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Can Dogs Eat Mayo

mayonnaise in a glass jar

Mayo is not particularly harmful to dogs. If they sneak a lick of your mayo spoon, they will be just fine. There is no need to worry about your dog eating mayo.

With that said, you probably shouldn’t let your dog down a whole jar of mayo, which is the colloquial term for mayonnaise – that creamy and savory condiment that people either love or hate. It is not exceptionally nutritious, as you likely could have guessed. To understand the full effects of mayo on our dog’s health, we need to look at the nutritional information and familiar ingredients.


What is in Mayo?

At its base, mayonnaise is a mix of oil, egg yolk, and some acid. Usually, this acid is vinegar or lemon juice. None of these ingredients are necessarily bad for dogs. Eggs are a great source of protein and specific vitamins, though there isn’t enough egg yolk in mayo for it to deliver many of these benefits.

Mayo contains a lot of fat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as far as our dogs are concerned. According to one study, dogs need to eat a diet consisting of mostly protein and fat to thrive. Because mayo contains a lot of fat, it theoretically can fit into a dog’s diet.

However, that’s about all mayo contains. It does not include any vitamins or minerals. Just like people, dogs need to make every calorie count when they eat their food. Dogs are also a lot smaller, so just a little bit of mayo can be a lot for them.

They are better off eating something else that contains more nutrients per calorie. In general, though, their health will not be ruined by eating some mayo off of your sandwich or knife. There is no reason to be worried about your dog eating mayo.

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Will Mayonnaise Make My Dog Sick?

Mayo is very rich. Because of this, it can give your dog an upset stomach. Your canine might get a stomach ache shortly after consuming it and may even throw it back up. Some dogs may also experience problems like diarrhea as well.

However, these problems are usually not anything you have to worry about. After the mayo is out of their system, they should go back to normal. It merely is the richness of the mayo that upsets their stomach – just like some foods may upset your stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Flavored Mayo?

Flavored mayo can contain all sorts of extra seasonings, some of which can be dangerous for our dogs. For instance, dogs should not eat onions and garlic. Many flavored mayos contain these seasonings. You can check the ingredients to ensure that they don’t contain these potentially troublesome ingredients.

However, many potential seasonings can be troublesome, and the richness may upset your dog’s stomach, so it is usually best to avoid flavored mayo altogether if possible.

Again, a little bit likely isn’t going to hurt them, but you shouldn’t make a habit of feeding your dog flavored mayo.

Image credit: MariaPolna, PxHere

Should I Worry if My Dog Eats Mayo?

As we’ve explained in this article, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with your dog eating mayo. A little bit isn’t going to hurt them. Don’t worry if they lick some off the floor or eat a piece of your sandwich. There is nothing in mayo that is toxic.

However, mayo doesn’t contain many vitamins or minerals. Because of this, you shouldn’t make it a large part of your pet’s diets. There aren’t any benefits to it; it’s mostly empty calories.

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