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15 Cat Breeds with Huge Eyes (With Pictures)

burmese peeking

All cats are beautiful, but there’s something about huge eyes that make us love them even more! These little fury gracious friends will melt your heart just by how they look at you. Also, cats use their eyes to communicate, making them more relatable because eyes don’t lie. People attribute huge eyes to beauty. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when scouting for a cat to pet, the huge-eyed ones always top the list.

We have compiled a list of 15 huge-eyed feline breeds you cannot resist loving.


The 15 Cat Breeds with Huge Eyes

1. Abyssinian

Image Credit By: tsapenkodg, Pixabay

Coat Length:  Short
Colors: Brown, gray, chocolate, blue, fawn
Patterns:  Tabby

The Abyssinian is an exotic feline breed with a lithe and athletic physique. Its intelligence and sociable traits make the cat a great addition to the family. It is a low-maintenance breed which is an excellent attribute to cat lovers who don’t fancy grooming constantly and regularly.

All these awesome features are further complemented by their beautiful, gracious, and expressive huge almond-shaped eyes.

2. Sphynx

Image Credit By: Pexels, Pixabay

Coat Length: Hairless
Colors: Gray, brown, fawn
Patterns: Tabby, solid, bi-color, tri-color

As if to compensate for its hairlessness, the Sphinx’s gaze will melt your heart to bits. They have lemon-shaped eyes. The lack of facial hair also makes the stunning eyes more conspicuous. While they can have just about any eye color, the most common ones are aqua, green, yellow, or icy blue. Also, unlike many round-eyed cats, Sphinx’s are oval.

They are friendly and loyal family, but crave for attention to the point of even doing silly things just to be noticed.

3. LaPerm

LaPerm tri-colored cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

Coat Length:  Hairless, short, long
Colors:  Brown, lavender, blue, ebony, fawn, cream, lilac, orange, white
Patterns: Tabby, solid, color point, bi-color, tri-color

Imagine having a curly-coated, friendly, intelligent, and easy to groom cat. LaPerm tops that up with charming eyes. The USA-originated feline may not be as loud as the other cats, but they are full of life and hypoallergenic as well.

4. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat on top of blanket
Image Credit: duodenum82, Pixabay

Coat Length: Short
Colors: White, orange, black, gray, brown, cream
Patterns: Color point, bi-color, tabby

The Cornish Rex always features when recognizing outstanding characteristics in cat breeds. For instance, it is hypoallergenic, curly-coated, affectionate, easy to train, and ideal for first-time pet parents. Cornish Rex is making a debut one more time for having incredible oval-shaped eyes. While most of them have golden eye colors, some exist in brown, green, hazel, and blue complexions. The shade intensities can either be clear or intense, in line with the coat color.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Brown, cinnamon, silver, gray, fawn, white, orange, black, cream
Patterns: Tabby, calico, solid, color point, bi-color

This is the most attention revering member of the Rex family. An outgoing personality and strong loyalty tendencies aren’t all that the cat offers. They earned the nickname “poodle cats” because of their wavy coats and keep turning heads due to their oval-shaped ears and large triangular eyes. If you’re wondering why the cat always looks bewildered, it does not. That is their normal resting face.

The eyes appear in many colors, but the milky-coated ones are the majority.

6. Ocicat

Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Cinnamon, silver, brown, lilac, fawn
Patterns: Tabby, bi-color

The Ocicat breed is the domesticated version of the ocelot but without a strand of the wild in its DNA. They have wide almond-shaped eyes that seem to scale upwards. The eye colors do vary because the cats in this family have diverse genes. Other than their shared heritage between the Siamese and the Mynamar, they all have wide round eyes.

They are the most talkative cats, affectionate, and devoted to family.

7. Burmese

Image Credit: AdinaVoicu, Pixabay

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Gray, silver, brown, lilac
Patterns: Solid

Even the people who claim they do not like cats loosen up when they see this adorable, wide-eyed, affectionate kitty. Their short silky coat colors range from champagne, sable, blue, and platinum, blend well with their green or golden eyes.

Their other traits are that they are so friendly that they can agree to be picked up, loyal, and easy to groom.

8. Ragamuffin

Image Credit: Pxhere

Coat Length: Long
Colors: White, gray, orange, black, brown, lilac, silver, cinnamon
Patterns: Tabby, solid, bi-color, calico, color point

Ragamuffins can get away with anything and equally get anything just by staring at you with those persuasive and expressive eyes. It is not uncommon that they compel their owners to do whatever they want. Their calm and collected personality also complement their physical features.

Ragamuffins are an ideal choice for a family pet since they love company, are good with children, and adore being stroked. A simple description of the ragamuffin would be: big eyes, big heart, big body.

9. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Image Credit: guvo59, PIxabay

Coat Length: Short, long
Colors: Silver, gray, black, orange, fawn, tan
Patterns: Solid, tabby, bi-color, tri-color

Scottish folds are gaining more popularity lately, taking the internet by storm. Other than being rare, they are expensive for several reasons. Great looks and great personalities make them worth every coin.

They are charming and have a unique appearance because of their round heads, folded ears, and huge eyes. These kitties are intelligent, affectionate, and crave human attention without being overly needy.

10. British Shorthair

British Shorthair
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Orange, black, fawn, brown, white lilac, grey, cinnamon
Patterns: Tabby, color-point, solid, bi-color

Featured among the oldest cat breeds, British Shorthairs are priced for their rounded bodies and plush coats. When their large round eyes complement their physique, you could mistake them for teddy bears. The blue-eyed types get more limelight than the rest, who appear in an array of colors, including green and copper.

11. California Spangled

California Spangled
Image Credit: Pxhere

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Brown, white, bronze, black, gold, charcoal, silver, blue, red
Patterns: Spotted, rosetted

The California Spangled is still a rare and relatively modern breed, explaining why most people have not seen it yet. However, you’ll remember it forever when you see one because it is the spitting image of a wild cat, only that it is sweet and lovable.

12. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat looking on cat tower
Image Credit: Stewart Myers, Shutterstock
Coat Length: Short
Colors: Grey, brown, tan, chocolate
Patterns: Colorpoint

Tonkinese is a cat breed that took the most from its parents. It is a hybrid of the Siamese, who have impeccable coat colors, and the Burmese, who even made it to this list for having big eyes. The Tonkinese blended these genes so perfectly that you wouldn’t want to look at anything else when you look at it. The eye colors are as exotic as the entire breed, with shades like sky blue, gold, violet, and aqua.

Their personality comes off as loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and friendly.

13. Chartreux

Image By: congerdesign, Pixabay

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Blue/ gray
Patterns: Solid

While you will adore them for being calm and personable, Chartreux can sometimes be silly. The French cat breed has round faces and gorgeous copper-colored eyes.  They earned the nickname “potato on toothpicks” because of their muscular bodies and short limbs. They also have a low growth rate, reaching maturity in 3-5 years.

14. Persian

Closeup of Red Persian cat with big orange round eyes
Image By: Zanna Pesnina, Shutterstock
Coat Length: Long
Colors: Brown, lilac, orange, black, white, grey, silver, fawn, cream
Patterns: Tabby, color point, solid, calico, bi-color

Persian cats are the high-budget cousins to the Exotic Shorthair breed. Their physical appearance is so iconic that you can never mistake one when you see it. They top the list for having stocky bodies, furry long-haired coats, and large eyes. The coat color determines the eye color, with the most common shades being blue, green, copper, and hazel.

As if they know how precious and delicate they are, Persian cats are generally calm, quiet, and friendly. However, they are high-maintenance, shed a lot of furs, and require regular grooming.

15. Singapura

Image Credit: VictorTaurus, Shutterstock

Coat Length: Short
Colors: Brown, cream
Patterns: Tabby

Both their ears and eyes are wide. Their almond-shaped appear in yellow, brown, and green colors. Though they are the smallest breed of domesticated cats, these pocket-sized kitties are not about to let others overshadow them. Singapura are a ball of energy, sociable, affectionate, but also shy.


Do Cats Use Their Eyes to Communicate?

Still on the eyes, cats can’t express themselves as well as dogs because they lack eyebrows. Your little kitty may be all calm and collected in one minute and become agitated another. Had you been keen enough to watch their eye movements, it wouldn’t have gotten that far.

Here are four ways of knowing what your cat wants and how they feel:

1. Constricted Pupils

Cats pull this demeanor when they feel threatened or agitated. When they seem focused on one thing while their pupils keep getting smaller, they are preparing to attack.

  • Fun fact: Cats use their eyes to establish authority. The dominant one will look at the opponent unflinchingly while the subdued one looks away, meaning they have chosen not to pose a challenge.

2. Blinking

Cats can ignore your presence or your voice but will respond to your eyes. Try blinking at your cat, if they blink back, they trust you.

3. Widened Pupils

Just like humans and dogs, cats’ eyes widen when they are excited. However, when the pupils dilate fully, it could mean that they are afraid, in pain, or have spotted danger.

4. Squinting

Cats show affection by closing their eyes halfway. For example, if you are stroking them, you’ll notice that they will squint. Also, they could be sleepy.

Featured Image Credit: AdinaVoicu, Pixabay

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