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Can You Buy Your Dog a Seat on an Airplane? 2024 Overview

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Our dogs are constant companions in our lives that are often present for everything that happens. Our close bond with our dogs often leads us to take them with us on travels. Many dogs are totally up for an adventure and enjoy travel.

However, airplane travel can be difficult to navigate with a dog. It’s confusing, and many airlines have policies that can be difficult to understand when it comes to pets. And what about if you’re traveling with a large service dog that takes up too much space to sit at your feet in a typical airplane? As a general answer, the majority of airlines do not allow dogs to have their own seat. If you want to know more, read on!


Can You Purchase Your Dog an Airplane Seat?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of airlines do not allow dogs to have their own seat. They may provide an additional seat for a large service animal, although legal restrictions may prevent them from charging you for this seat. That said, it’s essential that you do not try to pass off a pet dog as a service dog since this ends up harming people who require service dogs to live their daily lives.

Currently, only JetBlue and United Airlines allow for separate tickets to be purchased for dogs. The dogs must be able to fit into a carrier that can sit underneath the seats, so this extra ticket purchase would only apply to small dogs.

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Airlines That Allow Dogs on Board

1. JetBlue

JetBlue does allow you to purchase a ticket for your dog well in advance of your flight. It’s absolutely necessary that you don’t show up at the airport expecting to purchase a ticket for your dog with any airline. They will allow you to purchase the seat next to you for your dog’s carrier to sit, but you can only fly with one dog per passenger.

Your dog’s carrier can be kept on the extra seat or under the seat in front of you. Your dog may be more comfortable underneath the seat, though, since it will provide them with a more secure space in case of turbulence. JetBlue does have a restriction of 20 pounds for both the dog and the carrier for in-cabin pets during their flights. JetBlue allows up to six pets per traveler, depending on the seating and plane type.

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2. United Airlines

United does allow you to travel with two dogs in the cabin, but you must purchase a second seat for the second dog. Both dogs must be able to fit in carriers that will fit underneath the seats. United does not allow either dog carrier to be kept on the extra seat, so they must both be stowed underneath the storage space in front of the purchased seats. It’s important to reiterate that you must set up your extra seat well in advance of your flight.

On specific planes and in specific seats, United also allows for travel of up to six pets with a single traveler, so if you’re planning to travel with multiple pets, make sure to call United customer service ahead of time to see how many pets you’ll be allowed on the flight.

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How Much Does Traveling With a Dog in the Cabin Cost?

Both United Airlines and JetBlue charge a $125 fee for each dog you fly with. For United, expect to pay this fee for every layover totaling more than 4 hours within the United States or 24 hours for international travel.

The $125 fee only covers the cost of traveling with your dog. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to purchase a full-price ticket for the seat next to you. You may also have to pay an extra fee to guarantee the two seats you purchase are kept next to each other. Otherwise, you may have flight attendants attempting to move people once the flight starts boarding.

You also need to keep in mind that dogs cannot be kept in emergency exits. Many people purchase emergency exit seats for the extra leg room, but it’s not possible to keep the dogs safely stowed underneath the seats in front of you in this situation. On top of that, in an emergency situation, you’ll be responsible for opening the emergency exit to help everyone get off the plane, and if you’re worried about getting your dog, you may be blocking others from escaping a dangerous situation.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to purchasing a seat for your dog on a plane, your options are extremely limited. United Airlines and JetBlue are currently the only airlines that allow for the purchase of an extra ticket for a dog, and both require dogs to be securely kept in carriers throughout the flight.

If your dog is a service dog that is too large to sit at your feet during the flight, call the airline well ahead of your flight to discuss your options. Service dogs are not pets but medical equipment, and they are necessary for the safety of their handlers.

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