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Can Rabbits Eat Parsley? Safety Facts & FAQ

Can Rabbits Eat parsley

Dark, leafy greens are a natural balance to a rabbit’s usual daily diet of hay. Their abundant roughage and wide variety of vitamins and minerals make them an ideal complement to your rabbit’s usual feeding routine. But choosing the wrong greens can lead to serious health problems, so what’s a rabbit owner to do?

That’s why today, we’ll be talking about whether parsley is a good choice to feed your pet rabbit. After looking at its nutritional profile, you’ll have a clear picture of how parsley can affect your rabbit’s health. Being a good rabbit owner is a lot of responsibility, and this guide will help you decide how best to take care of your rabbit’s health.


Yes! Rabbits Can Eat Parsley

Not only can rabbits eat parsley, but they will often do so with great enthusiasm! Every part of this plant is safe for your rabbit to eat, making it a great addition to your rabbit’s diet.

Image Credit: restyledliving, Pixabay

Parsley Nutrition and Fun Facts

This Mediterranean herb is a nutritional powerhouse! Long appreciated in Europe for its pungent aromatic flavor, it is also rich in antioxidants and may be helpful in preventing heart disease and cancer (source).

According to, fresh parsley contains huge amounts of vitamins A and K, as well as significant portions of dietary fiber and iron. With a calorie composition of 62% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 18% fat, it is an excellent food to feed your rabbit.

Health Benefits of Parsley for Rabbits

Parsley can be incredibly useful in protecting your rabbit’s vision, immune system, and overall organ function. Vitamin A is excellent for eyesight, and vitamin K is essential in building strong bones and blood. High in dietary fiber and low in sugar, parsley is an ideal food for supporting your rabbit’s digestive system.

Can Parsley Be Bad for Rabbits?

Except for fresh hay, there is always a risk of overfeeding your rabbit on any food. This is true for parsley as well: In very large quantities, its high vitamin and mineral content can upset your rabbit’s organ health and digestive system. If most of your rabbit’s diet is coming from fresh hay, feeding them parsley regularly will be a safe and healthy option.

How to Feed Parsley to Your Rabbits

Even very healthy foods like parsley should be introduced slowly and gradually into your rabbit’s diet. Essentially, a rabbit’s digestive system is a complex relationship with gut bacteria – so slower is always better. Try feeding your rabbit a single sprig of parsley on their first time, and then monitor them closely for signs of indigestion.

Most rabbits take very readily to parsley and can enjoy it in moderation in addition to their usual diet. Choose fresh, whole sprigs for the most health benefit to your rabbit.

Image Credit: Hanna Stolt, Unsplash

How Much Parsley Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Once your rabbit’s digestive system has adapted to parsley, it is an excellent option as their daily serving of greens. Containing very little of anything that could upset your rabbit’s health, the University of California, Davis Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources recommends parsley as a healthy vegetable to feed your rabbit.

Types of Parsley to Feed Your Rabbit

Parsley comes in two main varieties: Flat-leaf parsley from Italy, and curly-leaf parsley from France. The good news is that either is perfectly fine to feed to your rabbit! Choose fresh parsley (not dried), and your rabbit will enjoy its many health benefits.

As with all produce that you’re going to feed your rabbit, seek out organic parsley whenever possible. This will ensure that no pesticides or wax are present, both of which can negatively impact your rabbit’s health.


Final Thoughts on Feeding Parsley to Your Rabbit

Parsley makes an excellent addition to your rabbit’s usual feeding routine and can be given daily when rotated out with other greens. If your rabbit hasn’t eaten parsley before, start slowly introducing it into their diet so they can reap its big health benefits.

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