs. Although they originated in England, they have recently become popular in the United States as pets.



We hope you have enjoyed this article on the different brown rabbit breeds, there are many different variations of the color ranging from dark to light, but all of them are adorable with long ears and a happy disposition.

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