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Can a Cat Suffocate Under Blankets? Vet Reviewed Facts & FAQ

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Bringing a new cat into the home can be a nerve-wracking experience. This is especially true if you haven’t had a lot of experience with cats or haven’t interacted with one in a long time. It’s normal to want everything perfect. Welcoming the new kitty with the perfect bed, special food, water bowls, tons of toys, and a stylish cat tree is nothing unusual. What you don’t realize, however, is that a cat can make themselves at home wherever they are.

Seeing your kitty bury itself under the covers of your bed or the nearest throw blanket is a bit of cuteness overload. But for those new to cats you may be fearful when you see them burrow beneath the covers. The last thing you want to do is disturb their slumber, but is being hidden while they sleep dangerous? Can a cat suffocate under the blankets? Luckily, the answer is no, your cat isn’t going to suffocate under the blankets on your bed as long as they are made from breathable materials.

Let’s learn a bit more about cats and blankies so you can rest easier when you see your little angel bundled up in your bed.


Is Sleeping Under a Blanket Safe for My Cat?

Have you ever snuggled up under the covers of your bed and pulled them over your head? It’s comforting and dark beneath there. Unfortunately, for humans, the idea of staying under the covers for long periods isn’t as appealing as it is to cats. While we’re beneath the same breathable materials our cats are under, it simply doesn’t feel the same to us. Our larger lungs make the hot air we breathe out uncomfortable. We can also feel as if we can’t breathe properly, which makes us come crawling out from beneath the darkness. Oddly enough, cats have that same sense of self-preservation.

You may think being beneath the covers is dangerous for your cat due to how it makes you feel to do it. However, their lungs aren’t as big as ours. They aren’t breathing in as much of their own expelled hot air. You’ll also find that their need for self-preservation will make them leave the comforting cave they’ve created any time they feel it’s too hot, there’s a threat, or they aren’t breathing as they should.

orange tabby cat staring out from under gray blanket
Image By: Tatiana Azatskaya, Pexels

Is It Safe for Kittens to Sleep Under a Blanket?

Kittens enjoy playing and snuggling with blankets just as much as adult cats. Kittens are also major fans of sleeping with their owners. Unfortunately, kittens are not equipped with the same self-preservation instincts as adult cats. While they can breathe easily beneath the materials used for bedding, they may not realize when being under the covers is getting uncomfortable for them. Instead of forcing your kitten out of its hiding spot, be a loving pet owner and check on them often. Make sure they have an airflow opening and an easy way out. This will allow them the comfort and security of a blanket while you provide the safety net they need when they’re still learning the ropes.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when allowing your kitten to snuggle under a blanket.

  • Never use a weighted or heavy blanket. Kittens are small and may struggle to get out when they are ready. This can result in not only breathing issues but fear and anxiety.
  • Check-in regularly to ensure your kitten is okay under the blankets.
  • Consider leaving an opening so your kitten gets good circulation while they relax
cat hidden under blanket
Image By: Koldunov Alexey, Shutterstock

Why Do Cats Enjoy Sleeping Under Blankets?

Cats are all about comfort. That doesn’t mean they’ve lost their natural instincts, however. In nature, cats would be considered both predator and prey. Yes, they stalk small animals like rodents and birds, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bigger predators out there stalking them as well. When your cat is hiding under the blankets as they sleep, they are finding a nice, warm place to rest and stay safe. Cats know how hunting works. They also know hiding is the best way to successfully relax after a big day.



Sleeping under a blanket is not only comforting for cats, but it’s also a great way for them to hide away from the world when they want to rest. While it’s normal for pet owners to be concerned about their pets, when it comes to your kitty sleeping under a blanket, there’s nothing to fear. Blankets and bedding are made of breathing materials that allow your cat to breathe under there. Instead of panicking, simply let your kitty bask in the relaxation while you take in the inevitable cuteness.

Featured Image Credit: Dimhou, Pixabay

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