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Can Rabbits Eat Squash? Nutritional Facts & FAQ

Can Rabbits Eat pumpkin

Most squash is completely safe for rabbits. However, you should only feed squash to rabbits that you would eat. You don’t want to feed them ornamental squash or wild squash. Anything that you wouldn’t eat shouldn’t be given to your bunny, as it may potentially contain toxins.

However, any squash you purchase at the store for human consumption will also be safe for your rabbit. Rabbits and humans can consume the same types of squash.

However, you shouldn’t only give your rabbit squash to eat. As you probably already know, rabbits need a varied diet. Therefore, while you can feed them some squash, you shouldn’t only feed them squash. Still, you can feed it quite regularly, as long as you feed them other things, as well.


Can Rabbits Eat Squash and Zucchini?

Rabbits can eat both squash and zucchini. You can feed them both with some regularity, just be sure only to give them food that you would eat yourself. Ornamental squash is a no-go, as is food you wouldn’t consume yourself.

These veggies can be a very good supplement to a rabbit’s usual diet of fresh hay. However, it cannot be the only thing the rabbit eats, nor should it make up a considerable part of the cat’s diet. Therefore, we highly recommend only feeding them as a treat and ensuring that fresh hay is provided regularly.

Mini lop rabbit playing in field of grass
Image Credit: Erika Cross, Shutterstock

Do Rabbits Like Squash?

Rabbits’ likes and dislikes are very personal. Some rabbits like squash, while others may prefer other veggies instead. It also depends on when the squash was introduced. If you introduce the squash earlier in your pet’s life, they will likely enjoy it more than if you introduce it later. Just like people, rabbits are more likely to enjoy eating something if they were introduced to it earlier.

However, because squash is so high in carbs, it is best to only provide it as a treat. Therefore, you don’t want to continuously give your rabbit squash in the hope that it will make them like it. If they don’t like it, it isn’t a huge deal.

The best way to determine if your rabbit likes squash is to give it to them.

Can Rabbits Eat Yellow or Green Squash?

Rabbits can eat any squash that humans can also eat. There are some toxic varieties of squash, but these are not sold for human consumption. The same types of squash are toxic to both humans and rabbits. Therefore, your best bet is to only give your rabbit squash that you would also eat. This includes most types of green and yellow squash.

Ornamental squash should not be given, as it can be toxic. Only squash sold for consumption should be given to rabbits.


How Much Squash Can a Bunny Have?

Bunnies can have a small amount of squash. However, it is vital that these animals are fed a varied diet. If their diet contains a large portion of squash, they may be missing out on nutrients that squash isn’t high in.

Preferably, you should not feed more than half a teaspoon for every pound of body weight. Of course, less than this is also okay, assuming your bunny is eating a varied diet. By offering your bunny many different foods, you help ensure that they consume a variety of different nutrients.

Image By: Nick Collins, Pixabay

Can Bunnies Eat Squash Skin?

Rabbits can eat the inside of the squash and the skin. There is no need to peel the veggies before you give them to your rabbit. However, you can peel them if you wish and use the peels as treats. The leaves and stems of the squash plant can also be given. However, these are not a favorite food and usually aren’t eaten.

In fact, wild bunnies rarely bother squash plants in the garden, as they just aren’t as palatable as other options.

Can Rabbits Eat Raw Butternut Squash?

Rabbits can eat raw butternut squash just fine. Any squash that humans would consume is okay to give to a bunny. While humans typically wouldn’t eat it raw, bunnies have no trouble consuming butternut squash that isn’t cooked.

Can Bunnies Eat Squash Seeds?

Bunnies can eat squash seeds in moderation. You don’t want to only give them squash seeds. However, providing a small number of squash seeds along with the squash shouldn’t be a problem. If you would eat the seeds, then you can give them to your bunny (though in smaller amounts).

There is no reason to remove the seeds before giving the squash to your bunny. However, the one exception to this is pumpkin seeds, which can be potentially dangerous. Pumpkin seeds should be removed from the pumpkin before being given to your bunny (and you shouldn’t give them roasted or cooked pumpkin seeds, either).

Chinchilla Holland Lop is eating rabbit food in a steel cage
Image By: No-Te Eksarunchai, Shutterstock



Bunnies can eat all kinds of squash that are sold for human consumption. Therefore, squash that is toxic to bunnies isn’t sold in the grocery store produce section, as humans can’t eat it either. For this reason, any squash that you find in the produce section is a good option for your bunny.

However, you should not give them ornamental squash, as these can be potentially toxic. Only give your bunny squash that you would eat.

Generally, bunnies can eat all parts of the squash. The leaves and stems aren’t a popular food, though, so these are usually avoided by the rabbit. The only exception is pumpkin seeds, which should be avoided.

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