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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears? What You Need to Know!


Bearded dragons love to eat fruit! Juicy, sweet pieces of fruit can give bearded dragons the energy they need to explore their surroundings and enjoy a high quality of life overall. But fruit is not the only thing that they should eat. In fact, the main diet of a bearded dragon should be protein-rich options. Mealworms, crickets, and other types of small, mealy animals are all the rage for bearded dragons.

However, they do enjoy eating fruit as a snack or treat from time to time. With so many fruit options available, which are appropriate for your bearded dragon? We can tell you that pears can be offered to your bearded dragon from time to time.

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Are Pears Really Healthy for Bearded Dragons?

Pears are a healthy treat for bearded dragons, but dragons are not herbivores and they require animal protein to stay healthy. Unlike herbivores that can live on pears and other fruits, your bearded dragon needs to eat a commercial blend or an abundance of bugs and pests each day to stay healthy. Unless you plan to hunt for fresh food for them daily, it is best to invest in a commercially available food option that is designed to meet the needs of the average bearded dragon.

That said, no matter what your bearded dragon eats regularly, you can count on them to enjoy any pear slices that you offer. Pears provide vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that your bearded dragon needs to fight off illnesses and viruses as they age.

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Image Credit: Jonathan Mast, Unsplash

Feeding Pears to Bearded Dragons

You should know that feeding pears to bearded dragons are not necessary for their good health, whether while babies or while aging into adulthood. However, bearded dragons tend to enjoy eating pear slices as part of their meals or as snacks. Pears contain all the main nutrients that most living beings need to survive, including vitamins A and C and minerals like calcium and iron.

If your bearded dragon’s diet is mostly made up of protein-rich foods, they should experience no problems when you offer them a slice or two or pear.

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Image Credit: smilepoker, Shutterstock

Cautions to Heed

If your bearded dragon lives mostly off pears, they will likely experience nutrient deficiencies that put their lives at risk. Pears should be offered strictly as snacks, no more than a couple of slices a week. Sticking to a commercial food designed to meet the nutritional needs of bearded dragons is your best bet. Another problem that can occur while feeding your bearded dragon pears is choking. The skin, if left intact in too big pieces, could easily choke a small animal like a bearded dragon.

Therefore, the skins should be removed before the fruit pulps are offered. The skin holds much of the nutrients, but bearded dragons do not have to miss out on it. Peeling the skins, then blending them into a smoothie with coconut water offers the nutrients of the coconut and the pears in an easy-to-eat concoction.

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Final Thoughts

Most bearded dragons love pears, and there is no reason to restrict their consumption unless your pet bearded dragon is ill or allergic. Never go out of your way to feed your pet pear pieces, though — serve a small piece only once or twice a week. How do you feel about feeding pears to bearded dragons? Let us know your true thoughts in our comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Featured Image Credit: Free-Photos, Pixabay

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