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Can Hamsters Eat Cat Food? Everything You Need to Know

Can Hamsters Eat Cat Food

In the wild, hamsters are omnivores, so why should their diet differ from that as domesticated pets? They can eat a mix of plant parts and insects like mealworms. If you have a hamster and other pets, like a cat, can they share their food? Can hamsters eat cat food safely? In brief, while hamsters can eat cat food safely in moderation, we don’t recommend it.


Can You Feed Hamsters Cat Food?

Comparing the differences between a cat’s diet and a hamster’s should give you a good idea about the answer. Cat food is not the most ideal for feeding your hamster, although feeding them a small amount infrequently shouldn’t harm them.

Cats are obligate carnivores. They get all their nutrition from animal products, so cat food is ideally made entirely from animals.

Hamsters are omnivores, meaning they are capable of digesting animal products. However, they also have much lower dietary requirements for animal fats and proteins. Overloading their system with more than they need will only cause digestive issues.

Additionally, cat food contains 8-10% moisture, which generally comes from a process of extrusion done using heat and pressure. This moisture in the food is entirely unnecessary for your hamster.

Most cat food involves the manufacturers spraying a fat layer over the kibble. It should make the food more palatable for cats but can lead to diabetes or obesity for your hamster because they are incredibly susceptible to fat-induced diseases.

While your hamster can eat cat food without ingesting anything toxic, it may end up causing them illness or digestive pain.

It is safe enough for your hamster to receive one or two pieces of cat kibble each week. But there are better snacks that you can give your hamster if you want to supplement their diet or simply treat them.

cat food on bowl
Image By: Crepessuzette, Pixabay

Beneficial Snacks for Hamsters

As omnivores, your hamster can safely eat a wide variety of foods. That said, it is best to give any and all of these in moderation and to remember how small they are. While a chunk of apple each week might seem miniscule to you, it is a large and very sugary treat for their tiny bodies.

Hamsters can happily snack on fresh fruits and vegetables if you want to give them something tastier than their grain mixture. A few fruits they can eat include:

  • Apples without seeds or skin
  • Pears
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries

Think about what a hamster might snack on in the wild if they run across it. Most of the time, they will be on the lookout for leafy, dark green vegetables. These might include:

  • Carrot greens
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce

If you want to supplement your hamster’s protein intake, there are quite a few foods that are better for them than cat food. Try to give your hamster slices of these instead:

  • Hard-boiled or scrambled egg
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cooked chicken

Always ensure that these are either still in date or cooked thoroughly to protect your hamster from harmful bacteria. You only need to give them a small slice or sliver twice a week as a treat to ensure that they are getting plenty of protein.

hamster eating lettuce
Image Credit: VH-studio, Shutterstock



Hamsters can eat cat food infrequently without suffering any significant consequences. But there are far healthier snacks, like hay or boiled eggs, that you can give them instead.

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